House of the Rising Sun by Pablo Camara (A tribute & A Dedication)

Guitarman - Pablo Cámara


      by Maestro Pablo A Camara 
           (Animals cover)


Today as my home is filled with the amazing guitar music of my favorite lead guitarist in this universe I listen yet again to his cover of this iconic Eric Burdon & The Animals tune; the House of the Rising Sun.  As Pablo Camara’s public relations manager I tend to not make my personal feelings about his music public on this site, only because this is Pablo’s site and it’s about sharing his music.  I break that rule today because this cover is so personal for me. This tune is the first rock/blues tune I learned to sing on a stage with a band.  It is also still today the song I will sing for my dinner for my dinner; anytime, anywhere, with anyone, no matter…

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7 thoughts on “House of the Rising Sun by Pablo Camara (A tribute & A Dedication)

    • Thank you Les. It certainly surprised me and touched me. So happy to hear that this started your morning in a musical way. Any day that starts with great music is my kind of day. So happy that you came by friend~

  1. Omg lil sis, the memories. You made my day.

    Yes, I am back and so glad to begin my day with you. I pray your heart is full and your days are light.

    My love and bestest blessings ~ big sis maxi

    • OH My Maxi,, you’re back!!! Welcome back Big Sis!! I missed you so much. I hope you were able to get all accomplished you were setting to do.

      So happy Pablo’s music gave you such a good feeling. I understand, his guitar seems to have that effect on me too.

      I love you Maxi dear, and so happy to have you home!

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