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Newest Comedy Series

New Comedy Series


Introducing  the new Independent comedy seriesThe Black Box by Producer & Director Mr. Erik Doyle

Episode 1 - "Steve Lasseter: Judgement Day" - Black Box on Blip

 Independent film producer/director Mr Erik. Doyle who is a Oregonian of the USA  and now resides in the film capital of the world; Los Angles, California releases  his latest film project to the cyber network.  I am happy to  add that I think it is  fabulously funny, as well as clever.

True, I could be biased,  but I am not.

Below  please enjoy a few wise words from an important person in Mr Doyle’s life, my good friend, my Bestie;  who just happens to be  Erik’s proud mom,

“Please help starving artists by simply clicking the like button. It’s that simple.The more people who watch it, more commercials pick will it up, which means more money for their next project.  Thanks to everyone that has watched Episode one.  Just heard from Erik and he said that within four days the Episode got over a 1000 hits.  If you haven’t seen Episode one, there is still time.”

Episode One:  please enjoy~


If you liked Episode one, please forward the link to your family, Friends, and contacts.And watch this space for episode two – soon to be released.  And please do not forget to click the “Like” button.

Thank you for watching,

And  a BIG Thank you to Erik for sharing,  the WordPress community applauds you & wishes you  the best ~