Christmas Time in Heaven by Kit Mann

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Happy Holidays from Barefoot Music and all the amazing artists who are so generously contributing their music.

Christmas Time In Heaven

Independent Singer/Songwriter Kit Mann
(his) “Christmas Time In Heaven
An original Kit Mann tune
Please visit link

For your enjoyment:  Kit offers this tune and many more his original compositions for your listening pleasure and/or free downloads.

Visit Kit @

Thank you Kit for your beautiful sharing of your music. You are a gift to Barefoot Music and myself.

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Time in Heaven by Kit Mann

  1. Tersia, I am so honored you enjoyed this song. This time of year touches all of us in ways that are so hard to explain or understand. I didn’t mean to make anyone cry. I hope everyone has a joyful and Merry Christmas.

    Kit Mann

  2. Tess I am so sorry for your loss my dear. I wrote this song after my Grandfather died. We all have lost loved ones, Family Friends, Pets, and you can be sure that they are in Heaven. And at this time of year they are looking down upon us with joy. And their tears of joy are the crystal snowflakes that fall. And we will someday be with them again. Then we can look down upon our families with joy at this time of year. I am so honored you enjoyed the song. My goal with music is, If I can touch one person with one song, then my job is done and I’m happy. Then I try and do it again.

    Merry Christmas

    Kit Mann

  3. I don’t know how to leave a comment for Kit Mann. This song touched me because my mom left us December 21 three years ago. The promise of death is cold and the ground colder and our hearts frozen in grief. Thank you for sharing this. I live the singer’s voice. Reminds me of someone but it’s unique on its own.

    • Oh Tess I didn’t know, I am so sorry.The feelings can feel as fresh as the day. I know. This was my mom’s absolute favorite holiday, and she was big on all the holidays That’s tough enough, I cannot imagine having lost her at Christmas too. There seems an edge of cruelty to that.

      I will send Kit the link to this page so he will see your comment. I try to make sure the artist’s see the comments on their music. I know how much this will mean to Kit.
      I agree with you about Kit’s voice,- unique and emotes the feelings that connect the lyrics to the heart. A fabulous story teller he is
      Thank you so much Tess for taking the time. You are without a doubt one of my favorite people. ~
      Merry Christmas my friend and a hug from me. ~

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