A PSA That WILL Save Lives –


Do you do it? 
Do you text while driving? 
Just maybe to take a peek to see who it’s from? 
Couldn’t it wait? 
In the USA we are finally getting a handle on driving under the influence. The statistics say the number of those driving altered by some substance is down. 
What we gained, we’ve turned around and lost again due to the number of people texting while driving. The distraction point is the very same as driving under the influence. 
Learn. Live. And protect & save lives. Nothing, not one message ever is as important.
Warning. Prepare to have your heart-strings pulled hard.
September 19, 2013 Take the Pledge to Never Text and Drive. No matter where you live. No matter what country. Losing live’s to careless distractions knows no borders.
What your pledge means:
No text message, email, website, or video is worth the risk of endangering my life or the lives of others on the road. I pledge to never text and drive and will take action to educate others about the dangers of texting while driving. 
No Text Is Worth The Risk.
It Can Wait. 
For more information and resources please visit:

8 thoughts on “A PSA That WILL Save Lives –

    • I agree with your assessment of those who break the law by texting and driving. It is those who believe the whole world is here to accommodate them.
      It is so sad to see the after effect to those who thought the rest of the world would somehow magically be put on hold while they take their eyes off the road. Driving a projectile missile on wheels while texting or anything that takes your attention away is lunacy in my mind.
      Thank you for you visit my kind Sir, I wondered what the texting/driving environment was like in the New Forest.

  1. Hi hun! 🙂

    Whenever I phone my God daughter’s mum the first thing I ask is if she’s driving because she’ll answer it whether she’s moving or not! 😦

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    Yeah the hunger is a constant companion, but I need a full belly before I go to sleep (bad childhood memories) and all I seem to think about is food!!! 😛

    I’ve been using microwaved meals which are between 200 and 250 calories so I stick to under 1,800 calories.

    Even so I feel constantly hungry! 😦

    I have joint problems too due to my weight, but as I lose weight I find I can go further without bad pain.

    Unfortunately they now ache all the time, especially in wet weather! 😦

    Yeah meat dies last longer, but I am on benefits so a decent diet isn’t easy! 😦

    I’ll have breakfast as soon as I’ve done my Echores as I can’t eat on waking without feeling sick. 😦

    Yes the ladies ARE rather good! 🙂

    I cannot understand Gaelic, but their singing makes that irrelevant! 🙂

    Good job most of what they sing is in English! LoL!!! 🙂

    Sweet dreams my friend and God Bless!


    • Hello Prenin,
      So lovely for you to visit and to add your thoughts.
      I like how you kind of check in with your God daughter’s mum to make sure she is not driving somewhere. That is another way of taking yet more personal responsibility in advocating for keeping the use of a mobile phone and driving separate.

      The Celtic Ladies are a performance I still have yet to see live. I think that would be amazing. But I would have to travel about 3 hours at least to see them. My town isn’t large enough.

      I do understand the trial of affordable protein sources. Ideally none of should have what sustains us be a luxury, it is a real pet peeve of mine. I am lucky in that I love different kinds of beans and nuts
      , I also live in the Hazelnut capital of the US.

      Thank you so much for your comment & reply, it’s always so good to hear from you.
      Hugs to you Prenin. ~

    • I am also a never never. Firstly I do not comprehend how people use their phone and drive in the first place, or find it in a purse as you said. It boggles my mind.
      But those who still think that it’s okay are in my opinion making higher odds that there will be a crash involving me. I am not okay with that. (not going to call that an accident)
      I agree starting in kindergarten. Children can be quite convincing sometimes.
      Thank you Tess for watching the video, I thought it powerful too,

  2. Since I changed phones I am unable to read or send texts while driving but I admit that until 18 months ago I did as I could type them out with one hand and read them with a glance because the writing was big. I WILL take and adhere to this pledge. I know it only takes a few seconds for disaster to happen. The thing is, the accident will take others lives and that is rightfully against the law. Great campaign

    • Thank you Les for your honesty. I think maybe we all give our reaction time more credit than is the reality. I admit I am a late bloomer as I just began routinely texting this year, but it baffles me that anyone can do it.
      Of course I am the person who cannot chew gum & walk at the same time.

      I appreciate so much that you are taking this pledge with me.
      Bravo you my friend!

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