How observant are you?

Do you keep a keen eye, ear, nose and touch on alert throughout your day?

Or are you more passive when it comes to seeing the world through your senses? Do you let it kind of just roll by and only the splendid grabs your attention?


I tend to be quite intensely observant, noticing abstract things in life. This often get me into most bizarre of interactions with people. It is a trait I think you either have or not. Some people are just very inquisitive and because of it see things that others completely miss.

 Sometimes the things not observed can be silly, some though are quite serious, and to somehow miss the observation can even be dangerous when it comes to certain information around us.
Being observant can save our lives. 
I have a bit of a puzzle right here on Lady Barefoot Baroness (LBB) it has been here since 2011.. the beginning. 
Have you ever noticed it?
 Where is it?
Hint: If you leave a comment any time here for LBB you see the puzzle each time. It’s subtle but it is there. My friend Louann is the only person in almost 3 years who has ever noticed the ‘puzzle’ and said something. This lady is observant in all aspects of her life. you can read this is so on her blog: http://onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com/
She & I have wondered if some of you have maybe noticed it too but have not said anything.  
 We learn by observing and by watching our parents and the way they were with one another, and the way they treated one another. We also learn by watching those who live in the community we grew up in, and around.
 I really think that it has been the observations that we make in life that guide our way the most. It is this ability to sift through the words and see the action behind them that clears the forest. I think sometimes we rely too much on words in our lives. And not enough on observations and actions 
 There’s something that you’ll have trouble doing when you are being observant.
It’s difficult to focus too much on yourself when you are in a state of observation. The art of being observant is that you will be watching others and considering their patterns and looking at the way they process the most important parts of their lives. Hopefully, you then take the best of what you see and translate it your own life, but while you’re observing, you are focusing your attention outward. I think that’s a good thing. 
Then there is the treasured gift of being observed. People who are observant of ourselves can help us in life in ways we may have never expected, Such as being warned of impending danger. 
Or being told that you have a lot of life to live, a lot of love to give.
 One of thing about noticing others is that it does take effort, and sometimes it takes more effort than at other times. When I would go on road trips as a child I played a game that my brothers & I created that we dubbed the title “Speculation” 
I was constantly pointing out a uniquely shaped tree, rock color & texture,, a critter, automobile license plates that seem to be acronyms for something silly & fun. 
And a personal favorite was creating fantastic fictional stories about the people who drove by us on the highway. 
Whatever was within my line of sight was fair game for observing,
 Later in life this would translate into a keen intuition that makes it possible for me to see beneath the layers of the hard shell that most people feel the need to wear.
 I don’t think I (or my friend Louann) was necessarily wired any differently from anyone else, but rather I grew up in way that made it possible for me to notice what some might often miss. 
My intuition is as strong as the wind on a stormy, blustery kind of day. 
 What we do with our observations of course is the action part. 
When we observe it is only natural to react. 
We can choose to mentally ridicule, laugh at, or dismiss others we observe. Or…we can seek to better understand them and that which we observed. Observe that they have a history that brought them to today, as you have.
Obviously, we are going to benefit more from doing the latter. 
It would be easy in many ways to not see beyond our noses, to not notice anyone or anything at all. at all. But if we never see anyone else we unconsciously build a wall around ourselves and keep doing what human beings do best– thinking about ourselves first.
  Maybe if we honed our intuition a little more by practicing, and by rehearsing the art of being observant we could have that kind of intuition. It’s worth living up to. 
So now tell me, did you find a puzzle on my post? I am not going to tell you if not. It’s here and if you’re observant you will see it as plain as the day. 
If you did find it, lets hook up on Tuesday and chat about it. 
Signature 2013

21 thoughts on “Observations

  1. I can’t believe so many people didn’t notice it. I saw it the first time I visited and thought it most droll. That may or may not surprise you.

    Onto observation. My partner had a mate in the police force, and helped him practice for his exams, part of which was about consciously observing and noticing everything, hence Partner does too. (He’s done a lot of exams by default and helped me with my MBA too). Me, I’m useless on faces, detail, and inanimate objects. But I do watch behaviour. One of my bosses described me as an observer. So my conclusion is perhaps we all are, we just observe differently.

    • Smiling… no ms you do not surprise me that you find the second Tuesday droll. It is homage to a cartoon that that my father loved truth be told. I just think it is fascinating that the largest percentage of readers are not seeing it.

      Your Partner has a keen mind from your shares, even musically you share things he picks up in music that are telling about observations.
      And I completely agree we all observe differently,
      That would have been a fine summary. Wish I’d have made the point.

      Thanks again for adding to the chat. Always a pleasure. ~

      • I thought it was so clever. You could have said ‘if you don’t like this blog, tough, I’m not dealing with complaints.’ But it was so neatly done. I’ve not seen anything as witty on any other blogs which is one of the reasons it caught my eye.

        Of course, now I’m interested in the cartoon. I thought it was a BB original. Haha, I thought, that is clever and funny. But I am surprised others haven’t noticed it. Observation eh?

        As you said, in your opening comment, observation is about many things. Hearing, smell, touch, sight. Before I got tinnitis, my hearing was pretty acute, probably compensating for my short sight. I love smells. Working in painting, my partner doesn’t always notice smells, due to desensitisation.

        And then there are the different types of observation. The ones we do for work, qv the example of the police officer above, I’m a whizz at reading documents upside down when I’m interviewing/speaking to someone, my partner notices anything and everything to do with painting/decorating/construction. We all do that because the information we gather may be of use to us.

        Separately, there is what we observe for our own interest. Or what we choose not to. I’m not a great people person so I’ll miss people in the street. That may well stem from not seeing them when I wasn’t wearing contact lenses. Partner rarely misses anyone (need to network for work though). I notice flowers, dogs, prices, menus, boats. The things I am interested in.

        No-one can observe everything, so we filter out what is of no use/interest.

        A thoughtful post by you. I’ve enjoyed thinking about it.

        Anyway, it’s the first Wednesday of the week, so no complaints from me 😉

  2. This was a fascinating read for me. In many ways I am oblivious. For example, I could spend an afternoon with you and go home and have no idea what you were wearing! In many ways I am not curious about things or people. For example I remember reading once that a high percentage of people who use the washroom in someone’s home, open up the medicine cabinet to see what’s in there. Opening cupboard doors or drawers in someone’s home is something that would just never occur to me. However, I remember conversations word for word – when they matter! And if I spent an afternoon with you, I would go home with a real sense of who you are and what matters to you. So i would say i am super observant on a subliminal level.
    I can only guess that the puzzle has to do with the second Tuesday of the week. Perhaps you had meant to say month but I always took this as being tongue in cheek. Plus, in French, when something is just never going to happen we say it will be done “la semaine des quatres jeudis!”

    • Bravo you Joss! You are brilliant adding the ” la semaine des quatres jeudis!” I actually love a week of four Thursdays in my life. I think we need more weeks just as.
      And may I say well done my friend!

      I know that about you – that I could spend some time in your presence and you would have completely absorbed everything I shared. How?
      Because through my written word alone.. you so ‘get me’
      I agree there are levels of observation. And observing someone at a level of spirituality is the highest form of being observant in my mind. You like me have been this way your whole life I suspect, but the wisdom to to nurture it to its fullest is something maybe we never honored like we could have. Speaking for myself it has always been an instinct, I just was never sure quite how to nurture it.

      I so enjoy your influence and wisdom shared with me Joss.
      Please keep coming back ~

    • Hello PJ, I think you are very observant, no doubt in my mind. The puzzle is so very subtle. If I tell you it is a day of the week as a hint you might find it. It is on every post that you comment on.
      Happy observing my dear friend ~

      • Oh my goodness now you have me really stumped. I must be looking to hard. I have been gazing at your page for several minutes and I am definitely missing it. I will come back in a little while with fresh eyes. 🙂

        • Oh my dear Pj.. I feel like I am leading you on a wild goose chase here my friend. I don’t know if you are having fun, or ready to throw the towel in. ..smiling at either.
          One more hint friend. If you leave another comment for me. please look at the message I leave about comments.

          I love you for playing along. you are so awesome!

  3. what’s the price, dear?
    Whoelse would have ever said this any better than you?
    This is so amazingly well written and I’m not surprised, you have always been exceptionally creative and analytical.
    As for the puzzle, I can’t say I’m sure of what you have in mind, but I’m sure of my observation.
    The letter “i” seems to be missing from the title.
    Is that from my eyes or could it just be an unintentional omission?
    Well, since today is about observation, then I can stake my dinner for this.
    I’m all smiles.
    Welldone, my dearest friend!

    • Knowing that there was an “i” missing from my title is too cool Tee!
      I did not see this until about an hour or two ago when I glanced up at the post in another media. I was so comforted to find this message by you that said so.

      The puzzle I refer to is in my blog posts every time I post one. Another hint? It is a name of a day of the week. (Shhh.. don’t say I told you) lol…

      Thank you so very much for your words of sweet encouragement and your kindness. You always, always manage to lift my feet 3 feet off the ground. I thank you so much for that Tee.
      You did that very thing today. ~

  4. I used to take days for granted. what ever happened happened, but not anymore. I watch for things. I take notice of the small stuff. I appreciate my friendships and my life more today than ever. All it really took for me to change my views was see my brother suffering

    • It a such a testament in what you say that we only need change our thinking about something and we see the world so differently.

      It is those everyday small things we tend to lose sight of their importance. I think it is all what makes our whole.
      Thank you Terry so much for stopping by. I am enriched always by your shares ~

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