I’d Love To Change The World.

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A little bit of peace ~

Gandhi’s Top Ten Fundamentals

For Changing the World/Your World

pablo's top ten

A good friend shared Gandhi’s timely message and it served to be the beautiful  reminder of a some things I have not been mindful of late. I was challenged by this to really think about how I apply these ten tenets to my own life. The timing is  impeccable as is typical from friends with a heart of music.

Gracias y paz os sean  Pablo.

1.)  Change Yourself

There has been much discussion on how to go about this from prophets to self-help gurus.  All  have discovered one thing for certain in common;  Only by beginning to change how we think may we truly begin to change ourselves.

2.)  You are in Control

It is within our own grasp to begin to take ownership for what happens in our lives.  To be empowered by the knowledge that we gain in passing through & living the life. The wisdom we gain. I refuse to give this power to anyone or anything else.

3.) Forgive & Let go.

We tend to get into these mind bends where our ego cannot let go in fear of appearing wrong, ignorant, or even uncaring. Who in the end does the destruction of not forgiving hurt? Not letting go grows into something heavier than we should ever be carrying in our hearts.

4.) Without action you aren’t going anywhere

This I find is a necessary component physically, emotionally, and of course most important spiritually. Nothing progresses in my life until I take some kind of action.  My mother was fond of saying to my two brothers and I that in times of indecisiveness inaction is a negative, that as long as I did something it was better than just indecisiveness. Even if my choice in the end was wrong I took the risk to create an action.

5..) Take Care of this Moment ~

Live in  the now. Be mindful of this moment and nurture it for all its worth. There will never be another one like it.


Thankfully so. Remembering that the other person comes with his or her own history and we don’t always know what that is. Or understand it.


Ahh… this is the tenet has been a paramount belief in my life that I was to see early on in my life is an asset. I would have not discovered even a fraction of what I have delightfully found out about this world without being persistent.

8.) See the good in people & help them,

I know when I get out side of my own head I see things in a different light. By serving my community whether it be my own small  community of family & friends, the town I live in,  my country & universe. I see the goodness that is there. Through these other life forces I gain a different perspective.  I NEED to get away from my own thoughts once in a while by focusing on others.

9.)  Be congruent, Be Authentic, Be Your True Self

This for me is certainly a #9. I have been striving the latter few years to live as authentic as I am able. Even when it is not so comfortable to do. My beliefs and convictions mean nothing if they come from a less than honest agenda on my part. Building anything on less than my true self is building nothing. To be true to myself means I am able to be true to you.

10.)  Continue to grow & evolve.

   Namaste ~

29 thoughts on “I’d Love To Change The World.

  1. I don’t know how to work this modern technology much. Some friends helped set up the Church of the Beloveds website for me. I don’t know how to respond to blogs. I am only versatile with direct e-mails and phone-calls. I don’t even text. But it seems we have a resonance which is a great blessing for me at this time in my life. I look forward to more direct conversations and communications with you. I have difficulty getting this old computer of mine to work often. Ray F.

    • Thank you for your comments. Technology & I do go round and round. Though I d not understand how it works I do like the fact that it has opened the world.
      Wishing you bountiful blessings ~ BB

  2. I ain’t gonna lie sista friend…I was feeling a lot less me than normal just now and it is part of the reason why it is 3 a.m. and I am still awake. I’m rarely awake at this time. Anyway, as I often do when I’m feeling this way you and your blog is one of the first stops on my recovery tour. I always, ALWAYS in ALL WAYS find something just right. I love that about you and your blog. You and I have known each other a while now so I don’t think I am boasting when I say you know, I know this list…..but you know what someone did to me tonight….made some of these good things sound so bad. I think I’d rather she called me a bitch. I would have taken that better and been able to blow it off a lot easier. What’s worse is earlier I brought her into my inner circle about that thing I’m not talking about and now I wished I hadn’t. People suck sometimes. People suck sometimes even when you are doing what the great sages of the world teach. So my wonderful friend thank you for posting this perfect collection of lessons I know and things in this very moment I know I need to work on to resolve the icky feelings I find myself ending this really awesome day with…gah, why didn’t I just go to bed like a good fibro girl. Thank you for being my consistent Echo. This post is probably much of what I would tell myself if I were slightly more removed from the moment. Thank you for saving me the trouble of kicking my own ass…lol

    • Oh sweet Echo of mine,, how did I miss this comment from you? And you never say a word that I did Hugs to you sweetie,

      I love that you come to my blog when you are feeling this way. You have had a whirlwind couple months. Lots of ups, some downs
      I know and trust that which you wrote about has passed and you have put it behind you.

      People do suck sometimes and we have to find a way to not let them suck us into their deeply rooted issues. Sometimes people elevate their own self worth by putting ours down. It helps to know that just because someone says it does not make it true.

      I treasure this sisterhood with you my Echo and know it just becomes more meaningful everyday, The genuine person that you are touches me soul to soul

      Hugs my friend ~

  3. Toni, I love this – love, love and love.

    I have seen those 10 things before – but you know what it’s like: one day you read it again & it makes so much more sense, you see it more. All of these, reading them and your comment, has meant a lot to me today. Particularly the forgive and let go.

    Thank you.

    • I love love love that you found these resonated within you Noeleen. I am not surprised because you have that old soul thing going on that I loved about from the beginning. I connect with you.

      The forgive and let go tenet is a raw emotion robber to be certain. It hits us where we are most vulnerable. But like I said if we can get past the ego we will carry far less weight around. In my thoughts anyway.

      Thanks so much sweetie for your visit. Your thoughts, shares & kindness shines on my blog. Hugs to you & D both ~

  4. Reminds me of one of my fave MBA lessons.

    When facing a situation, you have a number of choices:

    • accept the situation
    • leave the situation
    • change the situation
    • change yourself

    • Hey ms, so good to see you friend.
      Love this from you MBA lessons. Yep, it is all about changing & choices.
      As if that were not simple enough.
      We tend to make things more difficult than the reality indicates.
      And I keep saying, we are the evolved species. hmmm…

      Thanks so much for popping by, I’ll be doing the same your way. ~

  5. Hey lil sis … love this post. Number nine does it for me, have taught this to my granddaughter from day one. Wrote this prayer for Brittany:
    I pray each night to God above
    I pray each night for those I love
    I pray each night that I will be
    Always and ever true to me.

    I cannot be true to another, will never know real happiness, if I am not true to me.
    love you ~ blessings ~ big sis, maxi

    • My Dearest Maxi,
      I love Brittany’s prayer and I do hope she will not mind if I adopt this gentle request. I adore the timing of you sharing it. Thank you so much.
      I cannot recall if I have ever said before so am now; your Brittany & you so remind me of my maternal grandmother & I. I cherished everything about our special friendship. She was my true champion for any cause. Didn’t matter.

      # 9, yes I believe just like you. It is not possible to be true to some one else in friendship, love, and life matters when we are not able to first be true to our selves. I am not saying it is always comfortable being authentic, sometimes even painful. What I see in the mirror at the end of the day makes it worth it.

      Thank you My dear Big Sis for always sharing your beautiful light. I love the way you shine on my blog, your shared words so meaningful to me.

      Hugs & much love to you ~

    • Your comment is what wisdom is made from Tess. Yes, it certainly is not rocket science. I am in need myself of these kinds of gentle reminders. I think most strive to thrive in goodness but it sometimes takes changing how we think.

      Thank you so much Tess. I adore your shares, ~

    • Thank you my dear friend. You say the kindest things to me
      You are reading some wonderful words indeed. I read In His Own Words & Housing Generator and was enraptured. That I should ever know such peacefulness in my heart…… deep sigh….

  6. Truly beautiful points!
    They really are worth the share.
    You’ve got a unique heart that reaches out to share whatever things that enrich your life with others. I appreciate this post so much, my dear friend!
    It’s been a while!
    Keep shining your light.

    • Awe T I adore you, You ALWAYS make me smile with your thoughts about what I share. It is such an awesome thing to know that our life’s journey’s are often close enough we easily relate to one another.
      I took some time off from blogging and am just getting my bare feet wet again. I will be pattering my way over to Wise Counsel to catch some of you shining rays in the next day,.

      May Peace & Laughter fill your heart T ~

  7. A timely reminder of all the things I’ve learned this last year and more. I will print this and stick it on my wall, where I can read it every day. Thank you so much. 😎

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