Winter’s Wild Wonderland

Finding delight during the height of the Christmas season brings a special sparkle. I love the classic (might I say vintage?) Christmas songs we all have grown up with, Hearing them year after year brings with them attached memories. I have this my first Christmas being single been especially remembering Christmas with my brothers, and with that has brought the soft feeling of being a bit homesick.

So this year I am going home!

The week after Christmas my daughter & I will be with my brothers & their families. I have a grand-niece who I will be meeting for the first, I am so looking forward to the trip. My brothers don’t know we are coming. My sister in-laws’ and I decided to make a surprise out of it for both my brothers who think they will not see me at all this holiday.

This means a road trip with my daughter as we will be making the trek across the Cascade Mountain range from our small home town on the high desert to the big city of Portland Oregon, Affectionately known as P-town.

All of this is very weather dependent of course. because of the temperamental climate of the wild winter wonderland of the Oregon mountains. Makes me think of the Christmas son Winter Wonderland.

The trip over the mountain pass this time of year can be quite a wild adventure if caught up at 6000-7000 feet above sea level in white out conditions.  (Think good thoughts for us please)

It can also be the most Zenful trip of the year  bringing an incredible sense of peace over your whole being. This stunning winter wonderland drive over the pass very soon begins to creates a calm and quiet that gently blankets the energy inside the car. No one speaks. Everyone feels it. Our breath is literally taken by the crisp and pure beauty that lies in every direction our eyes can scan.

And the silence. the blissful silence of snow. Only the subtle tapping cadence from the studded snow tires needed for traction keep time for the orchestrated quiet.  There is no radio reception, no cell/mobile service, and there is a sense for great reverence for that kind of wild winter wonderland silence. So we honor that for a bit of time and just drive.

We are in the middle of a national forest

 A deep humble sigh escape while softly smiling. Gratitude for the gift of living amongst such spectacular grace of nature is a shared thought. Day dreams about the little cabin nestled under the shelter of the great pines, tall sentry’s guarding at its sides. Then the narratives begin. As we wind through the mountains with the back drop of the sun glancing brilliant light off the snow we begin to spin tales. The stories we tell and build with one another;  the songs we make up on the fly singing together, and the silly laughter.

All part of the magic.

….and then once again the silence will come.

Oregon’s Wild Winter Wonderland.

Merry Christmas Y’all!


21 thoughts on “Winter’s Wild Wonderland

  1. I have just discovered (with some horror) that I have been disconnected to your blog somehow. I hadn’t seen a post from you for some time but you were commenting on my blog so then I checked in to see I wasn’t following. I have no idea how this happened – so sorry CC!!!

    • Oh Jules, no apology necessary. I believe in unconditional blogging, and if I don’t see you my dear friend I simply think that life sometimes steps in front of us.
      I so appreciate you sharing with me what happened, I have experienced (a few times in fact) all settings for notification alerts in my realer somehow get turned off. shrugging my shoulders- I have no idea how this happens, but it certainly does.

    • Our trip is for the 3rd so we are keeping our eyes on the forecast, but short of whiteout conditions we’re going. I’ve decided even if we end up having to find a cabin because road conditions would stop us it will still be a beautiful shared time with my daughter. (who is celebrating 9 months of sobriety she won’t mind me sharing) Pretty cool.
      Thank you beautiful Noeleen for your well wishes, means a lot to me coming from your heart. 🙂

      • 9 months of sobriety is MAGNIFICENT. I’m so happy for you, in that Toni. How wonderful, to tackle the beast & overcome. Oh, just wonderful 🙂

        Bon voyage.

  2. Hope your drive is stress-free and as awesome as you describe. I love surprises. Eeeeee.
    Gotta love Ella. 😀
    Last night we had freezing rain. The neighbor’s tree is cracked and ready to fall even as it waits in crystalline splendor.

    Happy Holidays, BB. Your photos take my breath away almost as well as the sight outside my window today.

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