A Compassionate Lesson

Now there is a concept… Self-compassion as a self-awareness.

This precious piece is in Sanskrit only but… language is just a heap of words, so I invite you to listen from the heart…

How easily are you able to have compassion for yourself?

In my last post I was discussing disappointments.Β  Getting past disappointments may require some self-compassion.

How do you show yourself a little compassion?


It feels awkward maybe to give yourself compassion, maybe if we were to practice it on a regular basis we’d get more comfortable with embracing the concept.

29 thoughts on “A Compassionate Lesson

    • hello PJ, I think you might have a valid point. If we could love ourselves than I think the natural extension would be easily loving our neighbors. All of them. If we did not hold judgement for ourselves maybe we’d not judge others.

      Thank you so much for visiting and chatting. I feel blessed by your comments every time. ~

  1. I found you on another blog, posting a comment. This is a wonderful, uplifting post!

    I show myself compassion when I am stressed by taking myself to one side, “off the grid,” and breathing deeply, mindfully. I let myself simply BE for a moment, and that fills me with joy. Then my approach to the situation at hand is always more loving, which is also self-care. Thanks for this, Amy

    • What a beautiful share you gifted my post and myself with.
      Thank you and so lovely to meet you Amy. (my oldest daughter’s name too)
      You knowing yourself, and how to assimilate personal conflict while at the same time being loving to your self is a gift you give yourself as well those who know you.

      Thank you Amy for coming by and following LBB. I am on my way to visit you now ~ BB

  2. Oh my dear friend… once again you have brought me to tears and given me Just what I needed! I have two posts this morning about compassion..back to back from two different people..yup, pretty sure that’s a sign!

    • Hello Wendy my best galpal. So lovely to see your sweetness here too. Thank you for your kind words and isn’t amazing really how this happens?
      I think not that it was coincidence, Nope! I agree sweetie, you are being given a sign by the universe. Lets together embrace some self compassion, eh?
      I love you Wendy Just Call Me Wingnut!!

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