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“Hey You” by Pablo Cámara (Pink Floyd Cover)

Guitarman - Pablo Cámara

Well, here´s another cover of one of my favourite Floyd tunes, and as you can hear… I have made my own version adding some of my stuff, like a different solo, and a lot of whammy bar and tapping… Well, hope you don´t mind! I tried to do my best, instead of copying Gilmour, who is one of my Top Favorite Players.

I also would like to share and dedicate this one to Daniel from GlimourTrueHD, for providing exposition and nice comments on all of my videos.
Good luck to you all, God bless you.
from Zárate,

Aquí les dejo otro cover de uno de mis temas favoritos de Floyd, y como pueden escuchar he hecho mi propia versión, agregándole algunas cositas mías, como un solo diferente con tapping y mucha palanca. Espero que no les moleste, traté de dar lo mejor de mi, en…

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