Sunflower; Good Morning!

The Brilliant; and The Oh So Humble Sunflower
Good morning brilliant sunflower
 blazed in crimson red 
in you who greets the day
red sunflower closeup_2013
Good evening shadowed sunflower
 my spirit that you fed
Hoping that you’ll stay.

red illuminated sunflowers

Sunflower by the Amazing Glenn Campbell

red sunflowersvase _2013

High Desert of Oregon Sunflowers- blazed  in crimson red.

Summer 2013

Did you know there are 52 shades of red?


16 thoughts on “Sunflower; Good Morning!

  1. 52 shades of red? Don’t you mean grey? ! I mean, surely at some stage it’s called “pink”.

    Either way, I loved this. A deep, beautiful rich red. Lovely photos.

    • It was an interesting resource quote from Wikipedia which I should have cited. Yes I think you must be on to something there as the names of those 52 colors did not all include the word red.
      I am glad you you liked the post Noeleen, it is always a pleasure to find you have been here.

  2. Beautiful!
    It’s amazing to know that there are 52 shades of red. Life is just so awesome, there are numerous things beyond our comprehension, yet available for our appreciation, enjoyment and even consumption. Lovely post. Good combination of sweet words.
    Welldone! 🙂

    • Hello friend, it is an amazing thing, the names of the colors fascinated me. Thank you so much for you awesome comment, coming from you who I think welds words together like they naturally belong holds much meaning for me.

    • Hello old friend, no English TV despite wishing for so. 😉 The little flower bed I created that you my kind sir are aware runs a muck with fogs and gnomes is ablaze in crimson red and pinks.
      Booming sunflower crops in the high desert too. Must be the love and attention they receive.

    • Why thank Sis Bliss. I am so not a poet so surprised I was when the words over coffee one morning just flowed. That has never happened, even as simple as they were.
      Thanks again to you for being my Sis Bliss. I love you for it and for you ~

      • You have the soul of a poet, Toni. All you need to do is don’t try to write it. In moments like this one, your mind and spirit will choose the ideas, and your heart adds the words. I say you are a poet, my dear friend. This post proved that. Let it happen! 😎 ❤

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