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    • Heehee!! I am rolling with giggles because I adore your honesty.
      Oh Tess I love you!!
      I think I might of been too…. oh wait,,, yes I too was stoned. On my first experience with Hashish to be exact. i am just now recalling this memory. (Yes I still have some left folks).
      Thank you Thank you!
      I am wicked crazy with want to sit down and listen to you share stories of your life with me. I always knew this, yet this comment tells me there is a whole other side to you that is adventurous & vivacious.
      I’ll bring the wine.

    • Les, a thought.. I don’t know if you are aware I do this every Saturday over at Cyklopps Rides Again. I am not very good about reblogging, I just wanted you to know come Saturdays. It’s kind of like my standing date with Eric Clapton on Saturday mornings..Might even find an Epic Eric Clapton tune there too.
      You thought it because you have some awesome taste in music.

      Thank you Les, love your visits always ~

  1. Stairway to Heaven is part of my young teen history. What a joy to listen to it once again, with fresh ears and a peaceful heart! Thank you, my friend. XOXOXO

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