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New Independent Artists Radio Show on Mixposure Radio. * Introducing DJ Doug DIckens

Tonight the world will be introduced to DJ and independent artist Doug Dickens as he spins the tunes of the most amazing independent artists in the universe. That’s Tonight at 8pm eastern. The happening place to be is Mixposre radio. Links provided in post.

Barefoot Music Group

The above promotional poster is for mixposure radio newest disc jockey Doug Dickens whose new show is now being  broadcast every Tuesday & Sunday evenings.

[ poster artwork credit:  Helder Rock ]

Originally posted September 30, 2013

Watching the history of the world of music changing and growing is a fascinating thing.
Thanks to the Internet & the creative endeavors of independent musicians, vocalists, songwriters, and engineers today’s music industry has evolved and become universal.
Independent Music has no borders
Radio shows like that which you can find on Mixposure radio every evening have given the control back to the artist’s.



In that spirit of musicianship Mixposure radio had the pleasure last week to announce independent artist Doug Dickens astheir newest addition to their stellar line-up of DJ’s..
Doug Dickens Postcard.jpg
In Doug’s own words he shares his thoughts on the eve of his…

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