Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover) by Pablo A Camara

Please meet my good friend musician Maestro Pablo Camara & his new blog.

Guitarman - Pablo Cámara

Maestro Pablo A. Cámara


His lead solo of Pink FLoyd‘s Comfortably Numbcover.

This is my humble cover of Pink Floyd´s anthem, ¨Comfortably Numb¨ from the THE WALL album. It is instrumental, as usual and I also added some of my stuff near the end. It is made with a lot of respect. Hope you like it.

Long live the king David.

Esta es mi humilde version del himno de Pink Floyd, ¨Comfortably Numb¨, del album THE WALL. Es un cover instrumental, como siempre y también le he puesto algunas cositas mías, cerca del final. Está hecho con mucho respeto. Espero les guste.

Larga vida al rey David.

Guitars used/guitarras usadas: Jazmine spanish guitar, by Takemine; Ibanez ¨Jewel¨ 470 RG from the 90´s with Di Marzio Evolution pickups; Kramer S 211.

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14 thoughts on “Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover) by Pablo A Camara

    • Oh My Gosh!!. Thank you so much Les!
      This is cover tune was my introduction to Pablo and his unique style and my response to what I heard was the very same. I became his fast fan & now work with him to spread his music to the world.

      I understand about listening to him all day. I do and I have some of his tunes play listed as “Sleep Music’. & ” Healing Music” I play him in the background for dinner parties.
      I see his ability to cross so many genres as a part of what it is that makes him a Maestro and think everyone’s lives should be enriched by this music.

      Thanks again Les for your wonderful comment ~

        • I thank you my friend. You have impeccable taste in music. But I knew that when I discovered we both have regular dates with Epic Eric Clapton; and that you too have an affinity for guitar music.

          I am glad to know that the authenticity post stayed with you for awhile. That is such great feedback for me.
          Thank you Les for being such an inspiring friend ~

  1. Holy shit, Toni. And you know I don’t often write like that. But this man certainly is a Maestro. So many guitarists think the more notes, the better. The single long notes throughout this song are better than any screaming solo I’ve heard, and his scale work is fantastic. I love his combination of classical and electrical guitars. I love everything about this numb-er. Thanks so much for bringing it to me! Love you, Bliss! 😎

    • Heehee I love love, love your reaction my bliss sis. Th3 first time I heard Pablo my reaction was the same. And this is his first tune I heard too, which was a sentimental reason for posting it first
      I spent months studying Pablo’s music and believe him to be the greatest maestro of the guitar in our time. Certainly the best I have ever heard.

      He is so versatile in what he does and when he rearranges a cover tune to make it his he does so with such soul.His notes are true and so very tight.
      I hesitate o say so openly but is with you, I think he is someone who should be a household name to anyone who appreciates fine music .

      I am so happy that you took the time to listen and learn who he is. There is much more of his music we are posting on his site so keep an eye and ear open.
      I adore talking music with you sweetie. They is a very small handful of women I can talk music like this and I cherish this about yours & mine friendship.
      I love you my Bliss SIs ~

      • I feel the same way, my Bliss, and I love all the new music to which you’ve introduced me. I am flat-out stunned by the fluidity of Pablo’s fingerwork, and the variety of tones he can produce on each guitar is so admirable; I intend to listen to all of his stuff!

        😎 ❤

        • I know a kindred soul when I meet one….. smiling…..
          I think from the beginning we have had the same taste in music. My friend Pablo is certainly the master. I know he will be so grateful for your words, someone who knows music like you do are the kinds of comments we are looking for.
          He takes great care & concern when he covers another artist’s work and to be humbly told that he is making people smile makes my heart swell.
          Thank you so much Jude. You have great music sensibilities and when you say something I listen.

          You have made this lady smile and say Hooray for moving guitar music. It spins this world with much love & joy ~

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