Smile Maker

Not the planned post for today. It is still sitting in rough draft form waiting for a migraine to abate. The draft will grow up into an adult post in the next day or so. Today I was touched by a friend.

And alas, Serendipity is alive and well’

From a best friend this morning I receive this baby’s smile & message. With the message that said simply:

Don’t Forget To Smile!


image _don't forget to smile

It was just the kind of sweet message that did in fact create a smile on my face. A perm-a-grin  kind of smile. A needed reminder.

For those who don’t know I collect elephants. My home looks like an elephant refuge. This message from my friend W* who is dealing with a lot of life’s trials & trespasses in her own peace has given me the serendipitous perspective today that got me out side of my own head. That is a healing kind of thing.

I love how this happens. I love how serendipitous events in life unfold. I love just  the word serendipitous  In fact I would name my elephant Serendipity.

So truly a silly post by me.yes. Just cause I want y’all to remember to my friend’s message …. just Smile.

It’s hard to have a heavy heart when your lips are turned in to an upside down frown.


And to the daddy’s in the world;

Happy Father’s Day Guys!!

6 thoughts on “Smile Maker

  1. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I always wanted an elephant. A real live one in our front garden. It was a big garden and I sooooo wanted that elephant in there. Never did get one 😦 Perhaps Yorkshire wasn’t quite the right natural habitat. Even one of my older schoolfriends would ask my dad why hadn’t bought my elephant yet.

    • My word ms we are certainly kindred in so many ways. No, it does no surprise me that you also are enamored by elephants. We keep unraveling these kindred details
      I’d love to chat to discover why for you. Again, I also wanted a live elephant or two when I was a child and actually adopted a pachyderm named Packy (I know so original for 1962 the year he was born) in the Portland Oregon Zoo. I am still Packy’s champion and advocate for him and his community on a weekly basis
      He is the first elephant born in the Western Hemisphere in 44 years. Oldest living elephant at age 51 yrs.

      My daughter’s & I were able to ride an elephant when they were young so I am thinking it must have been mid 80’s. A fabulous experience to feel that incredible power yet the gentleness. So striking,

      Thanks ms, I put you & Gib on my bucket list. We should ‘ do lunch ‘ 😉

      • Elephants? They are beautiful and so kind. They are strong and powerful and I love the pictures of them lifting up people with their trunks. They could crush them in a minute and don’t. I have no ivory. One of my very first animal rights realisations was that ivory was not a good idea. I could go on about elephants for a year and a day. Followed by dolphins, seals, and well anything but people really.

        Lunch would be nice. I’ll shout.

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