Archive | June 15, 2013

Smile Maker

Not the planned post for today. It is still sitting in rough draft form waiting for a migraine to abate. The draft will grow up into an adult post in the next day or so. Today I was touched by a friend.

And alas, Serendipity is alive and well’

From a best friend this morning I receive this baby’s smile & message. With the message that said simply:

Don’t Forget To Smile!


image _don't forget to smile

It was just the kind of sweet message that did in fact create a smile on my face. A perm-a-grin  kind of smile. A needed reminder.

For those who don’t know I collect elephants. My home looks like an elephant refuge. This message from my friend W* who is dealing with a lot of life’s trials & trespasses in her own peace has given me the serendipitous perspective today that got me out side of my own head. That is a healing kind of thing.

I love how this happens. I love how serendipitous events in life unfold. I love just  the word serendipitous  In fact I would name my elephant Serendipity.

So truly a silly post by me.yes. Just cause I want y’all to remember to my friend’s message …. just Smile.

It’s hard to have a heavy heart when your lips are turned in to an upside down frown.


And to the daddy’s in the world;

Happy Father’s Day Guys!!