Let Your Soul Giggle

* This post is dedicated to a new friend, a new reader of LBB.~   ** Please See Below

I like being mindful of all the wonders in the universe.
Maybe I have been whittling down risks lately because of some misguided fear of taking a risk with my heart. The safety factor in place. 
Safety in not venturing beyond or outside of my comfort zone.
No risks taking involved there.
While reading another blog about the blogger’s adventures on his weekend meanders. It woke me up. 
Summer is over here in North America.
But also means my favorite season of the year is coming upon us.
I have been forgetting..
By being so caught up in just living I have forgotten that when we look upon the Universe with an open heart we allow our inner wanderer…. well…to wander.
The adventurer within us awakens, we make choices of which paths to follow.  
Making the most wide awake choices for our lives while watching to be mindful that we are not whittling down the choices out of fears just so that we are living without risk.
This cannot be loving the living of life to its maximum potential. 
Admittedly, there are times when living life isn’t about loving life quite so much. 
Thankfully for me these times have been few and short-lived enough that seeing the light in the storm again was fast & forth coming. I know this is not necessarily true for everyone. And I certainly do not mean to minimize this is any way.
Finding that light sometimes takes practice, which I mean in terms of utilizing skills and tools on a regular routine so that if and when that light starts to dim you can find the candles you need. In the dark. Quickly.
It absolutely is about finding those things that will allow your soul to giggle again and bring you back into the full brilliance of your life. 
When this happens in my life I hear my spirit calling me out. 
I feel my spirit almost screaming within my soul, typically its that call out for a revival. 
For a ‘revival’ in my world I pull out all the stops. I lift the lid completely off my tool box that over the years I created, it holds the tools I need that help soothe my soul, heal my heatbreaks, and repair my mental wounds.
Candles included at no charge.
I start looking for the right tool, for the right job. 
,My Spirit
Takes Flight
I am hopeful
and I am free;
To express
To Explore
To begin
To be Me

( from my journal  12 February 1999- Seattle Washington )
Having a tool box filled with skills that can saw right through shadows that tend to try to diminish living in brilliant light can lessen the impact of those shadows. 
The shadow might still will be there, but you will have found that favorite set of candles, and you can begin lighting your way back to where the light shines again, without assistance. 
Tools & skills are the necessary component for any job, and lets face it, living is a full-time job. Why not have a tool box full of life skills and tools? 
 I have had this list in a journal since the mid 1990’s when my health took a nose dive into a shadow that took me out of the equation of loving living life for four years. I began to fight my way back without any toolbox created initially…. Building as I learned.
I had to start collecting tools on the fly. 
 Lessons were learned, and looking back at old journal writing in recent days I have been reminded so beautifully that said tool box of mine that I gave moved with me twice is still filled to the brim with expensive & customized tools. I paid a lot in my life to earn them. I should use them.
Filled with the life lessons that became my mental tool box that help me stay grounded.
I thought since I was in obvious need of the gentle reminders lately that sharing them out loud would help create a permanent mind-set for me. A mind-set that when I see the light flickering warning of a pending storm that I recognize it right away. Before all the brilliance is dimmed completely. 
I do well to remember and go directly for my tool box. 
So I am sharing. 
  • Pace Yourself:
The first and most important thing to be mindful of is relaxing all muscle tension; taking deep and slow cleansing breathes. Let go of all body tension by practicing relaxation techniques (the Internet has a plethora to choose from)
Re-examine and reflect on any stressful circumstances with a relaxed body so your choices are clear. 
Let go of any stress you have no control over. Change how you think about it, maybe change your expectations. 


  • Create & Strengthen your mental muscle. 
Be real about your personal needs and wants for yourself, while also expressing them to those important in your life-where applicable.  Don’t settle for less.
 Turn your limitations into your dreams and hopes.assets.
Get outside of your own head. 
Look at life through some one else’s eyes and their perspective.
 Have empathy for others, so you may empathize with yourself.
Remember there is never just one way to do something. We have the choice to choose from many. 
  • Make Work & Pleasure a balance. 
Have a GOOD time loving your life.
Be active in your days, doing what feels good to move your body.
Make your work enjoyable, not dreaded.
Reflect on what things you know will bring you pleasure,
 And Do them.
Eat & sleep well. Don’t sweat it when you cannot. 
Keep connected with people you enjoy. And/or animals.(domestic or otherwise)
 Make an effort to open yourself to new friendships. 
I have said it before and it’s worth repeating; I am meeting the most amazing people these days.
Finding and making new friendships is the quite possibly the most priceless of tools to have inside that tool box. It might even be said it is a skill. 
* * I recently became friends with a woman whose name is Donna. I want to share here how this “amazing” woman blew me away. Her kindness of friendship in reaching out to me by taking a moment to share what she was thinks about my writing still leaves a smile in my heart today. This friend knows the skill & art of making friends, and nurturing friendships. I have a sense she knows how important this is.
She made my soul giggle with delight,
This post is for her.  Thank you so much Donna (from FB)
Open yourself to new friends. New possibilities. 
  • Make a personal plan of action.

Take time to be alone with your reflective thoughts. Think, examine, summarize, and discover all your options before you decide. 

Then plan. Then execute. 
If your light in your loving life begins to dim, have that tool box at the ready. Know without much thought the candle needs to be lit, and tbat know where exactly you have your candles stashed for emergencies. 
Remember this gem my grandmother use to say ” every storm runs out of rain.”
Do something every day that feeds your spirit.
Make that something be what puts a giggle in your soul today.

33 thoughts on “Let Your Soul Giggle

  1. My Dear Lady,
    I am tickled to a rainbow of colors as we take delight in each others lives.
    You continue that tickle, and make me smile!
    Love and, Friendship always transcend the momentary storms.

    As Always,
    I Remain

    • My dearest Groovy brother,
      Your messages always manage to brighten the colors of the rainbow, add light where shadows may think they can linger, and tickle my spirit in ways that always bring a smile to my own heart. I like that my heart is also tickled being part of this huge universe, and too the smaller communities you & I share.
      I have never discovered who is responsible for the following quote but it is a great way to express my gratitude for you being such a groovy part of my life.

      “Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest …It’s about who came, and never left your side.” – Unknown

  2. My lady, i will not say too much here, but it is as usual a high quality read and brilliantly written piece, A thought provoking piece as well..in my case I would like to say ‘If Only’ sorry but I did write a long comment, but changed my mind,, was not sure if it would be read the way I wanted. beautiful post my lady.. my head. 😉

  3. Hi, Bliss Sis! What a lovely manifesto of spiritual intention. I love your plan, and I will use some or all of it in my own spiritual journey. Beautiful ideas, and a lovely post! 😎

    • Well my dear Sis Bliss you must know that now I include you in my tool box. It is meeting people like you and becoming such good friends that helps me smile at the end of a trying day. I think friendship is completely underrated by us humanoids.
      Of course you Jude would know music is also a priceless tool for me. AS I know it is for you as well.
      Thank you sweetie for ‘chiming’ in. I so love your thoughts and shares. ~
      PS Have a brilliant Fall weekend. I am thinking about how beautiful it must be there this time of year,

      • Yes, music holds the same value for each of us, and I love that the slightest reference to music reverberates for us both.

        It is beautiful here, though the trees have not yet begun to turn. Next weekend, Mom and I are going to drive up into the White Mountains, and visit some of the spots she used to see with her parents. This is a wonderful time of year, here, as I bet it is there, as well. Keep a smile on your sweet face, and have a lovely weekend yourself. 😎

      • In my toolbox right now: Music (I have a happy list on itunes), lights- my friend and I have both started decorating rooms in our homes with tiny lights or lights shaped like grapes, exercise (water aerobics with some very positive participants) random text messages to friends, volunteering, reading or doing puzzles or word games, creating something. These are all things that keep that light shining strong. Oh…. and blogging (published and unpublished!)
        Thanks for sharing your toolbox.

    • Oh Joss you are so clever. I wish I had thought to call it my treasure chest. Changing that right now. Thank you. You are right, my tools are magic, they heal.
      Thank you for sharing with me. It is aways a warm fuzzy to my heart to see your beautiful smile here.

    • Why PJ thank you!
      Pacing has been my impediment in life. Seems too the more I try to get done the less I really accomplish.. It’s one of the things I scratch my head over.
      So wonderful as always to have you share here. You so enrich my blog posts as well as my world. Thank you again ~

        • You are such a blessing to me PJ. God has work for you to do my brother. And He knows that you are bringing His love to everything that you touch with your heart. That doesn’t allow for much down time.
          Finding that place of stillness and quiet while life is bustling about is an art, but I think my dear friend you are an artist.
          Thank you for the smile you left on my heart today. Isn’t amazing how God lets us work His love through ourselves?

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