Soaring Message

 Snippets of journaling from the past few months prompted this post. It has been a self exploratory two years as of this month, healing is not always an easy thing to feel and absorb.
But it holds so much promise.
** Miss Judy Collins has been with me since 1966. Her voice, the lyrics she tells stories through have always been a guiding energy in processing my life. Today is no different.
Recently for very personal reasons my writing has become even more important to me. It always has been. But when I pick up my journal today and open its door to the pages of my feelings I realize how blessed I am to have this blogging community to share with. You my friends,you are my walls. you support me.
I still journal long hand, there is a certain sense of satisfaction I receive from filling up paper pages of artful fancied bound books & good old-fashioned black ink.
Yet there is also a great satisfaction in writing your heart & soul’s thoughts and having these viewed by those who care enough to share & add their own thoughts.There is also many friendships that have grown from this interaction, and I trust I will be blessed that more will bloom into my life. I don’t blog for numbers. I rarely look at my stats page. Not my agenda. I blog because it’s what I need to do. It is like breathing now. I write and I need to share said messages
I am meeting the most treasured people who are all the best reasons outside of my writing (getting out of my head) to stick around and continue putting my thoughts out here. Not that there is anything earth shattering in what I have to say. I say it in my way and that folks helps feed my soul.
Life is like an orchestra. Wanting to be able to hear all the parts, all the sections at once, it is not often possible to the untrained ear.
Like an orchestra, seeing all we are meant to be to the untrained heart & soul keeps us paying forward the messages we were born to give to each other.
We are all waiting to cross paths with one another.
Waiting so be greeted by each others smiles.
Waiting to share messages from lives led, with wisdom gained.
We all have a unique message to give one another.
I hope to be listening loud.
How can I be fully engaged in living my life if I shadow my own light’s message?
If I don’t let my light shine?
How do I do that?
Our convictions and conveniences may not live in the same sentence but they guide us into action. I made a renewal of an age-old commitment with myself & the universal power’s to be; to listen to my soul, to search out & live out my divine assignment. The authentic me. My own truth.
I am willing to let go of the things that are standing in my way of my truths.
I am willing to get emotional & spiritually naked.
Yeah, that sounds quite graphic for this Baroness. I know.
So just what do I mean?
Nothing to hide, nothing to protect, nothing to defend.
Frightening? Maybe.
But if so… than even more reason to bare it all.
Though admitted it is not easy to bare all. To do so means discovering things that will make you question yourself and feel vulnerable.
Realizing that unless there is a feeling of safety in that vulnerability you shut down. you might get uncomfortably numb.
An option, my choice,  on the table for myself is to be living bold, living true, live my authentic life.
It’s my life assignment.
I am not counting the times when I was knocked down, but instead I am counting the times I got back up on my own two bare feet. I need to be willing to harness my life lessons and give myself permission to stand tall and share my message.
 I have always had it, have always know it has been here, I just needed to know I am enough as I am. I am on this earth as is… because of someone’s life’s message shared with me.

I am still striving to live the authentic me, and I know that comes with all my past mistakes. It is those mistakes that brings me here to this point. It is part of my journey. I take full ownership. Proudly so.

I need to be willing to go the edge spiritually & emotionally. I need to be that transparent woman I strive for, to be comfortable in her skin.
I want to walk this walk, and talk the talk, telling my message, my history, my life assignment.
I will live with no regrets. I will spend my days doing what I was meant to do.
And my friends I am gladdened in my heart that our paths have crossed.
That we all have this life to share our messages.
So, please be welcome. and come through the open door.
I’ll be here. Feeling my wings soaring ~
**** From Judy Collins Live At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.  Live album available on CD October 30th, 2012. The DVD released on November 20th, 2012. Directed by Pierre & François Lamoureux.
Signature 2013

16 thoughts on “Soaring Message

  1. I have not heard of Judy Collins – go figure! She was great though – thank you for the video.

    Oh Toni, I’m back from holiday, & so great to see you well. I mean, introspective and searching, but I sense you are well.

    🙂 xx I truly hope so!

    • Oh Noeleen how glad my heart is that i am the one who introduced you to Miss Judy Collins. I do hope you can find some time to spend on YouTube and listen to a few of her songs.
      I think you might like “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. Wanting to share another with you and this made me think of you. But so many others I could suggest but will let you find your way.

      Yes My friend you sense correctly on both accounts. You have great instincts sweetie, never doubt them.
      Thank you from my heart ~

  2. I had forgotten about Judy Collins, such a lovely pure voice, reminds me of Joan Baez. I love the way her voice soars when she sings Open the door. It’s such a classical moment, the door opens, light and air enter and the voice reflects that moment. sorry, I digress about the music but that probably comes as no surprise.

    Anyway, I doubt I need to say anything about blogging friendship do I? Except for those of us who do have it, it’s very powerful. Just like the voice of Ms Collins, she was note perfect. fabulous song, thanks so much for posting that. Ooops, musicing off again. I shall now listen to it yet again.

    • She absolutely reminds of Joan Baez too. They are both are strongly represented in my music library and I agree with your thoughts about how she vocally expresses so well in this tune.

      Please do not ever apologize to me for analyzing music with me. I truthfully enjoy this about our friendship ms. I don’t have many women folk who seem to absorb music like I do. I find it refreshing to chat with you about it. (no, no need to speak about blogging friendships)
      Most often I find 99% of people in my life only ‘tolerate’ & suffer me when i begin talking music, you can see it happen; the moment their eyes glaze over i know I have lost them. I enjoy intelligent thought out chats about music. You give that to me.

      You just delighted the hoot out me today. thank you for that~

      • I don’t have your repertoire of music but I can bore for Britain on something I like. I listened to that song so many times when I found it on your blog. Just beautiful. It was sublime.

        Thanks, I suppose my interest music is the notes, the perfection, the harmony, for example the link I posted recently about R V Williams. I love a perfect note, a perfect chord. Just flips me 😀

        always happy to chat, but remember only ever sung in choir/madrigal group and played recorders, an amateur here

        • I think my friend you do not give yourself enough credit for what you know about music. As we have spoke about people getting bored when the topic of music comes up and I know it is most probable that you could carry on and keep up with no problem.

          We are all amateurs ms. Yet you have those natural instincts of a musician and you also quiet yourself enough to listen to what your instincts have to say.
          That is why I am smitten with chatting with you.

          You come from an emotional response to music, not necessarily an intellectual one. I love chatting with someone who can do that and not feel they need to justify it.
          As the saying goes; “lady after my own heart”

  3. Hey you, such a heartfelt message. Most of all … spend my days doing what I was meant to do. Go for it, Lil Sis.

    blessings ~ big sis, maxi

    • My dearest Maxi, my big sis, my friend, thank you so much fr always being there. You have become one of the most reassuring people in my small world. I am blessed to have you the wise mentor I needed. God knew as always. The very passage you included was inspired by your shares with me.

      Bless you dear maxi, ~

    • Hello there Lou! So wonderful to see you my friend., so good to feel your smiling grace here, Just like old times, we are both up blogging in the middle of the night. Love these quiet hours.
      I think, listening loud goes right along with living loud. Loud, proud, and wowed! .
      Don’t you think?

  4. What a beautiful sharing. I am blessed to have walked through the open door and spent time here with you, listening and deepening my own awareness.
    “We are all waiting to cross paths with one another.
    Waiting so be greeted by each others smiles.
    Waiting to share messages from lives led, with wisdom gained.
    We all have a unique message to give one another.
    I hope to be listening loud.”

    Waiting to receive who we each our in all our beauty and knowing that we are each, enough, each worthy to speak and to be heard. Namaste dear one, Namaste.

    • I just adore you Joss! Thank you dear hearted one for your striking comment to what started out as random bits of thoughts scattered here and there in my world. You know, notepads, post-its, journals, back of paper napkins…all the random places we scribe our most inner feelings about life,
      That something cohesive came from them and you took away something is my deepest honor. And astonished me.

      May you find peaceful easy feelings and be filled with abundant laughter & joy.
      Namaste Dear Beautiful Joss, Namaste ~

        • Oh Joss I love this! Thank you for thinking of me as well.
          I see why exactly and love it.
          You will not be surprised to learn I know that I am at this very minute working on a post about how to walk the walk.
          Your beautiful quote would be such a great segue into my post, I may use it and briefly explain how you brought and shared it o my blog.

          Abundant Blessings filled with much laughter, ~

    • Oh Terry you are such a sweet person to know where this came from. How do you do that? So quickly I feel like I have known you all my life.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment, and the true point you make.
      Keep coming back ~

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