“Portland Town” by Cara Luft

Barefoot Music Group

My Portland Town
My native Portland Oregon USA 
The song “Portland Town” is covered in this version by a brand new artist to me. Actually the song is new to me too. 
Having a very good friend who knows me musically, like no one else in my life knows me, sent it to me today.
I am always touched deeply when loved ones & friends share music with me that they know will be meaningful to me. I see it as a way that is very telling to me that they care. About me. 
Nothing says “I love You” to me louder than being sent a song that hits close to home. 
This song “Portland Town” by artist Cara Luftdoes all of that; and then some. 
Why this song is meaningful to me.
It came to me today from someone who loves me like no other…

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2 thoughts on ““Portland Town” by Cara Luft

  1. Music is always beautiful, especially when it is accompanied by the guitar. 🙂
    It’s good to know that a dear one made your day, by sending you a gift that matches your taste.

    • I agree Tee with you about guitar music, there is this place in my soul that sound of strings being strummed, fretted, or picked touches deeply.
      It was a beautiful gift in the form of music and did make my day, but the fact that he knew how much it would me to me is priceless.
      Thank you Tee for saying so. ~

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