Christmas Lullaby By Piyali Ganguly. “First Christmas Is Near”

Wishing you all the childlike wonder and joy that only this season can bring. ~

Barefoot Music Group

The past month Barefoot Music’s blog has been quiet while I was knee-deep in writing 50,000 words in 30 days, I also have been indulging in some of the finest of music available, independent music by wonderfully talented artists. 
 With so much to be thankful for in the closing out the month of November, and with the hopeful wonders of joy that December can bring, Barefoot music will be sharing Christmas Music by only Independent artists during this holiday Season of 2013. 
Spot lighting this first Christmas song, the inaugural Christmas song on this blog feels magical that it is one from a friend whose voice sounds like an angel from heaven above, whose voice both lights up hearts like a sparkling lit Christmas tree and soothes the soul.
This talented person is the one and only, the very beautiful voice of Piyali Ganguly~

Piyali Ganguly 1’s avatar

 Piyali Ganguly

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