5 thoughts on “Acoustic Saturday- Joe Bonamassa

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  2. That sounds great on a quick first listen. But I’m falling asleep so can’t write anything of sense (if I ever can). Did sound rather Claptonish in the intro. Will look him up tomorrow. Have followed your music blog too 🙂 Night Blib.

    • You quite often make perfect sense. 😉
      So…. do come back and share after a good listen and research. .
      Thanks so much ms for the follow here. I was really hoping you would as you know I enjoy music banter with you. Not many women are as analytical about music as you & I are (or I have yet to meet them) and I like that you join me in my ‘like’ of this.
      I will play some Moody’s honoring this.

  3. Good music changes both the mood and the atmosphere.
    Music speaks to the heart.
    I appreciate your experience with music, because I understand it.
    The acoustic has it’s own unique feel.
    Great share, dear friend!

    • I so agree with you Tee about music being a mood and atmosphere changer. I think maybe this would be why my tastes run so rampant.I have play lists titled by moods.I write to music, sleep to music, I collect music.
      There is one constant though throughout the many genres I listen to, that is guitar music.

      I have always known you relate easily with music and that you find much that resonates deep inside through chords, notes & lyrics.Despite that I don’t believe we have chatted much about it before. I think its because it is the most magical universal language we have.
      I also agree with you about acoustic music, always my favorite, especially the guitar.
      Thank you for joining me in Joe Bonamaasa’s beautiful composition I’ll be sharing more of him,

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