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MIM Chain Reaction Series- #1 w/ Ron Kauffman

Re-posting from Barefoot Music Group’s site which is also a re-posting from a Facebook open group called Make Indie Mainstream. MIM Chain Reaction Series is a new series featuring independent artists interviewing independent artists. First up is Folk/Americana artist Ron Kauffman from Tennessee USA

Barefoot Music Group

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The weekly Make Indie Mainstream  “Chain Reaction Series” from the Facebook Make Indie Mainstream public group.
Here’s how it works:
On Wednesdays a ‘Interviewing Artist’ who will choose (tag) another artist and ask 10 questions which will be posted here to the group.
The “Interviewee Artist’ will have the until the following Wednesday to answer their 10 questions by posting their responses in the comment box of the post. Following the artist will choose a new (another) artist with 10 new questions and post in a NEW post, continuingg the Chain Reaction.
(Please do confer first with your chosen artist about the idea before posting so there’s a graceful way to say no ‘Thank You’ if they are not able to participate for any reason)

The first entry up will be myself (Toni Taylor-Helser) posing 10 questions to singer-songwriter Ron Kauffman.

Chain Reaction Series.

Opening the series is

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