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Black Box A Comedy ~ Episode Two

Episode 1 - "Steve Lasseter: Judgement Day" - Black Box on Blip

“Black Box”  A New Comedy Series by Erik Doyle

Episode Tow Released by producer Erik Doyle.  ( if you have not seen one simply click here>

Please remember to click “like” knowing this is how Hollywood works today folks. It not only allows you to share with the producer/director  & his cast that you are liking what you are seeing. This is how the monies are made, and the actors fed.

My thoughts such as they are:  It is a good & quite amazing way to be involved in the process. I like most have been a fan of film since a young child,  still filling my creative cravings today with film noir.  I find this series Black Box hysterically funny, and when I think back to the days of “casting couches” I am fascinated by seeing the interactions today between actors. Black Box albeit a fiction I am certain there must be a reality that resonates throughout the story line in the scenes and the script.  I am only supposing here folks, don’t hold me to it.
Instead see for yourself.

Enjoy & thanks again to Mr Doyle for sharing ~

Black Box Episode Two