Choice ~ AWOL (a way of life)

A short explanatory post regarding my frequent absence and tardiness in visiting here at WP.
Like all of us who navigate life I am of late needing to be more selective with how I spend myself. 
Quite happily I made the choice to participate in NANO this year after successfully completing the NANO Camp in April. 
With 13 days into the “30 Days To Write A Novel” I am doing well after starting from just a brief outline with my concept, my main character, and the leading lady‘s goal in the story line. 
This is going to be a squeeze for me to finish by the 30th of the month, I have so far not wanted to throw my laptop down, but with already a 36 hour period that came and seriously put me behind I wondered. 
With my gracious thank to my fellow and sister writers,NANO writers, and dear friends for your cheering on, and your priceless tips for helping to stay at task. 
Also my deepest gratitude to you who unconditionally support me and my Barefoot Baroness blogs. I’ll be back, I just reconciled I cannot do both my novel and blogging.  Kind of surprised me.
Please know your friendships are always treasured and I do miss this community. 
I leave these additional words:
I Choose….
… live by choice;
not by chance;
to make changes;
not excuses,
to be motivated;
not manipulated
to be useful;
not used,
to excel;
not compete,
I choose Self-esteem,
not self-pity
I choose to listen to my positive inner voice;
not the random opinions of others. 

10 thoughts on “Choice ~ AWOL (a way of life)

    • Thank you Tess. Did you feel a kind of back wash following the month?
      I am playing catch up. I let the whole month almost be dedicated to just writing. So there were things I ignored that no longer can be. I enjoyed the process but now that I am 4 inches deep in snow and the days high is 9 degrees Fahrenheit- with a head cold- not sure I will do it again . Like that anyway. 😉

      • I’d played with the idea a year or two previously and then I jumped in with both feet with NO idea how I would possibly scare up 50,000+ words. Every day I pulled brains out of my head each day harder than the last. I learned a lot through the process. I have good workings of a decent novel. But at day 25 when I reached past the goal and I was done, I went into a stupor. I was physically and mentally drained. Couldn’t face it this year. No how. 🙂

        • Stupor! That’s it. That’s the word for what I am feeling. With the after effects from NANO being more intense than the month set aside to write I am not so certain I will do it again. The ‘high’ state of adrenaline I felt during the month of has left me with a hangover I am not s certain makes it worth it. Ask me next year again.
          Thank you Tess for validating for me that this is just part of the process. I can’t tell you how relieve I am.

    • I love You Joss!! Thank you so much my dear dear friend. Means the moon & the stars to met that you are cheering me on, but even more knowing you will be here when I get back. Hugs, hugs, & more hugs. You just make me smile 😉

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