Five (5) Years Ago

Found in my reader this week.

“Setting Me Free”
by Beth Hart
Thank you to Miss Beth Hart

16 thoughts on “Five (5) Years Ago

  1. What an amazing journey blogging has turned into, with a record of past moments, feelings, and expressions of what is in our hearts. We gather, across the miles, sitting in circle, sharing with one another, blessing and being blessed. Congratulations and celebrate!

    • I sat nodding my head as I read your shared thoughts with me Joss. ITS’ so true what you say. Thank you for visiting.
      I have been able to process so much life just by writing and sharing with kindred spirits like you.
      I treasure the abundant blessings that have been the unexpected hidden gems discovered in this community.
      I celebrate you, and your friendship my dear friend.

  2. Congrats, My Dear Lady!!

    Enjoy your celebration because, I certainly celebrate your thoughts!

    To many more years of your profound thoughts, and feelings!

    As Always,
    I Remain

    • My Dear Groovy,
      Though I am very late in my response to you it comes still filled much fondness for finding you have shared your thoughts and energy here with me.
      I too celebrate you Dave, and always I embrace you sharing your thoughts here. You continue to enrich my world.
      Thank you my dear brother ~

    • Oh Pablo mi amigo, you put a smile on your number one American girl’s face, and in my heart. It means so very much that you visited this particular post and added your kind words. My love to you and your beautiful lady love. ~

  3. Five years is certainly a long time,, I have a couple yet to catch up..[although I did start Blogger before WP still do the odd one for]..and to maintain your constant thoughts and writings is a remarkable thing.. my lady, may I ask one thing, setting yourself free,,,,from what? or am I being dim and missing a point,, probably am, like me that Lesley said to have two years of writing and keeping your finger away from the publish button must have taken a lot of will power.. but I knew this,, but still am honoured.. may it continue my lady take care now…ya hear’

    • I was so surprised to discover the 5yr mark. I was getting ready to publish my 500th post, that was what my radar was set for.
      The two years of not hitting that publish button was fear my kind sir. 😉
      Thank you for visiting and being part of my life. ~

    • Thank you my friend Ruth. I adore sharing music with you..
      Our tastes and often memories evoked are like we grew up together.
      I don’t know if you know I have a fairly new music blog that I post most every day on. I am posting well known artists as well as independent artists not known as well if at all. (yet)
      I am sharing the link in case you’d like to check it out. We have some amazing talent in this world we don’t even know about,

  4. FIVE years? Five? That is wonderful LBB. Writing lets us see ourselves better than if we do not record our thoughts.
    Before blogging, I used to journal everyday for about five years from my keyboard. Some time back I flipped through some of the writing and found out I had more substance than I thought.
    Nice post, LBB. Happy blogoversary.

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