Good… Good… Good Vibrations

Vibrations.  The good kind… there has been an energy field filled with such Good Vibrations that I can’t help but celebrate.

Good vibrations from those around me, from the events happening in my life, and with those I love. Good vibrations seeming to spark one to another.

It’s a contagious thing. 

Some might even call it the great secret of life.

I don’t think it’s a secret. it’s simply something that needs to be applied. Practiced if you will. 

In our physical world there are different rates of vibrations, these all can have vastly different results and effects. In the physical world both negative and positive are a must for each other to create the machinations sought out by living. Vibrations of our physical world are vastly different from the vibrations on a spiritual plane. Having an awareness of the difference is important. Realizing this and applying it can create the difference between productive energy for the soul….or exhausting energy that which feeds no one, nor anything. Depleting everything good.

While in the spiritual dimension negative energy is a considered a lower vibration because it’s a heavier and more dense, while positive energy is a higher vibration, it’s lighter and far more subtle. (Think sound wave) My personal sense about negative energy is it weighs me down, it almost makes me feel claustrophobic. 

Whereas I find with positive energy a feeling of lightness lift from my shoulders. I feel liberated. The difference between negative & positive in my mind can be like the difference between pain and joy. I tend to feel negative energy as an emotional hardship and what it can cost me and those I care about can be rather expensive.

For me negative energy is confining  While positive is liberating.

Learning early on in studies that spiritual energy attracts energy.

It’s a magnetic force that I cannot ignore.

It’s magic, yet it’s not. The polar side of that is just as true and I choose NOT to draw or pull the negatives into my life. 

This is where and how my making choices in how I think and where I let my emotions take me is so symbiotic. No thought exists without there also being an emotion tied to it, even when we may not be aware, our subconscious is aware. Becoming keenly aware of how my thinking affects my emotions… and  in turn how my emotions affect my thinking is liberating.

It’s empowering.

It’s imperative that the self chatter I create be in the positive habit. 

It matters a whole lot what we’re telling ourselves when we think no one else is listening. 

This basic understanding I want to point out is simply, in my humble opinion, part of my emotional intelligence. An emotional intelligence that continues to grow and foster in my life. I find great serenity in that today.

I am convinced that with continued awareness and walking with an open heart and mind that this belief enables ordinary people like me to effectively take charge of my way of thinking, and thus the quality of my life. 

The feeling (emotional) function of our physiology is our internal monitor detecting at any given moment how we feel we’re doing in the given circumstance;  and because the human spirit is so tremendously complex we experience a vast spectrum of emotions, from pain to joy, sadness to happiness, frustration to satisfaction….and throughout these emotions we’re critiquing how we’re feeling. Most often berating ourselves… negatively. 


There’s enough negativity out there in the world that is not even directed to each of us personally, yet we can be affected. I see no benefit by adding to the vibrations any negatives from my camp.

My thoughts and my feelings are wrapped around this mindset:

”  I don’t want what I think and feel, (whether it be out loud or merely if I internalize) to be of the negative and dis-empowering kind.  I am choosing to allow no room for negatives.”

Choosing as often as I can only those ” Good, Good Vibrations.”

In living my life being mindful of how my words and internal chatter impact others and myself I have witnessed just how one good vibration sparks another.. and another…..

I learned a new word the other day. “Orenda”

 [aw-ren-duh, oh-ren]

noun  ~ a supernatural force believed by the iroquois Indians to be present, in varying degrees, in all objects or persons, and to be the spiritual force by which human accomplishment is attained or accounted for.


Maybe it’s another word for Good  Good Vibrations”

 I have zero doubt that what is taking place in my life and others around me in nothing less than “Orendu.”




7 thoughts on “Good… Good… Good Vibrations

  1. My Dear Lady Baroness,
    Too few understand The Law of Attraction. Thank you for putting it out there, again.
    I have been laughed at, and scoffed for such ‘ridiculous’ beliefs. They are first to point to the magnetism, and + -. It takes a little air out of their tires, and beliefs that have been a given.
    Well, it is not the attraction of + – as they are components of magnetism which attracts more magnetism.
    The characteristics are just that. Characteristics.

    Vibrations, one in the same but, positive inspires, nurtures and influences more of the positive while, negative can be quick to spread.

    Why do people attract one another? Similarities, the commonalities at the foundation. In other words you will not be attracted to someone spreading negative vibes. You may be accepting of occasional negative vibes from someone you care about but, not until the initial attraction at the foundation, and the foundation remains in tact.

    A positive vibration is put to the test every time we experience an emotion, and you really do, as you say, have to dig past any physiological property because a negative vibration chosen can do a lot of damage. So it is a matter of choice, and I applaud your choice.

    You always inspire me…..

    Cordially, As always,
    I Remain,

    • My Dearest Groovy,
      I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to find your shared thoughts here. Talk about good vibrations!
      I will never quite understand the naysayers’ when it comes to The Law of Attraction, yet I recognize that like anything in this universe it takes all kinds. *shrugs*
      Our Human Spirit is so vastly complex that sometimes I love to just sit back and watch the sparks ignite another.

      I am always so engaged by your shares Groovy- 😉

    • You’re so right ms. To disengage from the depressed and negative is not something we the human spirit take to naturally. Yet when given a choice to I run as fast as I can to disengage. It really is ALL about what we chose to surround ourselves with in my humble opinion.

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