Me & The Blues


Deciphering life through music is an empowering and decisive way to express one’s self, a cathartic way to analyze one’s thoughts & feelings, and a way to examine and self inventory.

Feeling the joy through a song that reminds you of a special celebration, a favorite road trip, or maybe true love is something we may take for granted. Or maybe it’s the heartbreak ‘ripping the heart out’ kind of tune. Then comes the reaction between the body, brain, & heart.

A chemical reaction,

More than the beat of the tune, the great guitar riffs, or the lyrics, music is much more to our brain. There is more to liking or not liking a song for each individual than most of us are typically aware of. Dozens of brain receptors in our brain respond to different rhythm, tones, and lyrics, determining the qualities we personally like and dislike in a particular song.

Music involves more parts of the brain than any other function that humans perform, Specific brain wave rhythm’s are associated with particular emotional  and cognitive outcomes. Over time listening to music improves language skills, creativity & happiness. Music also has incredible healing powers aiding in anxiety, speed healing, increase optimism, and decreasing pain.

Music definitely does not go in one ear and out the other. In fact, I tend to think we absorb it.

I write.

I write a lot. 

I write a lot about self-exploration and spirituality.

I think of my writing as a process, as an excavation of myself. Interesting I find that I am unable to write effectively without music, I always knew it inspired me, even helped me open up  to the muse by striking chords within myself that torch vulnerable raw emotions.

When I hear feel certain blue’s bar chords my ears like radar pick up the notes and the tones as the resonation travels; through to my soul allowing myself to be more in touch with myself than any other time. No other genre or instrument quite has this immediate impact on me like the blues guitar.  There is a kind of physiological reaction and my mind opens up to my heart & to my spirit  Blues chords strip away my ego’s thoughts and protective sleeve helping me find  way to the raw emotions I garner for when I write. I have a play list called 4WritingMusic,, and another  one titled HealingMusic  among my collection’s of music. These two playlists are most prized in my collection of music, All genres are represented in my library, (even Rap now which I had not  been able to say until most recently.)  I have opera, classical, classic-country, folk, pop, hard rock, acid rock, country-rock in my collection to name a few genres;  but if I could choose only one genre which would it be?

No question; for me it is Blues when I am writing.

My friend and master guitarist Pablo Camara’s background is in music therapy.  He is a music teacher and has the soul of a great artist who gives to others his gift of brilliance. His improvisations are in my mind and ears the very best. Through the music he covers & his original work I  have discovered what music really does for us physiologically. If we pay attention we can learn,

To me it is significant in the way we are able to emote such feelings through a piece of music like this Gary Moore cover below interpreted by Pablo Camara. The music sensibilities & sensitivity it takes to improvise & improve with a different perspective than anyone else while creating something quite moving is phenomenal.  Focusing on the recognition that it is the creative energy that flows from such a well composed song with its many layers, I see that this is my inspiration for my own creative wings to fly. And I write. And I write some more cleansing my mind as I do.

With my friend’s full permission I want to share this music I am referring to that sets my wings a flight.  (for full credits see *below)

Maybe your wings will soar too.

This Gary Moore cover is my all time my favorite version. Which is saying something because I am a self- admitted Gary Moore snob. With Mr Camara showcasing all his chops; incredible riffs & vibrato, and the way he bends those 6 strings while working the fretboard is a pure blissful muse for my soul.

And my muse for writing.

The music we are able to connect with on different levels with someone else is remarkable. And it can become a compelling way to communicate and express feelings.  It can be a pretty healthy way I might add. The genre of blues does this for me, I hear those chords and get a lump in my throat.

I know that this means something in me needs to be explored, and possibly expressed in some way.

It’s music that inspires me.

It’ that plays to my soul.

It’s music that sings to my heart

And sometimes… it’s a blues cover from a friend.

Pablo Camara’s collection of covers & original music can be found on his YouTube  link @


Gracias mi querido amigo Pablo, tu regalo de esta música mece mi mundo.


* GARY MOORE ¨The Messiah Will Come Again¨ (Roy Buchanan)
Album: After the War, 1989.
* Cover by Pablo Cámara.
Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Backing track:…


Lecciones gratis de guitarra/Free guitar lessons:

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25 thoughts on “Me & The Blues

  1. My Dear Baroness Sister,

    I got them ol’ ‘Kozmic Blues’ Gads, you just had me thinking about, Janis.

    Have you ever identified with the vibes of a song, knowing the artist’s feeling for the song, ran deep to the inner soul? While it did not necessarily influence my own feelings about me. it taught me to be flexible, and increase my compassion for others, and identify with their feelings without necessarily being identified by, them. Janis was one of those artists who, did that for me.

    • My Dearest Groovy,
      Yes, I do exactly what you mean. Lyrics, and especially for me guitar music does just that quite often. As you know processing life and its emotions for me cannot happen without music. I am just hard wired like that.

      Music is the finest form of communication we have. I just don’t think I will ever understand those who make choices to NOT be influenced by music.No, it is not my call at all for others to choose their path, I just don’t get it. A puxzzle that kind of fascinates me.

      Do you know that I named my youngest dinosaur egg (read; now adult daughter) after Janis? My Janis also has a middle name which means beloved friend in French and that is how I will always think of our Janis Joplin.
      Janis paved the highway for so many female artist that she is a heavy influence in my own music sensibilities. I just wish I could do what she did and sound like her.
      I am right now listening to Summertime prompted by your comment.
      Thought I would share here with you if you’d be so inclined to hear her jazzy blues this fine summer day.

      Thanks so ever much Groovy, you made me smile today ~

      Rest in Peace Janis Lyn Joplin. ( 1943-1970) You are so missed.

  2. This is interesting, Toni, and inspiring. Inspires me to take more music in my life. I don’t have anything to play it on but the computer, but whatEVER, I should listen more.

    I didn’t quite realise music is that much more to our brains – though it does make sense. It’s inexplicable, really, what music does for us.

    • Why thank yous o much sweetie. I love that you were bit more by the music bug. I know how good it is for us, in so many ways our body, mind, &Spirit responds.

      I like you find it awe-inspiring what music can do for us. If we just make the choice to listen. And listen to music that moves us, speaks to us.

      Hugs to you, & D, my Perth family. ~

  3. Hi hun! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment!!! 🙂

    Sorry you needed a break, but good to know you are back with us! 🙂

    I sleep heavily because of the medication, but when I have none – and the pharmacy have lost my meds – I end up going for days without sleep and VERY paranoid! 😦

    Yes, the sooner I get my glasses the better for me, but I have to wait, unfortunately…

    Love and hugs always!


    • Dear prenin,
      Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad you did,
      Medications and the pitfalls of side effects. yes. i can relate. Would I not be awesome just once to see the waring label on the prescription say; ” May cause blissful peace of mind and heart, Take with love & hope?” 😉

      I have severe chronic insomnia, have had for almost 30 yrs..I tried medications several of them, and still never slept. Then I was altered & wide awake. No fun.

      Thanks again so much for the visit. You hang in there till October. Have you tried cucumber slices on your closed eyes to sooth the strain? I like to make sure mine are ice-box cold, 15 minutes on as often as you like. Feels really nice. Just thinking out loud here about something I use.

      Take care ~ .

  4. Wow, Lil Sis … I am blown away. Fabulous talent. Love the sound inside my head. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings love ~ Big Sis Maxi

    • Oh Maxi that says a lot to me that you are blown away by Pablo’s music. it is the most exquisite pieces of music that I have been impressed with for a long time.
      I am so happy , doing cartwheels in my heart that you took the sound away with you. I know my Pablo will be so lifted by your comment. Thank you My Big sister.

      My wish for you to have a blissful week of blessings & hours of laughter & joy. Maxi.
      Sending with much love, and gentle hugs ~

  5. Having commented about being a blibling, I will say about music.

    It doesn’t inspire me to write at all. In fact, it usually inspires me to go to sleep or drift off in dreams. Partner is famous for going to sleep in a Brahms violin concerto performance. Snoring away happily in the concert hall.

    Of course other music inspires me to dance and be rowdy and silly.

    My writing inspiration usually comes in the middle of the night/early morning. The words have formed before I have even woken up.

    And as for my musical collection, they are mostly classical albums. Including a lot of opera, symphonies, piano. One of my faves here:

    I think it captures some of what you have said.

    Music was not well regarded at my academic school. Unless you played piano/violin/clarinet/flute. Which I didn’t. But I would have liked to have studied it to national exam level. I was extremely proud of the fact that I didn’t revise for a music exam one year and still got a good grade. Music is under-rated.

    • Oh yes indeed this piano composition fits the bill precisely. it’s a classic I have not listened too in too many years. I am so delightfully charmed you shared it. So much so do I like it i have added it to my play list for writing. I love the graceful feel and the way he also emotes such soulful feelings as he tickles the ivory.
      I am a classical music lover too, as you would probably have known by know with all our shares, I can count my list of great composers for the keyboard on barefoot toes: Bach, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Debussy, Ravel, Gershwin. Almost needed my fingers.

      I see myself in you often ms. and getting rowdy & dancing inspired by music is a kindred spirit with me. You made em think of the song It’s Alright Now by the shot in the dark band Free.As a rowdy young lady who loved to dance this song at one time was my anthem. Does dancing on a table top count as rowdy. Just for fun and of course to shock the the then over 30 yrs old crowd. lol..

      I completely agree ms, music is completely underrated.
      Thank you so much for the chatting I have missed this with you. Yes my ms by blibling from Gib, wish you & Partner a good one.
      Keep in tune my ms & friend ~

      • Not remotely Blues, (of any type, moody or otherwise) but it was your mention of Blues, that brought Satie to mind. Suspect because of the minor keys/chords. I’ve got an album of his, but I need to be in the right mood and alone to listen to it because it demands my attention.

        As for my classical faves, where to start? Perhaps i don’t have faves. Just like lots of composers. All of yours, in fact I nearly mentioned Gershwin, I have an excellent record of Menuhin and Grappelli playing Gershwin. I was lucky enough to see Grappelli performing when I was at university.

        Some of my favourites are based on my choral experience, so Verdi and Vaughan Williams are high on the list. Handel of course, for the Messiah.

        Such harmony. The notes in this are just perfection. Sublime. I get shivers just listening to the opening bars.

        Another English composer, Delius. And then flitting abroad again, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Rachmaninov, Vivaldi. As I agree with your list, I am on fingers now. There are others,

        I love All Right Now, baby BB.

        • In awe as I listen to the violins. Right behind the guitar (including steel)for me is violins that strikes the chords within myself. I love this piece and could hug you for including it. It is perfect for It is 3am & I’m,not sleeping (typical). Bit of a gift from you. Thank you ms.
          With no ambition to write serious and found this comment from you I missed it feels like an old friend calling in the middle of the night, just to chat.

          Also a history of classical love comes from choir work Of all the work as a vocalist doing classical is as you know the most challenging. I suspect like me this was partly the attraction.

          I am not surprised at all to find our tastes in classical so similar, but it still a delight to share and learn ~

  6. Toni you are so sweet, and you are the best, my best american girl. I am so glad to be your friend. Thanks for this. You rock my world too, girl.

    • Hello Pablo my friend. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I trust you know what your friendship means to me? So I won’t need to “stand alone on my balcony, hearing the cars roll by out on 441” to try tell you. American Girl’s are different that way. 😉
      I think Tom Petty should pay us user fees .. heehee..

      I thank you again my good and dear friend for the gift of your music Not just this GM’s cover although currently my #1 but all your music.
      Big Hugs Pablo ~

  7. I once saw a program about music and the brain. They used Sting as a subject. He hummed music and composed in an MRI. The results afterwards hadn’t been analyzed to explain the brain’s activity but it was mesmerising to think about and made sense while the program was on. It’s been too long since for me to remember all the details but I DO believe, especially after that show, that music and the brain perform a wonderful tango together.

    Nice post, LBB.

    • Wow Tess! I had forgotten that program until you mentioned it. I saw the same one, I think. It was on a program like 20/20, or 60 Minutes type show if it was the same one. I remember Sting being the test subject.
      I believe as well. I think we all use music in some degree as a cathartic modality to navigate life but may not be mindful of it
      I absolutely adore your analogy That ” music and the brain perform a wonderful tango together.” That is beautiful.
      Wish I had read it before my post, I would have loved to have used it and given you credit for the analogy. Spot on.

      Thank you so much my friend for stopping by and your so kind comment. ~

  8. Reblogged this on Diabetic Redemption and commented:
    My very dear bliss — bloggy sis — at posted this today, and I feel I should spread it further on the ‘net. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. ALL RIGHTS REMAIN WITH ARTISTS AND RESPECTIVE LABEL/S ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Thanks, Lady Barefoot Baroness.

    • Thank you Jude. Mr Camara would thank you as well for your kind comments. He is stunning, If you return to a comment in my Uncomfortably Numb post you will find another of his covers I left for another blibling, Especially if you are a Pink Floyd fan. And if not, this could turn your head
      So happy that the the post was meaningful enough for you to reblog. coming to thank you.
      Love you for this sweet Jude ~

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