Just Because

Life is crazy busy in my life lately, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Between my work as an artist and tour manager in the independent music industry, projects with ARM Records, writing a fiction about the music industry, I am also in DJ training for my own radio show on Mixposure Radio. The show will be called aptly” Barefoot Rock n Blues” (No shoes Required) and will be on Sunday’s @ 8pm Eastern time  with the debut date TBA very soon. Many of LBB regular readers know I have long been a repressed DJ and thanks to Mixposure Radio I will no longer be ‘so’ repressed.

Let’s hope I also am to be a fine messenger of the music. (please watch for follow-up news to come)

On that note about being the messenger of music it’s been awhile since I have posted music here. So for no other reason than “Just Because” I want to share Miss Lindsey Stirling and her outstanding collaboration with John Legend on his pop tune “All Of Me”

I think it is a perfect way to start a Monday morning, this is one of those songs and  performances that will remain fixed in my memory always.

As per Lindsey I am spreading the “Lindsey love”.



12 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Barefoot Rock n Blues – perfect, lil sis. The light is shining bright in your world and no one deserves it more. You will be a spinnin’ success.

    Had to move daughter and granddaughter in with me so it’s kinda hectic right now.

    Still, you know that I’m always with you. Love and Bear Hugs.

    blessings ~ big sis maxi

    • Big Sis Maxi I adore you. It means so much to me that you are so kind and supportive of my new challenges. I am loving life, it has abundant joys amongst the hurdles, I hope I always am mindful of this.

      I can read between your words that much is happening in your life, I hope you trust I am hear praying for you & yours always, Please never forget I love you like the big sis you are to me,
      Much love and blessings dear maxi ~

  2. Toni, I am so happy for you. You’ve wanted this for so long. Now, your goal is in plain sight — I know you will love these new projects. I am so proud of you, and I am thrilled that we are bloggy sisters! Love, love, love — Judith

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