Sometimes Angels Sing..

Sometimes Angels Sing To You In The Wind…
And sometimes even from cyber-space I can hear singing… like angels in the wind.

Least anyone reading, writing, or even talking about blog author’s should suggest that this is not community of genuine and caring people they would need to make an appointment to see me; so I may enlighten them.
I have angels come sing to me, disguised by their blogs, behind their songs (words & photograph’s) are the most beautiful & generous people I have ever found.. in any space, let alone it be cyber-space. These angels are just as important to me as those in my real time’ community. 
I know you know who you are, so naming names won’t be necessary. 
If I had a song for every time my heart has been touched by your own words, your own shares in these last 3 years my heart would be a House of Music. I have gained valuable lessons from shares between us.
I have laughed with you, I have cried with you, as you have me. 
I have found great comfort in knowing when the chips are down, or when I am walking up in the clouds, or just even living life on an even keel, I need to look no further than to have the sense of this never-ending support & encouragement. I need look no farther than this Word Press community. And you.
While reading a thought-provoking article about relationships from a blogger who is a kindred spirit to this Barefoot Baroness I thought about these friendships here in this blogging world that have become so significant for me. The Wise Counsel of this post about relationships is just a perfect explanation in how we can interact with each other in our relationships. I had been contemplating writing my gratitude recently for you, for your devoted support & encouragement when I read this blog. It was my prompt. You are my muse. It was the perfect segue into what I wanted & needed to say here. (Thank you TeeCee)
Wise Counsel’s essay on relationships is a thought-provoking piece. I often find myself nodding in agreement with what this blogger so eloquently shares. This post & his masterfully written blog can be found @
Relationships & the communications between others matters a lot to me, I see this as a gift when we find relationships where we can give & receive raw, transparent; and open sharing, The possibilities of shared experiences enrich our emotional intelligence ten-fold. 
As for me, the relationships where the interaction with one another is reciprocal are the most rewarding relationships that I am a part of.  Emotional investment between two people is the foundation of a genuine friendship.
Absolute authentic relationships are what helps feed my soul. and in my mind are the most treasured kind. They should be protected and nurtured.
I hope in some way I have given back to you a sense of support and encouragement, this sincere feeling of the friendship that I feel from you every time you visit.
I hope that you find something significant in our relationship too.
Thank you my lovelies,  you my community,  for being all that you are. 
For you are my friends ~






23 thoughts on “Sometimes Angels Sing..

  1. You have been such an amazing friend to me. I love your blog and the direction it has taken. Thank you for your friendship, compassion and advice. You have made my world a better place.

    • Thank you Tersia, for once again being such a shining light in my world. Your friendship and support through the journey life has taken is priceless for me. I will never be able to express to you adequately the courage I am inspired by you to hold on to.
      I hold your friendship and heart close always ~

  2. beautifully written and honour to all our friend Teecee as well.. my lady, my mother was and still is my angel.. I believe we all have and angel guiding, some a little better than others. Mine is currently on a break I think. And the song well I dont I need say my opinion on this and the artist. 😉

    • Why thank you My Kind Sir for your heartfelt share.
      I think we have touched on this before; that I believe your mum is indeed looking upon and watching over you.
      And I doubt that your angel, your mum, ever tales a break from guiding you.

      As the above quote says, “we have to remember how to listen”
      Sometimes our heads become too filled with needless & negative chatter- so much so we cannot hear our angels sing.
      I know your angel has a beautiful voice so I hope you hear her singing again very soon ~

      • maybe that is the problem, too much talking and not enough listening.. your angel looks on you brightly and may they forever do so. Mine is looking for the new light and energy,, my lady..

        • That’s positive My Kind Sir, looking for new light and energy.
          I am finding far too many negatives I repeat to myself that are serving nothing, no one, and not even myself,
          Reciting negative talk to ones self becomes a destructive path, it’s too easy for it to begins to leak into my interactions with others and before I know it everyone is seeing only the negatives.

          • sSo right,, not every thing is nasty with hidden agendas especially with me, my package covers nothing not to be seen or spoken about,,,I am negative at the moment but will repair,,,my lady. 😉

  3. I know you know I know you know. My Bliss, this is a lovely and heart-full post, and all that you receive from those of us who love you comes back a hundred-fold from you to us — you to me. Great video, too! I love you, Toni. ❤ 😎

  4. I love that you compare your blogger friends to angels. Finding relationships through blogging was the least expected benefit I have received from the blog experience. You are an angel to many as well with your kind words and friendly posts.
    What you give…. you get back.

    • Hi so happy to see you Ruth!!!
      I am making treks to get back into my blog saddle full time, chatting with the smaller community circle so many of us have created together. I liken it to the small town I was raised in, which I think you relate to as well.

      Discovering the genuine friendships, the kindred spirits, and mirrored thinking has at times left me absolutley astonished
      Also I am so graaateful for this community.
      Thank you Ruth my freend ~ so grateful I am for you.

  5. that’s what life is all about, living, loving and good friends. Why some need others to give them a natural high, is beyond me. Great work here on your post!

    • Dearest Friend, I am grateful again today that I am able to surround myself with people like you. It is your brightly shining spirited self which opens my heart up to appreciating life.
      I agree with you; who needs any other kind of high than the one received by the circles of loving friends?
      Thank you Terry for being part of mine ~

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