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Humble Butterfly

Humble  Butterfly

Butterfly Meaning and Animal Symbolism of the Butterfly

Symbolic Butterfly


* Grace  *  Growth *


* Elegance * Expansion * Lightness * Surrender * Transition * Expression * Celebration* Resurrection *

  * Vulnerability *

All these  *attributes the humble Butterfly represents.

In soul-searching and growing through my own journey I often find myself crossing paths with these attributes. It has been a long year;  one which I have not always been cognizant of the changes taking place, changes  that have been allowing  me to honor the me I have always been meant to be.

I have during this time struggled with being the kind of friend, person, the human being, who I have always been proud of. I have let people down during my metamorphosis. I have been neglectful. Yet I have also come to understand that like for the caterpillar’s transformation into the butterfly this is all part of life’s transitions. In the resurrection of the authentic me I will find I have only been migrating, and that metamorphous  will not be as difficult as it once seemed. If only I let go and surrender to Mother Nature.       

I have always found  Symbolic connections with  Mother Nature’s critters & animals and see it as  a powerful way to connect with Mother Nature and learn life lessons from her. – lessons that apply to my own life.

Years ago I was doing the same in consideration of my children’s lives.  At different points throughout my life I have found certain associations with life’s lessons and natures wild life.  When my two daughters were children I often would use the associations with animals and emotions to explain life to them.  Some would be as silly as an expression we used in my youngest daughter’s Montessori school;  which was simply the expression “Silly Coyote” – referring to someone being a “silly coyote” in the classroom. the children could all easily relate, they understood.

Or it could be something with great significance to me like I am sharing here – about the butterfly.

Observing the butterfly and learning her symbolic meanings offers me an opportunity to apply her movements to my life. For example, I relate the butterfly’s stages of life to my own life-phases…growing pains, times of ravenous hunger, times of vulnerability, moments of miraculous expansion, periods of vulnerabilities.

The more I look for symbolism in nature, the more I realize we as humans have a lot in common with animals, insects, and life in the wild.  Indeed, we are intimately connected with the animal [queen] kingdom. I don’t believe we can be separated from nature and her movements, nor should we want to be.

I am fascinated that cultural myth and folklore that seem to honor the butterfly as a symbol of transformation because of her impressive process of metamorphosis. From caterpillar to cocoon, and from the cocoon the butterfly emerges with her wings soaring.

“Soaring Free” painting by Joan Marie @

There are life lessons we can learn from her. She represents life changes and transformations necessary to navigate the metamorphoses of own lives.

She who changes from what she began as, to what she becomes, in a months time. Because this is for her a complete life span.

The Butterfly asks us to accept our growth, and our changes as casually as she does her own. She embraces the changes to her body, and to her environment.

Her unwavering acceptance  to these changes are also a symbol of Faith. The Butterfly asks us to keep the Faith as we undergo transitions in our lives, and in our world. She understands that our worrying, stressing, frustration, and even anger are useless against the turning tides of nature – she asks us to recognize the same.

I believe that tapping into a kind of animal symbolism is closely related  to tapping into our own souls;  because frankly we are inseparable from nature and her creatures.

butterflies free  edited x1

In fact,  I found interestingly enough that in many cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul connecting our animal symbolism of faith with the butterfly.

Let me add that in my research about the bond between the butterfly symbol and human nature  I discovered that in Greek mythology  the psyche (which literally translates to mean “soul) is represented in the form of a butterfly. I think I knew that once, but it never had the connections it holds for me today.

Today I can relate & even bond with the traits of a butterfly that so deeply resonate within myself. Within those even closest to me.

So, tell me if you will please, just where do you find yourself in your own metamorphosis?



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