WordPress Family Award To Hiatus –

A  new award for this blog., Lady Barefoot Baroness. And just as I was on my way out the proverbial door for a hiatus from all things blogging, I started to include writing  in this hiatus,  but I know the journal writing will be still  an everyday part of processing so this would not be so.

Just briefly before I get on with the business of accepting this award I need to share that I am taking a short vacation from writing here at WordPress. In a note from an insightful friend & mentor who responded to my sharing that I was taking some time off said this;
” I am hopeful you gain the introspective your soul is seeking,”  I repeat these words only because in a nutshell it says clearer than I can why I am taking this time off.  This is a journey that needs my full attention for a period of time.

On to the award….

The WordPress Family Award


How cool is that?

This award is from my dear & courageous friend; Tersia whose blog ;is @  http://tersiaburger.com/  

The timing of Tersia’s award is as typical of my connection I have with her,  it is spot on. I have this happen with many of those who are part of my blogging family. Seems when I most need some insights they appear with alarming accuracy & timing.

As it has with Tersia’s award.

For this woman who gifts this award is a hero of mine. She is someone who epitomizes the words brave & courageous in my mind. She has more strength than she knows she has. Often when I am reading her blog I am reminded of  F A.A. Milne‘s epic verse from Winnie The Pooh. { Tersia if I have sent this to you before I apologize for being repetitive. This quote is so indicative of how I see you. Thank you so much for thinking of me. }

This beautiful woman Tersia has been through more than any person should in a life time. The timing of her award arriving on my doorstep this week was just the perspective I needed to help gain balance again;  for I have been falling out of my saddle of late. If I could emulate the grace of living through troubled waters like Tersia I would be ever grateful for this. I look to her and see this woman whose daughter was robbed of a long life and find a woman who finds the will to go forward. To move on is one of the most courageous commitments to living life fully I have ever been privy to.

Thank you Tersia. You touched a place in my heart long ago, now you have scribed your name their.

As for passing the award on I will again default on this: You who follow my blog  and have stuck by LBB & me through some transformations recently are my WordPress Family; and you ALL deserve this award. May I ask you to do me a favor? Please  grace your own blog with this award.

19 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award To Hiatus –

  1. My Dear Lady Baroness,

    Take good care of that beautiful soul of yours.

    You already know how happy I am for you, for all of us fortunate enough to have a friendship with you.

    Cordially, As always,
    I Remain…..

    • Dear Groovy,
      Can I just thank you once again for your guidance and mentoring?
      Thank you so much for your friendship. You are a special person and in my life you are a richness I am most grateful for.

      See you soon Dave ~

  2. Your break from the past has come with a price, Lil Sis. I hope you find a way into the light, where peace can fill your heart and mind.

    Have no fear … you will sort it out.
    blessings ~ big sis maxi

    • God Bless & my deep thanks My Big Sis for your wisdom you share, and the support of you always being there with an ear. I will find my way there, just takes some work and time to as you say “sort it out” Perfect wording as this is my goal.

      Thank you Dearest Maxi, I am always so honored by your shares and visits with me.
      Gentle hugs my sister & Happy Mother’s day to you!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words. Rest well my friend. You bring a lot of joy in peoples lives, and I hope that you will return soon. I will miss you!!!!!

  4. I am hoping that after your break you will start to take care of the complaints on the second Tuesday of the week–have a lovely sabbatical–do what you need to do–take good care of yourself–and we will all be waiting for you here

  5. As we’ve said before, we all take breaks from time to time. No need to apologise. And as for an award, you deserve every one going for your compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness.

    I don’t do the award thing, or at least, if I do, I do it sporadically and break all the rules, so I hope you won’t mind if I don’t post it. Unless of course I decide to do so at some point 😀 Be well, and look after yourself. MS

    • Thank you ms. Knowing there is no need to apologize for an absence s just part of the freedom with writing a blog that I like.
      .And thank you so much for your kind words. It never fails to amaze me how we are seen in others eyes.

      I completely understand your feelings about awards. I struggle with where on the fence I am concerning accepting them personally, which is why I ‘cheat’.
      Thanks so much for your visit.

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