What do Howling Dick & Blues Have In Common?

Me… and the LIKE button.   (for two)

Just in case you do not know this gentlemen & his radio show let me happily be the person to introduce you.  I think you’ll ‘like’ his show too.

I came to be a follower of Downhome with Howling Dick because I am addicted to the music genre  of blues & I post blues music regularly on another social media where I was first introduced to his shows. Soon between social media and his show we became fast friends with music being a core common denominator. Particularly blues.

And I want to share.


I freely admit that I have had a thing about radio programs, what I thought were of a thing of my past. Back in August 2012 I wrote a piece  called Bus Stop Games: As a young lady my friends & I depended on our local radio station KISN to become savvy music fans.  ( link below for Bus Stop Games Post)

Enraptured by radio shows and the disc jockeys who played the music, my friends & I would speak about the artist, the band, the music itself, and the business. It has been a life long passion. We would spend hours dissecting what we  had learned. Only then my friends and I would create the trivia Bus Stop Game of the week. We learned to name that tune in as little two notes to each. A game I taught my daughter’s to play.

Today I am listening and following a fabulous radio program again.

Downhome with Howling Dick

Thanks to the Internet I am listening to a radio show that I want to introduce my music loving friends to. The show hails from the United Kingdom and comes via pod casts  The disc jockey is Howling Dick;  and the name of his hour weekly show is Downhome with Howling Dick. The ambiance of the show will take you back to days when a radio show was something worth making a date with.

Linked  here is the week of 20 June 2013 show (which  by the way mentions yours truly)   http://www.howlingdick.com/i-raise-my-hat/

Howling Dick’s show is promoted as a Blues genre show, but he admits that he plays what he likes and that covers a lot of genres. The man is a wealth of knowledge about music, and he also has the most unusual & eclectic collection of recorded music in his library I have ever come across. If you are interested in rare and unusual recording stick around Howling’s front porch awhile, you will be pleased you did.

I had given up on commercial radio in the 80’s because the constant commercialism started to really bother my sensibilities. I do not watch television for the same reason.  It was not just the advertisements in radio that take so much air time that bothers me, but  also very much the politics in how music was chosen and given air time for play. The Dj’s were no longer the people making the choices as to what we heard.  In  my younger  years I had the great experience of distributing demo tapes to radio station disc jockey’s to try to inspire some interest & air time in local bands I worked with. It was a fascinating time in the world of music.

As it is today. If you have the where with all to create some good music you can realistically promote yourself  in such creative ways you can become a name for yourself in the industry; thanks to modern digital recording equipment & web sites like YouTube, Reverbnation & Dailymotion to name just a few. And radio programs like Howling Dick’s who promote artists we might not learn about without the radio program & Disc Jockeys.

I think that is pretty cool. Keeping the music where it belongs, with the artists as much as possible..

I spoke to Howling about doing this piece and asked for his permission to link his show. His response is so like the music fan that he truly is when he simply said ” spread the music”

I love that kind of attitude…….especially when it is regarding music.

Thinking  it might be fun in this introduction to Howling Dick and his show to discover a glimpse into how his mind ticks by asking him a few questions. Howling,  a very good sport as he played along so nicely in his answers is a delight. It might also be interesting for you to know he is an unabashed Bob Dylan fan and reputed to have quite a Dylan collection of music and memorabilia.

The interview:

* Do you play an instrument? What kind?  (Tell us about your cigar box guitars you make & play)

Theres a wonderful video on YouTube – Angriest guitar player ever (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8hmi9aEiy4), which most of my family and friends have confirmed is ME! I have a wonderful collection and love playing guitar but truth is, I don’t have that gene where it comes natural. One of the reasons I make and play Cigar Box guitars is I reckon its easier to play 3 strings (its not). I also dabble with banjo, dulcimer and Ukulele with similar poor results but it don’t stop me playin’ em or collecting hem. My wife has issues about the amount of stuff I have!!! Funnily enough, apparently  I am a half decent blues harmonica player which my eldest son Josh says I should stick to but hey! every boy wants to be an axe god doesn’t he?

* You are building your dream band. Who is are your choice of band mates? Why?

Drums – Ritchie Hayward of Little Feat (or possibly George Recine from Dylan’s band?) because he has the groove I love to play to. Steely Dan have a young drummer Keith Carlock with them who is possibly the best Ive seen recently but he’s far too good for me.

Bass -Ian Jennings who I saw recently playing with  Mud Morganfield. He’s a pint sized fella with a giant double bass (HAS to be double bass) and oozes charisma and talent. Sort of bloke Id enjoy hanging out with unlike Sting (he’s too good looking)

Keyboard – Chuck Leavell. Not only because he’s so damn good but for the privilege of playing with someone who’s played with the Allmans AND the Stones. Oh, if he couldn’t make the gig then Clint Eastwood, because.. well, if you have to ask….

Guitar – Oh the big one, too many to choose from so it would it would be my son Josh on rhythm and old mate Phillip Morris on lead who I’ve jammed with for years just so we could share the experience of playing with a great band. (I’d be on harp and vocals that night)

* Name 3 current favorite tunes & artist.

If you’re asking whats on my turntable at the moment

Mississippi Sheiks – Sitting On Top Of The World (Document reissues on Vinyl)

Charlie Parr -Good Friends (Barnswallow)

Going Down South – Big George Brock (It’s on an amazing compilation of American Roots music -More Miles Than Money)

* If you could bring 3 people to my high desert with you who would they be?  Why?

Well, truth is I wouldn’t bring anybody cos Id want to get to know you 🙂 but if you’re asking who do I want to join us for dinner, Id avoid big heroes like Dylan and Neil because too much pressure and I won’t be corny and say the family (who I do travel with) or Nelson Mandela/Barak Obama. 

Soooo…..I met Charlie Parr recently and he is one of the most decent inspiring men Ive met and also a walking encyclopaedia of roots music – so he’d be one. So would be the wonderful Bex Marshall, cos she’s a really good laugh as well as the fact she can play great slide guitar during desert and I suppose my mate Mark because everyone loves him and we’d definitely have a good time with him around. Whatcha cooking’?

My gracious thanks to you Howling.  Soups on!


Bus Stop Games:


Signature 2013

10 thoughts on “What do Howling Dick & Blues Have In Common?

  1. Good morning, my dear friend, and Baroness…..I’m glad you’re here because, I needed a rainbow to start my day……

    Like nothing else, music brings out the feeling…..Connie Francis was my 1st girl friend who didn’t even know I existed, my 2nd was Judy Collins. She’s beautiful from within, and she beauty shines. A side note. She once kissed me…..on the forehead but, that’s another story.

    I am listening to Howling Dick on another tab, and he absolutely brings it.

    As a former disc-jockey, I can tell you the on-air boundaries ran vast back in the 50s & 60s.. Keep listeners interested, play the music. The agenda changed, and now in reverse until, finally there was no, ‘keep them interested’ in the agenda.

    The programming geniuses wanted to cleanse the necessity for favorite djs believing they could roll out a generic radio station sound that would ‘keep them interested’ regardless of individual disc-jockey presentation.

    It worked. Less on the payroll, and I got out. The quality of radio programming was pretty much lost.

    The generics had a relatively short life (5-10 yrs.) as listeners wanted more. Only the youngest age demographic was interested. They remained.

    As FM radio grew, more music genres were presented, and the importance of the individual disc-jockey presentation began again.

    It’s been slow as some of the FM stations have cut their expenses by, trying a generic format with a tight playlist of only best selling music. Nothing on the fringes.

    My Dear Rainboe Baroness Sister, I wish you a very good day, and thanks for apprising me of Howling Dick.

    As Always,
    Cordially, I remain

    • My very dearest Groovy,
      How happy it makes me that when you looked for a rainbow you found one here in me,
      I hope with many prayers this finds things in your neck of the woods are treating you kindly. To be honest with you (nothing less) I have had you much on my mind. Just know dear Brother of mine I am only a click away. Not far in the scheme of things.

      I thought of you doing this post. I am happy to ‘turn you on’ to Howling’s show. I think he is pretty fabulous. I adore the trivia he comes up with which lends then a unique listening environment.

      The days of radio programs that I make a date with myself to listen to are back in my life.
      The points you make describe my feelings about the history of radio programming to a T
      I went from the am frequency and billboard charting to FM and full on album show casings, to nothing more than getting in my car and turning the radio off. Satellite radio came next and was quickly gone again I found I preferred my own play lists. Without the benefit of a good master of ceremonies for a program there was nothing that held my interest, and the advertisers (i get a necessary of the Biz) created stimulus I don’t need.
      So I am jazzed to looking all shades of blue in finding Howling Dick’s show. I simply love that I know I will learn about new artists that are independently trying to make a name and a living from their art.

      Just was introduced to this amazing lyricist and his folk style story telling. Thought of you so much when I heard this. That he is playing my coveted guitar with an extra sound hole from a traveling with him to gigs was serendipitous. Or maybe not.

      Wanted to share with you even before reading your comment here. You just so graciously provided me with the forum.

      Please take care of yourself, wishing you & Mrs Groovy only the most positive soul shining week my dear brother.
      Much love and gentle hugs to you my Dearest Groovy ~

  2. Hey lil sis, thanks for the video … I can’t stop laughing. Good luck to Dick, a unique sound and a good radio program; something new in the making.
    blessings ~ maxi

    • My Dearest Big Sis how wonderful you are! I keep telling Dick that he is a smile maker.Now he might believe. 😉
      So happy that you liked his show. I have it on good authority he is working on this weeks show already.

      Thanks so much my sister.
      Much love & many blessings ~

    • Thanks so much Tess for your kind words, I think in all sincerity If not for discovering radio programs on the web I would be in world of little to no new music for myself. As I said I had stopped listening to commercial local radio a long time ago.
      Until the inception of the Internet I was in a time warp musically, with the exception of a period of recorded music my daughters brought to the table. (read pop & disco)
      I have always learned so much more about the music I love through radio programs then any other format.
      I thought that surely this radio program was created just for me. Heehee…

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