7 thoughts on “Sunday Love Songs: “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum

    • My Dearest Tersia, I just love you!
      I sat and listened to this song again just now with a shared perspective from you. Weeping in and spirit my arms wrap around both you, & your & Vic’s beautiful hearts’.
      Once again I am reminded what a blessing you are to my life, it is with deep meaning & reason that you are brought to my world.
      With much love and deep friendship always my beautiful friend ~

      • Thank you dear friend. We are having our official opening of Stepping Stone Hospices’ building on the 9th of October and we will play this song then. I insist that it is worked into the program. You are a blessing to me as well!!

        • I am so happy for you Tersia, all your hard work & devotion coming to be a reality. I know Vic is so proud and what an amazing event for her beloved children to witness you achieving,
          I cannot think of a more spiritually and loving expression from any other song that could do what Never Alone can. I will always hear it now and think of both you & Vic. I love to be able to have an emotional attachment to songs..
          I set my calender for the 9th and I would love it if you would tell what time so I can light candle and say a prayer. I don’t care what time it might be my time. I’d set an alarm.
          My love & hugs my friend,

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