Nurturing Thursday July 18th

My authentic friend & soul sister Joss who knows the truest appreciation of living in the moment expresses her thoughts so beautifully I am compelled to share.
Thank you Joss for all that you so generously share ~

4 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday July 18th

  1. lovely of you to share this here. My life has so expanded with blogging and mostly through connecting with wondrous souls such as you dear one. it is an honour to read your words, to interact, and to know that we are each on a journey of emerging!

    • Thank you for not minding my share Joss. Such a brilliant poem I was only honor3ed to share.
      Blogging friends may be my most astonishing surprise in a community. I recall a time when I thought it impossible to build a truthful & genuine cyber friendship. how wrong I was. And gratefully so.

      Significant friendships have nothing to do with where, but everything to do with who ~

    • I would have totally understood your shorthand Tess. It must be in the WordPress air though as I made a nice type on another blog. She repaired it which I am going to do too on yours.

      Thank you for stopping by Tess. It is aways such a warm fuzzy for me when you do ~

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