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Sunday Soul Shining ~

Let today be a milestone day in your life. One that with all the successes & adversities in your life you might experience you find the wisdom to see that your soul is still shining bright.

One thing that cannot be ignored is nothing in this world ever stays the same. That is quite remarkable and I embrace the changes. Although not always changes I had looked for. This is a day to celebrate those changes, to embrace that which we thought might break us, but did not. That which will we know will keep us.

” Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”

                                                               ~ Martin Luther King

Faith is allowing the soul to shine even when it feels impossible.

Searching Reflecting, Soul thoughts. Soul secrets. Soul shining on through.

Sometimes the light may seem to dim. I know it’s true. Yet that shining light never goes out. The dimming of the shining light is a gentle reminder that there are times certainly when the shadows in our lives threaten the way; but choice is ours in how we accept and navigate the shadows.

Recognizing they are merely shadows. Nothing more.

This is the time when my spirit takes over.

If I am quiet enough to listen my soul will shine again brightly enough to help guide me back.

So once again I go to search for the yellow moon and the red sun,  and I find with grace there is once again brilliant illumination.

I make that choice… to let my soul shine on through.

Let myself be guided by the spirit within. To find that gratitude inside myself for things that let me see the value in not just the day, but this very moment. This is extraordinary.

This is time I will not have again; and each moment, no matter whether with gladness or with sadness.

This is a  gift.

This very moment in time; So Many Souls are Shining Bright ~

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Stevie + Lindsey = An Everlasting ‘Mac-Love’ Story

For my Twin Sheila, my Kentucky Woman

” ….there cannot be a little gain without some loss, and a little redemption without forgiveness.”

~ Lindsey Buckingham

I don’t follow celebrity stories even though I can be passionate  by certain musical artists.  Yet there is a love story from the pages of rock n roll that makes what I just said about following celebrities untrue.

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac had a love story that set souls on fire. Much of the band‘s music written during the periods 1969 & throughout until the early 80’s was inspired by the band mates personal lives. Especially Nicks & Buckingham  The members lived together pretty much as a family with Mick Fleetwood over-seeing them all.. Nick’s was just a teenage girl when she joined forces with Peter Green‘s Fleetwood Mac, forever changing the history of the then strictly blues band.

I’ll not go into ‘gossip’ covering Nicks & Buckingham’s love story except to say it was by all accounts passionate, tumultuous, and awe-inspiring. Still following the two artists I cam across the following video of their performance in 20o4 that I had never seen.

I want to share with my Fleetwood Mac friends. And to those who are just hopeless romantics.

It is told that after closing the show with this tune Lindsey turned, and kissed Stevie on the forehead & cheek. Then hand in hand they exited the stage together.

Lindsey had tears in his eyes.

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Me & The Blues


Deciphering life through music is an empowering and decisive way to express one’s self, a cathartic way to analyze one’s thoughts & feelings, and a way to examine and self inventory.

Feeling the joy through a song that reminds you of a special celebration, a favorite road trip, or maybe true love is something we may take for granted. Or maybe it’s the heartbreak ‘ripping the heart out’ kind of tune. Then comes the reaction between the body, brain, & heart.

A chemical reaction,

More than the beat of the tune, the great guitar riffs, or the lyrics, music is much more to our brain. There is more to liking or not liking a song for each individual than most of us are typically aware of. Dozens of brain receptors in our brain respond to different rhythm, tones, and lyrics, determining the qualities we personally like and dislike in a particular song.

Music involves more parts of the brain than any other function that humans perform, Specific brain wave rhythm’s are associated with particular emotional  and cognitive outcomes. Over time listening to music improves language skills, creativity & happiness. Music also has incredible healing powers aiding in anxiety, speed healing, increase optimism, and decreasing pain.

Music definitely does not go in one ear and out the other. In fact, I tend to think we absorb it.

I write.

I write a lot. 

I write a lot about self-exploration and spirituality.

I think of my writing as a process, as an excavation of myself. Interesting I find that I am unable to write effectively without music, I always knew it inspired me, even helped me open up  to the muse by striking chords within myself that torch vulnerable raw emotions.

When I hear feel certain blue’s bar chords my ears like radar pick up the notes and the tones as the resonation travels; through to my soul allowing myself to be more in touch with myself than any other time. No other genre or instrument quite has this immediate impact on me like the blues guitar.  There is a kind of physiological reaction and my mind opens up to my heart & to my spirit  Blues chords strip away my ego’s thoughts and protective sleeve helping me find  way to the raw emotions I garner for when I write. I have a play list called 4WritingMusic,, and another  one titled HealingMusic  among my collection’s of music. These two playlists are most prized in my collection of music, All genres are represented in my library, (even Rap now which I had not  been able to say until most recently.)  I have opera, classical, classic-country, folk, pop, hard rock, acid rock, country-rock in my collection to name a few genres;  but if I could choose only one genre which would it be?

No question; for me it is Blues when I am writing.

My friend and master guitarist Pablo Camara’s background is in music therapy.  He is a music teacher and has the soul of a great artist who gives to others his gift of brilliance. His improvisations are in my mind and ears the very best. Through the music he covers & his original work I  have discovered what music really does for us physiologically. If we pay attention we can learn,

To me it is significant in the way we are able to emote such feelings through a piece of music like this Gary Moore cover below interpreted by Pablo Camara. The music sensibilities & sensitivity it takes to improvise & improve with a different perspective than anyone else while creating something quite moving is phenomenal.  Focusing on the recognition that it is the creative energy that flows from such a well composed song with its many layers, I see that this is my inspiration for my own creative wings to fly. And I write. And I write some more cleansing my mind as I do.

With my friend’s full permission I want to share this music I am referring to that sets my wings a flight.  (for full credits see *below)

Maybe your wings will soar too.

This Gary Moore cover is my all time my favorite version. Which is saying something because I am a self- admitted Gary Moore snob. With Mr Camara showcasing all his chops; incredible riffs & vibrato, and the way he bends those 6 strings while working the fretboard is a pure blissful muse for my soul.

And my muse for writing.

The music we are able to connect with on different levels with someone else is remarkable. And it can become a compelling way to communicate and express feelings.  It can be a pretty healthy way I might add. The genre of blues does this for me, I hear those chords and get a lump in my throat.

I know that this means something in me needs to be explored, and possibly expressed in some way.

It’s music that inspires me.

It’ that plays to my soul.

It’s music that sings to my heart

And sometimes… it’s a blues cover from a friend.

Pablo Camara’s collection of covers & original music can be found on his YouTube  link @


Gracias mi querido amigo Pablo, tu regalo de esta música mece mi mundo.


* GARY MOORE ¨The Messiah Will Come Again¨ (Roy Buchanan)
Album: After the War, 1989.
* Cover by Pablo Cámara.
Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Backing track:…


Lecciones gratis de guitarra/Free guitar lessons:

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Smile Maker

Not the planned post for today. It is still sitting in rough draft form waiting for a migraine to abate. The draft will grow up into an adult post in the next day or so. Today I was touched by a friend.

And alas, Serendipity is alive and well’

From a best friend this morning I receive this baby’s smile & message. With the message that said simply:

Don’t Forget To Smile!


image _don't forget to smile

It was just the kind of sweet message that did in fact create a smile on my face. A perm-a-grin  kind of smile. A needed reminder.

For those who don’t know I collect elephants. My home looks like an elephant refuge. This message from my friend W* who is dealing with a lot of life’s trials & trespasses in her own peace has given me the serendipitous perspective today that got me out side of my own head. That is a healing kind of thing.

I love how this happens. I love how serendipitous events in life unfold. I love just  the word serendipitous  In fact I would name my elephant Serendipity.

So truly a silly post by me.yes. Just cause I want y’all to remember to my friend’s message …. just Smile.

It’s hard to have a heavy heart when your lips are turned in to an upside down frown.


And to the daddy’s in the world;

Happy Father’s Day Guys!!

I’d Love To Change The World.

Photo: We're getting into lavender season (which will be in full force come July). Find out where you can take in all the sights and smells: Oregon Lavender Farm in Oregon City

Oregon’s Lavender fields with Mt Hood in the back ground.
A little bit of peace ~

Gandhi’s Top Ten Fundamentals

For Changing the World/Your World

pablo's top ten

A good friend shared Gandhi’s timely message and it served to be the beautiful  reminder of a some things I have not been mindful of late. I was challenged by this to really think about how I apply these ten tenets to my own life. The timing is  impeccable as is typical from friends with a heart of music.

Gracias y paz os sean  Pablo.

1.)  Change Yourself

There has been much discussion on how to go about this from prophets to self-help gurus.  All  have discovered one thing for certain in common;  Only by beginning to change how we think may we truly begin to change ourselves.

2.)  You are in Control

It is within our own grasp to begin to take ownership for what happens in our lives.  To be empowered by the knowledge that we gain in passing through & living the life. The wisdom we gain. I refuse to give this power to anyone or anything else.

3.) Forgive & Let go.

We tend to get into these mind bends where our ego cannot let go in fear of appearing wrong, ignorant, or even uncaring. Who in the end does the destruction of not forgiving hurt? Not letting go grows into something heavier than we should ever be carrying in our hearts.

4.) Without action you aren’t going anywhere

This I find is a necessary component physically, emotionally, and of course most important spiritually. Nothing progresses in my life until I take some kind of action.  My mother was fond of saying to my two brothers and I that in times of indecisiveness inaction is a negative, that as long as I did something it was better than just indecisiveness. Even if my choice in the end was wrong I took the risk to create an action.

5..) Take Care of this Moment ~

Live in  the now. Be mindful of this moment and nurture it for all its worth. There will never be another one like it.


Thankfully so. Remembering that the other person comes with his or her own history and we don’t always know what that is. Or understand it.


Ahh… this is the tenet has been a paramount belief in my life that I was to see early on in my life is an asset. I would have not discovered even a fraction of what I have delightfully found out about this world without being persistent.

8.) See the good in people & help them,

I know when I get out side of my own head I see things in a different light. By serving my community whether it be my own small  community of family & friends, the town I live in,  my country & universe. I see the goodness that is there. Through these other life forces I gain a different perspective.  I NEED to get away from my own thoughts once in a while by focusing on others.

9.)  Be congruent, Be Authentic, Be Your True Self

This for me is certainly a #9. I have been striving the latter few years to live as authentic as I am able. Even when it is not so comfortable to do. My beliefs and convictions mean nothing if they come from a less than honest agenda on my part. Building anything on less than my true self is building nothing. To be true to myself means I am able to be true to you.

10.)  Continue to grow & evolve.

   Namaste ~

Me, Technolgy Inclined? Maybe So.

Technology blows me away.

As I am ripping music on to my laptop I am begin embracing that I am able to add this music to devices. My new phone is a device.

Who knew?

I have a new phone.  And I now also have a new way to play music and this fills my heart with song.

I recently bought a smart phone. It is an Android I am told, which really means little to me. But I can do so much more from it that I am astounded. I have even used it to record thoughts I have had regarding this post. All I was looking for was access to the Internet.  I thought the access I was acquiring would be used only in times when my seemingly fickle Internet Provider has me offline.

Oh thee of little knowledge.

I am astonished to find I am using it for much more and I still have barely touched the surface of what it can do.

This inspired me to think about my relationship with electronics.  Mine began like no doubt most of my brother & sister Baby boomers  began, with music. Even before my family had a television we had a radio, and we had a phonograph.  Before stereo there was monograph. This is what I spent my time off from chores & school doing. Listening to music. Any thing that had a melody I was there. I became addicted to radio’s and the knowledge I could obtain about the music and artists. My love affair for recorded music and all its trivia had begun.

My first personal experience with electronics was playing a small little square record player that I could close up like an over night case. I took it with me everywhere I went.  Much like the one below:  I also had a 45 rpm record case that I still have somewhere stored away in a  box with my 45 collection.

My First Electronic

From that point on I was addicted to anything that I could play/listen to music on. My list of electronics in my life experience has included everything from a transistor radio with earphones that I would try to sneak to the dinner table, to amplifiers, speakers, mixing boards,  reel to reel tape recorder, 8-track, cassette player, along with numerous stereo’s.  If it cannot be live music than it shall be recorded. I listen to music almost 24/7  with no exaggeration, I even fall asleep to music.

I was blessed to have grown up in a family who loved and lived music. Both live & recorded. My parents were both musicians, and my two brothers play. I am also blessed that my older brother who is 8 years my senior loved his generation of music, which I adopted as my own first independent genre of music from my parents. Then as a teen with a vast library already collected of recorded music of vinyl 33 rpm albums my brother gifted me his  Pioneer Stereo which at the time anyone with any music sensibilities coveted.

I, as a teen coveted this stereo of my brother’s more than I did his 1967 Pontiac GTO  The car was cherry sweet, and I pretty much coveted it as well. But the stereo component system I drooled over it every time I babysat for him & my sister-in-law. I was stunned the day I accidentally over heard my sister in-law suggest to my brother that he give me the old Pioneer set when his new system was delivered. I pretended to not have been eaves dropping while my barely contained excitement was palatable for the next week.

The King of stereo’s The Pioneer.

Today my home stereo is a Bose. I love everything about it,  including the amazing sound and tone I receive from this small electronic that does not require all the separate components anymore like my Pioneer did. In addition to the three components I had also a turn table and  four speakers with sub-woofer & tweeters.  I am a fan of technology going from transistors, to computer chips. I love how compact things have become. More room for music.

Today; My Bose

I made one giant step into the world of technology and how my music is delivered to me. Had I known prior that I could play music on a phone, and  have my music from my home library exported to my phone from my computer I would have been in line for the first one.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to the cell phone craze. I am not a phone person, although ironically I can spend 7 hours on one phone call with my most long time friend such as we did this past December. Typically though I am not one who will  spend my time chatting up friends on the phone. Send them an epic novel length email or snail mail letter, yes. Just ask them.  So my awareness about cell phones was minimal. Until I moved into my apartment in January I had little use for a cell phone. I rarely used the land line. I had a cell phone even then, a prepaid one I kept for traveling  and as a back up.  When I moved I decided to curb expenses to only having just the cell phone. I thought then about upgrading. But me and upgrades don’t always bode well together.

My new stereo

I love this new phone/stereo/secretary.  It is all those things and more. It feels kind of like magic. It even whistles which makes me smile …. But for me the most awesome aspect is that it carries my music and lets me play it wherever I am. I again can take my music everywhere. And I mean everywhere. My daughter said to me recently, ” I cannot believe you fought this for so long and yet have taken to it so well.”

I told her the same thing. Someone just should have just said music and I’d have been there first in line.


Disclaimer: This was not a paid advertisement for any one of the above items and no endorsements are implied.

Just thought I should say. ~