It’s A Little Chilly

A wicked cold night on my high desert has me thinking soulful ‘snow-ful’ thoughts.


peaceful snow_dec2013

Silent Snow 
Wind whispers in the night
brushing through my hair
snow so brilliant, snow so light
silent flakes dancing in the air
Twinkling lights as it blows
and silenced by its peaceful sight
                                 ~ Saturday 7 December 2013 
Today’s high 10° Fahrenheit
Current temp at 8: 05 PM -11° Fahrenheit
(5-6 inches of snow)
Record Low: -11° in 1972.
we’ll  break our record low tonight.






17 thoughts on “It’s A Little Chilly

  1. Toni- I never did thank you for another musical venture with the greatest group in Rock music history, The Moody Blues. I truly believe they have been so creative over many years like no other, they have created a music genre of their own.
    Cordially, As Always, I Remain

    • Awe Groovy.. you are so welcome. The Moody’s are such the consummate spirit of our lives. Though I have a wide love for all music The Moody Blues will forever be my spiritual mentors. The journey’s that their music still today inspire help me find my way to a consciousness that continues to remind me why I and you are here. And why we love.
      Thank you my very dear friend and brother, You make my heart sing. ~

  2. My Dear Lady, Once it hits under 32 I’m in a freeze. Hot weather tonight with 5 Fahrenheits, and over night we are expected to lose 6 more for a deficit of 1.

    Skies are clear but, there is a 4″ blanket of snow from yesterday.

    Inside temp set to 67, and I’m wearing a jacket!

    Even though I am way out of my comfort zone, I offer a 🙂 and,

    Remain, Cordially, as always

    • My Dear Groovy,
      I see that you are not escaping the chill factor either. I typically acclimate well to our cold snow-filled winters, but this ‘weather event’ is one that I am even finding a difficult time getting & staying warm in.

      We broke the record for the high desert last night at -20. It was bright skies, no wind today, our high 20.
      Tonight’s low forecast for 9 degrees. We’re supposed to warm up this week to the balmy mid 30’s.

      Your warm energy is felt over the cyber-highway and I thank you so very much My Groovy Brother.
      Stay warm and take care.
      In great fondness always ~

    • Oh no Joss you warm my heart with your 52 degree day message. I actually love the weather, this time of year, maybe when I am reminded in most ways that I am alive.
      But while I have the luxury of logistics to be able to enjoy it not everyone does. We got down to -20 last night and I couldn’t help but think of those who are homeless and those who have to choose heat or medicine. I am reminded how blessed I am with my simple life.

  3. Brrrrr. It’s cold here too but only a hint of snow off and on. Even my kitty burrowed beneath my down comforter because she was cold.

    Nice poem ‘in the moment’. It looks so clean and innocent yet can be harsh and cruel. Stay warm. 🙂

    • I who normally sleep fairly warm and often with a window ajar in the winter was of the same mind as your kitty last night. I was in a flannel nightgown, burrowed deep under the down, while thanking profusely whoever it was who had the beautiful idea of flannel sheets.
      We bottomed out at -20 F last night.
      Tonight’s forecast is for a heat wave at 9 degrees. I’ll take it.
      Thank you Tess, you stay warm and safe too friend. ~

    • I love the season changing, reminding me of life’s cycles. I feel blessed that l live in a climate where the there is a definitive climate difference between the seasons. I find inspiration when there is a white carpet of snow and the tree branches graced with white lace shawls.
      So wonderful to have your visit Tee my dear friend. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Happily so.

    • That is a biting cold when the wind is enough to add a drop the ambient temp. Dangerous.
      I watched throughout the night the mercury plummet down to -20 for our low, so we set a new record low. I think most of the country is being ht by severe weather. I have a friend who lives in Arkansas and they saw snow, heavy snow, for the first time in 25 years.
      Stay warm and safe Andy.

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