Stevie + Lindsey = An Everlasting ‘Mac-Love’ Story

For my Twin Sheila, my Kentucky Woman

” ….there cannot be a little gain without some loss, and a little redemption without forgiveness.”

~ Lindsey Buckingham

I don’t follow celebrity stories even though I can be passionate  by certain musical artists.  Yet there is a love story from the pages of rock n roll that makes what I just said about following celebrities untrue.

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac had a love story that set souls on fire. Much of the band‘s music written during the periods 1969 & throughout until the early 80’s was inspired by the band mates personal lives. Especially Nicks & Buckingham  The members lived together pretty much as a family with Mick Fleetwood over-seeing them all.. Nick’s was just a teenage girl when she joined forces with Peter Green‘s Fleetwood Mac, forever changing the history of the then strictly blues band.

I’ll not go into ‘gossip’ covering Nicks & Buckingham’s love story except to say it was by all accounts passionate, tumultuous, and awe-inspiring. Still following the two artists I cam across the following video of their performance in 20o4 that I had never seen.

I want to share with my Fleetwood Mac friends. And to those who are just hopeless romantics.

It is told that after closing the show with this tune Lindsey turned, and kissed Stevie on the forehead & cheek. Then hand in hand they exited the stage together.

Lindsey had tears in his eyes.

Signature 2013

5 thoughts on “Stevie + Lindsey = An Everlasting ‘Mac-Love’ Story

  1. Hey my Twinzy….What a touching song and one I had not heard nor seen performed. Thanks for thinking of me. Wouldn’t it just be awesome to go to a Fleetwood Mac concert together???
    Take Good Care…..oh btw, I just got Rick an electric guitar, amp, mic etc for his BD…and an Electic Guitar for Dummies Book and Chord Chart. Dang…I forgot the earplugs for me. Hope you are having fun with your accustic guitar. I tried to talk him into accustic….but his mind was set on being heard….all the way down the street. Maybe we’ll all make some music together one day….now THAT would be amazing~
    Hugs from Lil Sis ~ Sheila

    • Well my twin I have been robbed! I honestly had replied to this even before you and I chatted this last week. I think that WordPress has had some summertime gremlins underfoot
      We had our guitar speak while chatting so won’t touch on that again.Hope you found the dummy book for chords I also forgot to mention that you might find a laminated two-sided sheet with the major chord tabs. I have mine on a chain hanging from my guitar stand. It cost me all of $2.95and the best bucks spent.

      Love to you, the rickster and buddy too. Hug

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