Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint by the TrueVulgarians

You might know I began a radio show called Barefoot Rock n Blues in June, what you might not know is that the community of independent music maker’s and listener’s at Mixstream Radio on is a close community of friends. The support by everyone involved has continually impressed me. They all welcomed me with warmth that touches my heart, I am in awe by the music and joy they bring to my world.

(Noteworthy for me is that this post is my 550th Barefoot Baroness post)

I’m sharing a proud event in my life, my radio show. I am also with this post sharing a proud and humbling gift I received. I am still truly blown away as well as honored by this song The TrueVulgarians wrote, performed, and recorded for me. What I thought was going to be a 30-40 second promo spot is actually an amazing & awesome song by these talented people.

My deepest gratitude & thanks to Bill & Jackie- The amazing TrueVulgarians. I became a fan immediately the first time I heard their music. *See links below for more music and information about this fantastic brother-sister duo.

For now I just can’t resist the impulse to share here, despite it being pretty self-serving on my part. So I hope y’all will forgive me on that aspect and just enjoy the music, because that is after all what this is all about anyway….. The Music.


promo_juke joint_barefoot1

Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint

by The TrueVulgarians


             ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more on the TrueVulgarians


Tune in Sunday evenings @ 8pm eastern to Barefoot Rock n Blues for the very best of independent music.


promo barefoot in jeans_mixstream




2 thoughts on “Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint by the TrueVulgarians

  1. Awe… dearest Maxi. Thank you. I am still smiling because of this gift. So unexpected it was. And I am a fan of the TrueVulgarians too. I think we can hear that they have been singing and making music together all their lives. Brother & Sister ‘dueting’ is a very wonderful thing.
    Thank you as well for the heads up about your beautiful posts. I don’t know why WP & my email seem at odds and I don’t get notifications anymore. *shrugging* I have decided to not fight with WP anymore over it. Wasted energy you know?

    Much much love to you darling friend- please know you are in my thoughts and prayers…today especially.

  2. What an honor, lil sis. The Truevulgarians have a great sound, I like this group. Love the song, it had me tappin’ my toes. You deserve every slice of sunshine that slips into your life. I couldn’t be more happy for you.
    If you get a chance maybe you could stop by and look at the tribute to my David. Actually, there are two: read The Light of Darkness first … then The Truth About Matrimony. They are very short.
    Lots of love and a great big hug!
    blessings ~ big sis maxi

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