Redefining Fear

Family members hurt us. Friends betray us. And life keeps us moving forward with the pain in our hearts and scars on our souls.

And we are also the other part of that same dichotomy for others in our own lives.

Most people don’t set out to cause hurt and pain to others, and maybe this is why we embrace forgiveness for ourselves and other in these situations. Maybe so we can heal the wounds, and maybe leave a less noticeable scar on our hearts.

I hope.

Treading on other people’s joy and expectations by making an unpopular and frightening choices is something I found difficult to do, and because so, well… it fed into my fear of making the drastic life changes I needed.

So I could gain back some serenity in my spirit I leapt off a cliff with no idea what my landing would be like.

Today I am grateful that I embraced the fear anyway.
That fear…it had been screaming at my own spirit that something was terribly wrong in my life….for some time.
Part of the fear was about having to admit I had been living a life that was not what it seemed to be to those close to me….
…. admitting that what seemed to be…really just wasn’t the truth… was difficult & frightening.

That fear though was maybe in the end more of a motivator than I realized.
I have tried to spend my life as authentic and as genuine as I can; and here I was living a bold face lie in my personal life.
I found that I was using my fear as an excuse to not change that about myself that was not genuine, and causing chaos for my spirit., and my day-to-day life.
Pretending to be happy when the truth is that the very air space I was in had become intolerable and a far cry from living any kind of serenity. The hypocrisy and chaos alone that it created was in the end what I just couldn’t reconcile with.

Thankful today I am for that fear, for it is what told me something serious was going on that I no longer could ignore.

Grateful for that fear helped me redefine my life, my life,  ……and where I wanted to take it.

Humbled that the fear itself was not my hindrance, but instead it was my liberation.


13 thoughts on “Redefining Fear

    • It’s one of the most wonderful connections I have is with you Rebecca and our small Quad Writer’s group.
      Thank you dear friend for leaving me your share here.
      Means the moon ‘n stars to me.

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  2. I am so pleased to see how your life has blossomed since you emerged from your chrysalis, Your Ladyship. Your path beyond fear takes you to all the things you treasure, n’est-ce pas? Euterpe, the Muse of Music, favors you…

    • How wonderfully magic to have you visit this post dear enchanting lady. I’m in awe of the times we connect and our mutual energy sparks such clarity for me. I trust for you are doing well?
      Graced by the Giver of Delight my paths to all I treasure is an empowering & liberating journey, one that being gifted in favor by The Muse of Music feels like I’ve come home after a very long and unsure trip.
      Thank you so much beautiful friend for your shared energy here.

  3. Bravo! It took tremendous courage to overcome your fear and move forward, lil sis. It would have been unbearable to go through life with the desire trapped in your heart, “What if…”

    Onward and upward. Should this not come to pass there are many more roads to travel.
    blessings ~ maxi

    • Thank dearest Big Sis. I really am in hindsight seeing that the fear was my catalyst for changing that which I did have some say in. YOU my loving Maxi know I couldn’t have coped well going through the rest of my life asking ” what if”
      I may not have every particular discovered yet but life is simple and it’s humble. That is where I find great serenity.
      I adore and love you my Maxi and hugs to you and your girls. xoxo

    • Awe Jules I will so be embracing that massive hug from you and sending one right back atcha.
      I have become an awful blogging friend and there’s people I miss tremendously. The three in this post as example. YOU miss Jules are so missed by me. So you visiting here just made my week.
      Thank you and much love to you and your guys. I need to get caught up. ♡♡♡

    • Awe bless your heart Ruth. It’s peeps like you that I miss reading your posrs too…but you’re there…it’s me mia.
      Thank you so very much for being here, for your beautiful patience and not giving up on me. You know some friends you can go for a bit without connecting but when you do again it’s like we never missed a beat. I love that I have that with you Ruth. I adore and treasure that you’re one of the few blogging friends who has been privy to where my life took me the last 18 months. Thank you for being here. Means so much to me. ♡

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