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Reflections x 2 (*repaired link)

I have a thing for serendipity. I may have said so before. I even love the way the word feels on the lips when pronounced.
Friendships sometimes become grand events of serendipity.
When it happens It leaves me in awe.
(an unedited ordinary photo)

by ronReflection 1

The photo above titled Recollections 1 is a thing of beauty. Created from the very ordinary photo (at top) by a friend who has unique creative vision’s. This result of this one vision took my breath away the first time I saw the photo.  A piece of art the photo became.
As s the photo below.
These two complimenting images create photographic art  and are perfect examples of how serendipity played out recently in my life, in the world of art. and in the art of friendships.
I’d like to share how these two photos came to be, and how the two being combined is something quite special at play. Kind act’s of random thoughtfulness that I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being on the receiving end of.
The top photo was originally just an ordinary photo taken of the view outside my window from where I sit and write every day. On a cold and snowy day this past November the beauty that Mother Nature had sculpted and painted outside my window was too beautiful for me to ignore. I was captivated by the how pretty it was that morning, so I stepped away from my computer and writing with camera in hand. I tried to capture not just what I saw, but also the feeling of the moment as well. 
I captured the scene okay, but the feeling of the moment?  Not so much.
That ordinary photo of outside my window is the photo I took, but I cannot take credit for the art that it became at the hands of my talented and creative friend, Ron. He edited and added the effects to my original photo, creating this stunning piece of art I now have. Forever this new photo will capture the view out my window, and it is doing what I couldn’t. He captured that wonderful ‘blue’ emotion of a snowy cold winter morning on my high desert.
The effects added are stunning, and by defining just one window pane it also creates this wonderful symbolic meaning for me. I will leave you to speculate about that.
This gift, from this friend, started what became a collaboration of art.
So much so that the two photos prompted the inspiration to be called Reflections, respectively 1 & 2.
I mentioned in the beginning of this post how much I love when events happen in a  serendipitous fashion….

Please, let me try to explain.

I wouldn’t in most cases post a photo of me, or at least just of me alone; unless I have a good reason. I am not someone who is even typically comfortable with photo’s of myself.. The photo above has become an exception, and even a favorite now.
My reasons for this has everything to do with how the this photo also came to be.
This is where that whole ‘serendipity thing’ happened.
Recently I opened my email to find this wonderful photo-shopped image of myself.
I was struck yet again in my heart by the generosity and magic of friendships.
My dear friend and author Maxi Malone. (many readers here at WP will surely recognize her name ) Maxi sent me the photo above of myself, she created this photo of me from a photo I had taken this past summer, adding the background/foreground from the photo my friend Ron had created. A Collaboration.

There is a talent for seeing something that isn’t there except in your imagination and the being able to execute the vision, Maxi also has that talent. She saw the window photo one friend had created, taken an ordinary photo of me, collaborating unbeknownst to me or my friend Ron with his photo and created. Reflections 2
One photo reflected into the other. With the kindness of two talented friends who don’t even know one another, nor have never communicated created also the wonder of serendipity.
I know I am blessed to have friends like these two. Friends whose thoughtful and generous friendships are reflective in everything they do.
That’s serendipity.
That’s friendship.

Thank you both Maxi & Ron so very much.