Snow Dancing Brings Bodacious Storm.

My philosophy on snow.

My philosophy on snow.

Like all of us I wish for ‘things’. Frankly I believe that wishes and desires are what keeps hope and dreams alive. Yet learning to be happy while not yet having all you want is a criterion of joy. 

Beautiful  Oregon's High Desert

Snow Dance results February 2014

I do snow dances in the winter.
I dance/wish for the winters here on the high desert to be full-on, full-fledged winters with a lot of snow fall. Our state needs the rain/snow fall to fill our rivers & lakes, there has already been talk of drought contention before this past week’s accumulation. Finally the past week we received for the first time in 2014 the kind of snow I always dance for. Mother Nature snowed off and on from Monday the 3rd (February) through Saturday the 8th. Mostly ‘ON’. We accumulated almost 3 feet of beautiful powder snow. I know that the skiers and other winter sport enthusiasts who live and come to visit here have been embracing the white stuff,
But I’m also perfectly aware I’m not very popular with some people. Someone said to me; “you best be careful what you wish for next time!”

I understand. Learning to be happy while not yet having all that I maybe want is a definite criterion of joy. I get it.

I wish everyone could.

As I said I do snow dances & chants. I suppose I could see the ugly side of this winter storm that struck, and I have some in my immediate life who do see it only in that light. I rather would see the awesome joy the snow brought with the serendipitous events to my life. To witnesses unfolding in front of me what happens between people who started out as strangers.. who in the end became comrades & friends is a beautiful thing….

One of the beautiful serendipitous events that happened was treasured time with my daughter, she became not only one of my heroes on Saturday, but she also became my snowed-in buddy Saturday & Sunday nights.

Trying to dig out was  a bust.
Trying to dig out was a bust on Saturday.

After I realized Saturday that I wasn’t going to get my car unstuck, and knowing that I was going to not be able to just shine on my need for running errands I texted my daughter, Janis. I HAD to pick up a prescription I couldn’t have picked it up earlier in the week because of medical insurance guidelines, it’s not an RX I can just be without. so I needed my daughter’s help. She texted me back saying she had been out already that morning and was willing in her ‘Super Subaru’ to take me out & about. We planned our errands together and she was by to pick me up an hour later.

We had a wonderful afternoon adventure together, including getting her car stuck in a drift on a side road. We had run almost all our errands, had one more stop when we got stuck. After discovering that the auto-club was booked out until Tuesday (yep, that would be today) my daughter promptly called her very good friend/mechanic. We were two damsels in no real distress, but needing rescued. We were in the middle of a road. What normally would take about 10 mins to get from the friend’s shop took him over an hour on Saturday. My daughter & I had cookies, (we’d also been to the grocery market) heat, and our phones. We chatted, we laughed, we solved the world’s problems.  

Being pushed off the snow drift by my daughters friend, created yet another hero in my life & another wonderful serendipitous memory was created. Road conditions and visibility were not great but once moving again under the power of my daughter’s car, and her friends big truck. We opted to make a beeline for my home, and made Saturday evening a movie night & slumber party for mom & daughter. With the warmth of home, warmth from daughter-mother friendship, and a couple of good movies we were set.

We rolled into Sunday morning and made the sound choice to just have a quiet morning chatting over really good hot coffee.. By mid afternoon my neighbors were trying to dig out, four hours later their car wasn’t budging either.
By Monday morning progress was made. Cars were being dug out.

snow storm2014-melting

By Late Monday afternoon the big guns finally came out when a neighbor trying to turn around in the drive became stuck. A snow angel with a snow plow for wings is a very cool thing to see out your window.

snow storm2014 plow

. Tuesday, today, brings warmer temperatures, and the snow I hear melting.

snow storm20144 

Learning that wishing and desiring is all part of the great wonder of living, while yet finding contentment & joy in where you’re at, what you’re doing, what you have is absolutely “Nailing IT” it.

Tonight as I listen to the quiet of the snow as it melts, I’m doing the Snow Dance again.  I think if you can find the path to just “Nail It” for the rest of your life people will be asking “what it is about you?”

Your response might be: “Desire & wishes are beautiful things


12 thoughts on “Snow Dancing Brings Bodacious Storm.

  1. My Dear Lady Baroness, Enjoy the snow to a small degree but, as it becomes further away and visible from a distance that very small degree has jumped to new strengths of warmth.

    I know a west coast beach domain is awaiting my presence at a perfect time in life, 🙂

    For now, I must get ready for work a little early to scrape car windows. You know how that goes, right?

    Cordially, As Always,
    I Remain

    • Hello Dearest Groovy,
      I somehow missed this comment from you. I’m happy to have found it today though.
      We’re out of the snow..although it could still potentially snow till June here..
      I know your migration west is much anticipated. .going home is a beautiful thing no matter where home is.
      Always such a delight for me to hear from you Dave!
      Sending warm hugs.

  2. I don’t mind being snowed in. I’m r.e.t.i.r.e.d. I volunteer on Wednesdays and a week ago, we had snow dumped and the wind blew causing drifts. Good thing I called in and said I wasn’t coming. No way would I have made it home. I hate getting stuck. I stayed home all comfy cozy. 🙂

    I enjoy watching snow drift outside a window and I like keeping warm. Thank goodness for my (sometimes unfaithful) gas fireplace.

    Dance and sing and do anything that makes you happy. 😀

    • Smiling Tess, because I knew I could count on you for some enthusiastic cheering me on. 😉
      I love some things in life being able to count on.

      Maybe that like you I am able to watch from behind the comfort of my cozy windows, so watching it dump buckets was a pleasure for me too. But even getting stuck didn’t dampen my own love for the white fluffy stuff.

      I’m happy though that you made the sound choice to go out if you didn’t have to’ .I think it’s wise.
      That is one thing I miss, a fireplace. I miss that warmth on the skin. There were a couple days during the storm when the temp dropped to 10-12F degrees that I have never been as cold in my life. I couldn’t get warm one day and tucked myself in bed at 7pm just to be able to be under my down comforter. 7pm bedtime for me the night-owl is unheard of.

      Thank you for sharing Tess, I always love finding that you have been here.

      • Hi BB:
        I haven’t been everywhere as usual. I’ve had to unplug to keep my sanity. I’m overworked and UNDERpaid. Ha ha.

        I love my fireplace because I also live in the basement level of the house. I used to have a wood one but like the gas one better: no creosote and smoke, nor mess. Also, it is instant and warms up the place in about 20 minutes.

        I don’t go out in bad weather because I have become comfortable and hate the cold. 🙂 Nice to hear from you, BB.

  3. No complaints. I very much enjoyed reading this post about the snow, a lot of snow by the sounds of it. It is good when the odd snow plow can come to the rescue in weather like this.
    It is lovely how you enjoy the ‘snow dance’ and the company of your daughter. You sound to me like you’re going to ‘nail it’ for the rest of your life. I can’t see anything wrong with this. I think your enthusiasm about life is admirable! 🙂 🙂

    • Oh auntyuta so awesome to see you my friend. Thank you so much for your very kind and generous feedback. Your appreciation for the snow plow like my own is maybe unique only to those who have known the need for one. I was never so grateful to see a piece of heavy equipment outside my window in my life. lol…

      It’s true I love trying to influence Mother Nature with snow dancing in the winter, I want to experience each season’s glory. It’s one of the reasons I love living in central Oregon.
      I love and so appreciate YOU understanding where I am coming from. It’s wonderful to be validated, 😉
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and then share with me.
      My fist to my heart auntuta,… you really touch me with your visit.

      • I was just thinking I probably know you from Noeleen’s blogs. Bryan Hemming is another of her followers. We are all worried now for she closed her site so abruptly and cannot be contacted by email anymore. We wonder whether you have heard from her? In her last email she wrote to me that she wanted to be able to concentrate more on finishing her novel.

        • Yes, you & I are common friends with Noeleen. I wondered why her blog is missing, I have been distracted from getting around to friends blogs and missed her post you mentioned.
          I think I am understanding you to say that attempts to contact her by email have failed? I’ve not tried but am going to add my attempt to all of yours.
          My email auntyuta is tjhelser1@yahoo, if you discover any news please let me know. Noeleen is important tome too. I hope she thinks about how much she means to us
          Thank you so much for sharing your concern with me. We need to watch out for each other, great blogmanship. Is that even a word? 😉

          • Blogmanship, yes, this sounds good to me. I expect as soon as she feels better, she’s going to let all of us know what prevented her from contacting anyone.
            On the 5th of February she said in response to an email from me: ” . . . .I might come back, but it really did eat a lot of time, blogging did, and I have felt seriously exhausted. Living is difficult!”
            I sent to the same address another email on the 14th of February. However it did not get through. She has not got this email address any more.
            I fear now she may perhaps not just have been exhausted because of blogging but also because of work at the office. She may have had to stop working altogether. What a bugger! I hope she gets better soon. Maybe she just needed a real good rest.
            Sorry that I haven’t got any better news.
            Love, Uta

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