On Mindfulness: This Moment In Time.

Through all these times 

I wondered about:

 the wounds of my soul,

all the mistakes, 

and all of the miracles.


Through the tears,

through the laughter,

along the side.

I obsessed.

I sighed.


And then

I begin 

to let go. 




letting go,

 always returning 

to the silence.

Over and over.

It heals my soul.


I am certain this is not news to anyone that trying to live a philosophy or concept you believe in 100% can still be trying. 

For instance just the day to day logistics can try to get in the way, and old habits are hard to break even when you want to. 


Some say Being Mindful of the Moment is just an expression, I disagree. “No surprise there” I hear someone saying. 

it’s true I believe mindful is a verb.


I often use to find myself feeling needy of knowing what tomorrow would bring. Today I know this is a feeling I do not have to react to, it is not my need to know what tomorrow will bring. 

Because in all honesty my future is not where I want to be. I want to be mindful of just this moment. I want to be fully present in the here and now.

But because often with that needing to know I could also make myself wicked crazy waiting for the answers.


I could. 

I did.

For some time. 


It has only been in the last decade of my life that the realization and wisdom come to me that fretting over what tomorrow or even hours from now will bring serves no rational purpose. Least of all it does not serves me.  

I’ve researched, studied, observed, absorbed, and experimented with ways to help myself remain mindful of Staying in the Moment. I needed some lessons, teachings, or maybe some magic tricks that would help me remember to be mindful.

It is too easy to fall back into old habits, old ways of thinking, even when we are trying to change our thinking to grow and enhance our life’s journey


Once I had some logistics in place, some ‘teachings’ I could grasp, that which allow now to be gently reminded to remain in this moment by practicing these lessons daily. 


First three teachings:

1. Practice Self-Love.  (Another verb.)

2. Practice Self-Compassion 


3 Practice Self-Forgiveness


Practicing even one of these teachings helped me remain grounded, to retain a balance in my small world in the beginning. I say go slow..

It was quite remarkable how when I chose just one teaching that seemed like magic in that it helped decrease my level of predilection for wanting (read need) to know what the future is going to bring. 


How do we remain in the moment, to stay mindful of the here and the now? It’s the only space of time that matters. This time.. right no.w

In the spirit of this blog I’d like to share the teachings that work for me. My wish is that you are able to take something away, and please be welcome to leave something behind in your comment.

  • I wear or carry “totems” (an Native North American term) sometimes also referred to as prayer beads, worry stones, or even amulets. My affinity for doing so came from my youth. I found great comfort in a “smoothed by time” river rock in the shape of a flat heart.  I found beautiful comfort in holding its warm stone between my forefinger and thumb, or in the closed palm of my hand. I loved the connection with earth as a girl, I treasure it now as an adult woman.

  • *On Mediation: I prefer to mediate regularly; typically it is once every day for at least 15-20 minutes. I found it is that regular practice of meditation that really starts to shape my mind and the way it works. I have heard that this has been backed up by the latest brain studies. I find it easier to maintain focus, have that stillness of mind I am looking for. Being mindful is becoming my norm.


  • Journaling: This is probably not a surprise to those of you who know a bit about me. Keeping a daily journal of my goals and my accomplishments while articulating (what I like to think are wise thoughts) into my way of living can be remarkably effective. Absolutely it’s a habit that requires practice. A lot of practice. Journaling at night when I can’t sleep and reviewing in the morning helps keep these teachings alive throughout the day.

  • Reminder Notes: By placing inspirational/motivational notes, and self-affirmations around my small world (as done even on this post) these become helpful reminders for staying grounded and not getting distracted. This can be favorite quote, important concept, notes from loved ones,  or even a short narrative or a poem. A personal favorite are two prayers sent from a very good friend who is one of my spiritual mentors.


  • Mind-fullness Alarms:  I loved this teaching especially when I began my quest of mindfulness. Although I don’t do this as a norm anymore; setting alarms to go off at regular intervals throughout the day can be a very effective teaching to help kick-start good mindful habits. This is especially helpful when marathon writing by the way. Having that reminder alarm helps me to get out of my head for a time with regularity.  

It is also important I believe to note of what to be mindful of. Buddhists refer to this as the Right Thought and Right View. 

 Things that consume us during the day, like anger, fear, worry, or frustration, comes from unwise or misguided perspectives. Having a wider & more open mind to other perspectives than our own is a big help. I heard once about a very effective practice of referring to the issues of certain circumstances in our life as “third-world problems”. This is short-hand for a reminder that while dealing with issues we think are monumental, we might instead be mindful that there are people in our world who don’t have access to enough to eat.

It is all about perspectives.

And how we think.

 Can this kind of daily practice of mindfulness achieve a state of bliss In The Moment? 

For thousands of years, practitioners have reported greater happiness and tranquility when we are able to stay In The Moment’ 


 So….I think… I shall stay right here in this moment….this here and now – and absorb it for all its worth. 

And this moment in time? 




Signature 2013

21 thoughts on “On Mindfulness: This Moment In Time.

  1. Right on, Cosmic Sister! Your post resonates with a LOT of what the Universe has presented to me recently… gratitude, mindfulness, non-judgment, balance… without these pillars in place, life is a string of rather unfortunate events & missed opportunities. We are the Captains of our Little Ship of Life. The Universe provides us the Seas to Sail.

    Brightest Blessings to You!

    • My Dear Sister of the Soul,

      Your “We are the Captains of our Little Ship of Life. The Universe provides us the Seas to Sail” is one of the best affirmations I have heard in some time. May i borrow it?

      This journey I have been on, oft repeating some paths I’d been down before without the open heart i present with today is a mind blow sometimes. I see when I allow brief hindsight that even though I thought better of it I was still hanging on to past troubled waters.
      Still not sure why I tended to want to gravitate to that if left without some as you say pillars to string the events & thoughts they present together. I don’t need to know, just instead move ahead.
      Having the pillars to anchor to has helped bring that balance to my emotional & spiritual intelligence like never before. I am almost at times intoxicated with the realizations.

      It is one of life’s magic tricks that i am able to communicate with you. That our kindred journeys often mirror another is one of life’s blessing.

      That shimmering light has become a brilliant light.
      And you my friend are part of that light.
      Shine on V!!

  2. My Dear Lady Baroness,

    Mindfulness is quite difficult though, it can be achieved.

    I have learned that mindfulness is not a mere agenda. It’s not a ‘to-do list but, rather total, absolute focus with no impedance to that focal point. This is when, and how things are accomplished.

    Mindful of this very moment, and what the moment is giving to you……

    Cordially, As Always,
    I Remain

    • Hello my Dear Groovy brother,

      I am so thankful to see your share. I have been thinking of you of late and sending you & family light, love & peace. I know you are fine – and I trust you are well.

      I agree Dave. Mindfulness is so much more than an agenda. It is a state of mind, a state of being.
      I did not come to this naturally despite naturally wanting to be there. I had habits that were not helping me. It took practicing some fine tuned teachings for myself to let go of the things that were not feeding me staying just in the here and now.

      Only right now matters. This very moment. Yes.
      Thank you for sharing a moment with me.

      My fondness always ~

  3. This is a great post, Toni. Very reflective.

    I feel aligned to a lot of what you’re realising. I read that book ‘The Power of Now’ recently, but it didn’t do me any great insight. It didn’t “do it” for me, but I understand it.

    I took up meditation for a while but I wasn’t able to keep going. I actually did it in the 4 months before my suicide attempt. Bizarre, that it didn’t steer me away, but rather, I still broke down – crumble.

    Very grounded post, Toni. Liked it – thanks.

    • Thank you so much Noeleen for sharing here. It’s significantly meaningful to me that you do.
      I think like any practical belief there is not one fit for all. We are emotionally intelligent people with different perspectives, different histories that are behind the way we think.
      This has to play into how we can apply the things that speak to us. Not everyone is going to hear the same message no matter whether if the basic message makes sense.

      Your 4 months before what turned out to be the first day of the rest of your life were spent hanging on honey. Hanging on to the thin threads the surviving you could find. You might see it as a stepping stone, one that helped you stay out of deep waters for at least that brief moment. A truth I have learned and finally accepted is that nothing ever stays the same.

      When the expression “This Two Shall Pass” is recalled I smile now,

  4. when being in the moment and mindfullness are the way you live it makes life so rich. one of my favorite ways to stay in the moment? sit with my cats, watch and be attentive, they live a mindful life:)

    • I really like the way you say that. Yes I agree it adds a richness to our life, almost like more layers of gorgeous lace.Richly textured with delicate designs. Yep, just like life.

      I so understand too the connecting with a fur-baby and the unconditional love they hold. Just maybe they partly do that because of their mindfulness. Cats are experts living in the moment, we could learn a lot.

      Thank you so much for sharing, I so love to find your smiling face on my blog!

  5. Dear Toni, I needed to read this today. I think part of the reason I’ve been feeling crappy is that I’ve been thinking too much of the future. Even in group therapy focused on mindfulness, I had difficulties. I am going to try your tips. Thanks a million, sweetie! 😎 ❤

    • Hello dear my Bliss Sis,

      Being mindful certainly does not come natural to any one with emotional intelligence, which is why I believe it is called a practice. It takes re-training how we think.I think that is part of what is so cool, we just need only to change how we think to change the our navigational direction and style, I think choice is freeing.

      I am enamored with how timing sometimes feels almost like magic, and delighted that you needed this and found it. I love it when that happens.

      Let us take this moment in time and embrace that with each moment we are gifted another piece of who we are falls into place.

      • Choose is my new watchword. If I have some odious task to complete, I choose to do all of it or some of it, or none of it. This has released me from a ton of guilt and heartache, and I’m actually getting more done. I started today just sitting — not consciously meditating, but just looking around my spot on the dock in the lake at a friend’s cottage. It was a good way to start. Thanks, my Bliss!

        • For a word with just 6 letters is packs a wallop when applied. I think we get in these mind sets where we really become so rigid in our ways we lose sight of what matters, and what the agenda is. I like bend, do not break.

          I love what you are doing, carving out in the moment the choice from your options. It is maybe silly but I get excited about discoveries like that. Anything that helps lose that tension between the shoulder blades and lets us just breathe easy is a bonus in my opinion.

          You are so welcome dear Jude. Big smiles ~

            • Your friendship is my honor Jude. One I cherish more and more.
              That we are able to join thoughts and know in spirit we are there for another with a country dividing us is magical.
              I am grateful for your continued loyalty to me even when I grew quite for some time. I think you knew.

              Have a beautiful weekend with your light sparkling everywhere you shine.
              I am grateful too that you are my Bliss Sis. ~

              • Yes, the connection is absolutely magic at work in our lives. I am so happy to be alive now, when all of the technology of the internet is available to let us be so much more than the penpals we might have become, had our paths crossed in, say, 1970.

                I am equally grateful for your loyalty. At first I thought if I didn’t write everyday, my readers would get bored and move on. You are one of the wonderful proofs against that fear. You have been with me almost from the start. Thank you.

                I’m off for a morning with Mom — I hope your weekend is wonderful. I love you, my Bliss.

  6. You are on a roll! Or even just a singer in a rock and roll band. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one. Such a fave. Ooops, launched into the music before I’ve even said anything.

    Meditation. A good friend on an MBA course recommended TM. (transcendental yes?). It was a good recommend. It’s great for falling asleep at night. Trouble is, it’s also great for falling asleep in the morning.

    It should be compulsory teaching for everyone. Partner learned it differently – martial arts. But we both approach it own way.

    I don’t know if you visit ‘This time, this space,’ but she has many values and views that are similar to ours.

    I don’t wear amulets per se, but I am wearing some green beads, of whatever stone they are right now. As with many things in my life now, I prefer to have something with meaning rather than something expensive. They came from Brazil when my godmother/cousin lived there. Simple, plain and pretty unique. Anyone can buy a gold necklace. As with many things, I prefer gifts to purchases. There is so much more meaning.

    One blogging friend told me about placing crystals above an electricity box to neutralise the energy waves. Can’t do any harm, so I have one in each house. I am open to most views. Religion isn’t for me, but I will accept that of other people and act on alternative ideals. If I would be religious, Buddhism would have the strongest attraction for me.

    But I’m not.

    And you already know one of my favourite mantras., so I won’t repeat it again about change. I do have a couple of others, must remember them for you.

    Such another lovely thoughtful post.

    • I like your music associations and comments always. I like that we are able to relate in this way.. I think I have said so before, yet want to say thanks so much friend.

      I am grateful you noticed. I have had this intense amount of energy & thoughts that can only be spent in writing,

      TM and I are old friends, it was my first practice of meditation. I found it great resource as a late teen. When I was in my 20’s and was having my youngest daughter I was introduced to yoga. I was having her by a little known birthing method and not only was yoga.an asset for anesthesia butt he mind set I wanted to enhance the experience. My daughter made (albeit child- birth) history at the time in Oregon as being the first baby born by this French method.

      I am like you in that what I surround myself with is significant to me, this is where I find the price.I agree that wearing something like what you mention hold much more value where it counts, and I prefer the energy. I never wore a diamond (and had planned to never) but I inherited a beautiful diamond from my grandmother and had a ring designed for me from it.

      My home’s art is all from artist I know or have met and connected with. From oils, pottery, baskets woven from pine needles, and my favorite quilts made by my aunt.

      I have crystals in my home & my car too, also I have kept some kind of ship on all my home’s walls that face outside. My dad was a sailor and convinced me that doing this would ward off “evil spirits” It has been my custom since my first home, regardless if it works it comforts me and that in itself is a powerful.

      My faith is mine, custom made for me, by me. I was 16 when I realized that I was missing something, and it was a faith in something more powerful that myself. I began a life long study of spirituality and though my belief system is a combination of many I still typically refer to my higher power as God for the sake of discussion ease. .But I really mean the sky, the earth, the ocean…. the universe.
      I am not a participant in what I refer to as man made religion and dogma, although I was raised Roman Irish Catholic.

      • It’s nice to be able to relate muscially, and there are so many songs/lyrics/titles that often fit a certain situation. If you know the person you are speaking to of course.

        I was in my 30s when I got TM. We had yoga at school, but as I said on Clouds, I was heavily influenced by my parents, so it was deemed as whacky. i didn’t take it up, sadly. I wouldn’t mind doing it now, but classes are pricey. My best TM ever was a group one. Group TM is reputedly stronger (you will know this anyway). We were in some rather seedy hotel, in the dark and whoosh, a huge weight lifted right off my shoulders.

        The only other similar experience I have had was drug induced when I was in hospital for some surgery or other (as a kid). I had an opiate based painkiller and I was happily floating in the air looking down at myself. Amazing. I stick to TM these days. I did ask for another shot of the painkiller but didn’t get the same one. Shame.

        I do love my grandmother’s (diamond) engagement ring. When I was visiting my mum, after my dad had died, she gave it to me one day, saying ‘I know you always liked this, take it.’ So it has two generations of memories for me, as well as being beautiful. But I’ve never bought any diamonds, nor would I.

        Virtually everything in my flat is inherited or given. Even down to ironing boards, one owned by my mum, the other by my great aunt. The Chinese apparently don’t like antiques as they can carry down the bad vibes, but I reckon you can counteract that with the good ones.

        I’ve not heard of the ship one before. (My dad was in the RN – another similarity between us). I do try and have animals in my home though, I have unicorns on my curtains, a Noah’s ark throw on the sofa, and china ornaments. And a real live dog of course.

        Sounds like a Gaia faith. I was ostensibly C of E (church of england), and so was my school with assembly every morning which I decided to avoid in sixth form. I guess humanist atheist is the best description for me.

        • Interesting threads we create.

          No diamonds purchased by me either. I cannot reconcile with what happens to the world natural order of ecology when it is uprooted just to mine for something shiny.
          One day there will be a collective agreement that this is not at all the right way to treat the earth that supports us, but I agree there will always be a market for the power behind greed and so-called wealth for some people.

          I did not know this about the Chinese culture and antiques. that is an interesting dichotomy of their culture when they at the same time value ancestors so highly. I like you have most of my home inherited from family and some close friends who are also my family.
          Opposite from the Chinese I treasure that energy from the things I surround myself with that were at one time significant to others in my life. I love this about my new flat. It is decorated and organized to my pleasure only. I am reveling in the self-contentedness of it all.

          Both sailors daughter’s eh? Should have known. …smiling…I have my elephants & eagles. Eagles are representative to me of my creative wings soaring, the elephants are from a passion I developed for them as a child.( Think I have said.) Ironically they go well with my fondness for natural fibers and earth tones.No animal or zebra pattens in my home though.

          I am sans pet right now and though am feeling liberated in a sense I do miss that connection. I have been thinking lately of adopting a new fur-baby boy pup. Just need more thought. I am hoping to travel the country and would love to have a pal about with me for that too. I miss the bond with a critter.

  7. The Lord shared with me a life practice I have been working on for the last few years.
    1. Slow- move slowly and consciously through life (haven’t mastered)
    2. Constant- be consistent and constant in daily routines that add structure to life. This involves daily times of prayer study and ministry (again haven’t mastered)
    3. Intentional- In prayer I seek the Lord for His path and seek to follow that revealed way intentionally. This intentionality includes times of work and rest (really haven’t mastered)
    While I haven’t got it all down yet. It has been a fun journey.

    • Thank you so very much my dear PJ. You have enriched my day (and my soul) this summer Wednesday in a way that you could not know how meaningful & significant is to me. Thank you!

      Your lessons from our Lord are deeply heartfelt by this child of God.& His universe. I in particular am fond of Intentional. I took a few minutes before responding to you to put your practices in writing on my Fridge of Fame, it holds some favorite reminder notes.to myself.

      I realize with your share that I’ve yet to master any of these either, Daily I keep practicing, and with great devotion and turning my life over to God I trust when I fall He picks me right back up again.

      God’s abundant blessings my friend ~

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