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Calling All Independent Musicians & Supporting Factions

Barefoot Music Group

Get Exposure through Mixposure.
One of the coolest things has happened to the music industry in a very long time  is MIXPOSURE RADIO.
If you  are musician, lyricist, producer, promoter, and/or a music fan there is some amazing things happening in the world of music; and the Internet that can have an affect on you.   You should know.
Ever think about how your favorite song and musician came to be?
Those not involved with creating and promoting music may never have even thought about it.

Like any industry there is protocol and politics, expressed and experienced. The music industry no different.
It use to be that the most typical first time exposure for a fan to a new artist was via mainstream radio. Following and becoming a fan of a musician or band makes fans part of the process. For generations fans were introduced to music…

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