17 thoughts on “The Wonder of Day Dreaming

  1. Oh bother…I had this great reply typed out and closed it without posting. I’m here, I’m reading and I thought it was a brilliant post. I love you! I’ll try to recreate what I wrote later.

    • Girlfriend we need to sleep!! It is hard to be thrivers on an empty gas tank as i previously mentioned another friend sharing with and about me after falling asleep mid Skype.

      I have done what you did so many times I try and promise myself one tab open at a time. Ha!

      Sending you that promised email. I have a need to know whats up with yous,
      I’ll look for you to be finding your way to my email in your inbox..
      Love ya soul sis~

  2. My Dear Lady, As I have re-iterated now, and again, Dreams are just dreams, until you make them real.

    A daydream gives the mind the opportunity to have some time off to freely romp, play, and otherwise have a fun day in a playground of fantasy. There are no boundaries or, borders in this playground, and every once in awhile our minds go back to work at their own discretion to find a way to make this fantasy, a new reality.

    Without a dream, a daydream if you will, we may lose touch with reality.

    What A Day For A Daydream…………

    Cordially, As Always,
    I Remain……..

    • My Dearest Groovy,

      How I do treasure your thoughts on all of life’s great gifts.(you too being one)
      I adore how you wording ” Dreams are just dreams, until you make them real ” which I believe belongs on your side bar
      My beliefs once again echoed by you.

      It is this very act of making what my dreams are my reality that stem from all those things positive, bringing to my own reality.all that I treasure.

      Wishing you a day full of wises to dream your day away…..
      as always groovy I am always your favorite barefooted Baroness

  3. hey my lady,, your subjects are always pretty close to my heart as well,, strange I say and hear others say,, but it true. I was only chatting with a good the other day about something similar, and it is what keeps my brain alive these days. There is one dream I have and am so sure that one day it will become real.. belief and faith,, does this come near to any of your universe and what he may tell you.. I really hope so, your post gives my dream so power to live off.. thank you 😉

  4. too often we are hindered by the voices of our past or societies expectations of us. day dreaming in our culture is equal to being lazy. i was blessed with a grandmother who taught me at an early age that peace is not a place outside myself. day-dreaming is one tool to find that inner place so that no matter what is going on around you, you are at peace.

    beautiful writing and good advice

    • Hello sb (do you mind terribly if I use your two initials?)

      How you doing friend?
      Thank you for your kind comment regarding my writing, I am about validations apparently this day & evening. Your comment validates that this was a piece worthy of sharing.
      Thank you so much for this.
      Your grandmother a generous and wise soul, and how brilliant of you to absorb what she taught you. Those who see Day Dreaming as being lazy and an idle waste of time I feel sorry for.
      Look what you & I have found because we do not succumb to society’s ill will toward this philosophy

      I too am able to get to my ” Happy Place” .when I need to escape, and escaping is something we all do.
      Some just will not admit it because their chosen escape route is not such a healthy choice in the end.
      Compounding the stresses in their life.

      I am delighted you came by for a visit, always good to have such peaceful and positive energy come visit, Please keep coming back ~ BB

    • Okay Dear Tess; l this is your personal Doctor BB prescribing you one day with a full dose of Day Dreaming.
      Honey-girl, you are so due, as well as s deserved.
      Now I hope you will share with me when you take your medicine and tell me how quickly the RX worked. If it did seem to have its full impact repeat as often as necessary. ~ 😉

      I always adore seeing your smiling face in that corner of your comment box. THANK you Tess.

  5. Wow what an interesting post. I also day dream although I never thought of it that way. I just sometimes let my mind explore a new possibility and then find myself returning to it again and again. Sometimes this leads to a new reality and sometimes to a pre-thought response when a “what-if” situation materialises. Sure I can day dream about winning the lotto but that’s not likely to happen. However it does help to focus your mind on what’s really important in your life’ Money means nothing if you have no-one to spend it on and enjoy it with.
    My day dreams at present are about a simpler more fulfilling life, closer to nature, more time to be creative, more time to spend with loved ones. I will keep on day dreaming until they become reality. I love that first quote – it is so true.

    Take care BB and keep on day dreaming 🙂

    • Hello dear optie,
      I found myself enamored with your description of Day Dreaming, you put such an intelligent description of how your Day Dreaming works for you, and I would hazard a guess for many people. Me included. I can see this is also true for my Day Dreaming as well.

      And how right you are I think that the simpler and the more fulfilling is really what we should look for in our life
      i think like you as well, money or anything really of material or emotional value is as it should be unless shared with loved ones.

      I thank you optie for sharing with me, I somehow knew you would be a Dream Chaser too. Makes me smile knowing so

      Happy Day Dreaming to you My dear,friend~

  6. I am a Day Dream Believer, (see what I did there?). When I first sobered up, I believed people could get and stay sober for ten, fifteen even twenty and more years. So what? What I couldn’t believe is when a man said, “today, I have one thought in my head at a time”. That was a concept beyond my grasp. Then I began to read and learn and grow and get healthy. Today, I have one thought in my head at a time and lots of times it is a day dream. More positive than not and self affirming to be sure! Keep on rockin’ sista!

    • OH! M! So very good to see you Tripster,
      Yes, I see what you did there. Resonating through music are ya? I love it. Such a great tune indeed,. And AI adore the pun. Good one.

      I became aware of ” at a time’s ….” when I was in my 20’s and fell right into step with this as a natural thing I had been waiting my whole life to grow into,. Maybe it is being an adult child of an alcoholic that initially gave me the reason for needing this philosophy towards life, this belief, but it soon transferred to all parts of my life.

      I can relate to your beautiful concept of wrapping your head around thought one “at a Time”I often have to break my life down to “at a times” Such as I have to give myself the self -chat of ” BB, just give yourself one minute “at a time” here. one stress “at a time
      Its not easy to always be mindful of this I know, but the more we practice it the better we get and the more natural it all falls into place.

      Loved you comment, and touched you stopped by and stayed for a few.

      Wishing you Peaceful Easy Feelings M ~

  7. We are what we think, lil sis. And if the thoughts are not positive we have the power to change this.

    I say: nurture the positive and love will grow; dwell on the negative and it will destroy.

    Blessings to you my angel ~ big sis maxi

    • My Dear Big Sis,
      So delighted that this you connected right away with. It always makes me smile so BIG.
      Lessons of life like this I treasure,Some lessons are so difficult they can be painful albeit still required,
      Lessons such as learning that Day Dream, Positive Beliefs, Self affirmations I tuck away as a new healthy wisdom gained.So powerful our belief systems can be when we open the window to the soul. These.are all powerful beliefs that I see can have this extraordinary impact on how I trail-blaze through my journey in front if m. Ai like to belief others are doing the same.

      Thank you MY Maxi, Thinking of you this week. Is it Spring break for you? Take care and special hug to you my big sister.

      God Bless you Dear Sister of the Soul. ~

    • Hello prenin, so nice to see you again,& love that you grace my BB blog with your awesome input,
      You obviously also live a life through great reflections, making your dreams part of this. Wise soul you are.
      I think it takes a lot of courage to give ourselves permission to openly Day Dream. Our society as a whole is so sadly mistaken that these moments are a idle waste of our energy.
      I think you & I both disagree.
      So very good to hear you are a Dream Chaser too.

      Abundant Blessing dear girl ~ BB

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