Time To Go Inward ~ An Open Letter

My Dear Loved One;

Please forgive this open letter, I did not know how else to reach you, and although this is a selfish act on my part I do hope and pray that just my few words and the song I include speaks to your spirit that I know is still searching.

My hope is you will  understand that this which you are going through will all be worth the pain and the struggle someday when you look back. I pray that you will come out the other side someone you like enough to know you deserve to be loved in a healthy, loving, and kind way. Though I am unable to be there for you for what ever reasons, your choice, or mine, please know that I am trusting there is a great chance you will read this.

As the song will tell you; Time To Go Inward.. I am not denying the incredible hard work on your part it is going to take. If you do, although a journey, I think you are going to like the you that you are going to find there. I hope & pray you have the nerve.

Our healing, yours and mine will begin once you are well.

This song I believe will speak to your heart in ways I cannot because of who I am to you. That is why we process and assimilate through music, is it not? My tone may sound reserved, it is. I do not trust my emotion here and it certainly is not the platform for it anyway.

For tonight,  for today, let it be enough that you know I love you, that this will never change. It could not. Know that you are in my prayers and my positive thoughts continuously. You know how much faith I have in this belief.

I have just as much faith in you.

POSTSCRIPT:   (Added March 29, 2013 after speaking via phone)

To you My Loved One:   you reaching out tells me the one thing I needed to know now from you, That you are in a better place today than you have been in a very long time. Today is all that matters for now. It may be all that ever matters. You have always my unconditional love always, sometimes that means having to love from a far. But it never diminishes the love held. Thank you for doing what you are doing. This too shall pass, and things will once again shine more brilliantly for you than you ever thought would happen again. Trust me.. but more importantly trust something more powerful than either of us.
I love you.  I am so proud of you.  Your personal cheering squad~


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30 thoughts on “Time To Go Inward ~ An Open Letter

  1. Ah you have a more generous and kinder soul than me, viz my recent post on Clouds.

    But at the same time, as this is someone you love, then I shall try and send my own good feelings and good thoughts their way to cope with whatever is happening. Because sometimes lots of good energy vibes actually do help. Well, I think so anyway.

    • Have not been yet to your latest, but have to say i think you are far more kinder than you think, and generous I cans see from your blog how you give everyone the space and welcome invite to vent on some pretty hot topics. I think you are too hard on yourself.
      Just my opinion and only from blog posts I will agree.

      Thank you for your good feelings and thoughts. I love that, ” Good Feelings.” The expression holds some genuine sincerity. Thank you so much,

      • Oh, it was the one you commented on I referred to, where I had been polite on roughseas but put a rather more acid view on Clouds.

        Sometimes my ‘angry’ posts are tongue in cheek, but if it is on behalf of someone else who I think is being victimised (eg all the women who are living in fear) then the words are sadly all too real.

        I am a big believer in the power of thought. Sending some good feng shui someone’s way can never do any harm, and if it works even in a small way, so much the better.

        • I just think I really like you ms. Just had to say, Your writing of your thoughts whether in your posts or commenting around the sphere here are always spot on. You have a talent and in bring a point home quicker in such a humorous style you usually always cause me to smile while nodding my head in agreement.

          Gosh i am a real space cadet today as I am trying to recall if I commented on said post of yours. I know I read it, but as it was an early am visit with zero winks of kip that night. Will visit again to discover and rectify.

          Thanks again ms, Love your visits, every time ~

          • I have to reply because that is such a lovely and generous comment. Thank you for that, although I’m not sure I deserve the accolade. But if I make you and others smile that is a good thing to me.

            Visiting blogs is often hard to keep track of. And remembering what we have and haven’t said. Old age eh? Plus sleep patterns are something else again!

            Always happy to visit where there is a warm welcome.

            • You are so welcome ms,and sincerely this is meant,
              Making people feel a smile come across their face is an awesome thing in my mind, an so good for the hearts. I only visit blogs that make me smile, life is too short, Now the smile may be one of irony, humor, or even maybe because I am baffled by a post, no matter as s=long as that smile creeps in there somewhere, somehow, for some reason.

              Tracking blogs I have commented on? shrugging shoulders…
              I had in fact been and commented on you blog prior to my last comment.. it is not the blog post I forget, it is instead my comment I don’t always retain.
              Old age?
              Okay.. works for me..any excuse will do at this point. ; -)
              as long as you are confirming this with me..smiling at the thought of reassurance..

  2. My Lady I pray your wonder words will reach the floating clouds they seek and bring them down to the earth, for the stretched hand too be taken,, It will, but there will be some rain first, before the right cloud is found,,,my heart,,:)

    • My kind Kind Sir, your words are beautiful, and I know they are so heartfelt. Your prayers are powerful I have faith in the energy of all the collective prayers that once the last rain drop dries the sun will shine again.

      Thank you so very much for this love & concern you send. So very meaningful to me. I could just hug you ~

  3. You are a kind an gentle person capable of unconditional love – what a rare being you are… I hope that this post will reach your troubled loved one. That your wise and loving words will be balm to a troubled soul…Fond regards

    • My dear tersia thank you for your kind that I will treasure always.I know words are your way of processing life too and that you say only what you are feeling & meaning, Your sincerity means the world to me.
      Thank you too for your thoughts and prayers, again meaningful to me. ~

  4. My dear friend this is the Buddhist practice of “metta.” The love you are sending to your loved one will reach them but it will also help you heal and find peace. It seems such an easy thing to send love with the wind but when within our souls is the anguish of watching that loved one from a far, it is actually rather a challenge to send pure love. Stay blessed my lovely. Muah!

    • oh my sweetest thriver! How you bring a calm to my ruffled spirit, I have practiced Buddhism as part of my mutli-faith =]since I have been 18. I am not telling you how many years that is ; But trust me after just having another birthday I am running into the decades

      Practicing metta was part of this open letter. I prayed I reflected, I asked for guidance, and this was what my result or prayerful reflections gave me back
      ‘Loving hugs sister ~

    • Well I thank you Joss, what a lovely thing to wake up to this morning. This journey is a well traveled road by others and I am walking in the foot steps 0f others as they traveled the same open road to find their own heart’s truths.

      It is always such a joy & my pleasure Joss to have you stop by, Thank you thank you!

  5. I hope your loved one is able to read this message from your heart and sense the love and concern you have for him/her. Looking inward takes a lot of courage and if we are honest we don’t always like what we see but it can be the reality check that makes us stop and think and therefore make better decisions and healthier reactions. Something we all need to do from time to time – a self audit is another way of looking at it.

    Hope you are keeping well my friend. ((Hugs))

    • God Bless you & your caring heart optie.You will have some back ground on this that I did not write, but because of our past private conversations I think you understand more.than I need to say,

      Your thoughts about self audit so mirror mine which I call self – inventory How we are saying the same thing does not surprise me, but it does give me great comfort.

      I thank you deeply, I won;t say I hope you know what it means to me to have your thoughts shared with me; I know you will know even though we have different scenarios. We still have the same worries and concerns. There is comfort in being able to share this

      You are a good long distant friend optie. Thank you for your friendship. Hope all is well with you. I will be checking in on your side of the world here shortly.
      I see I repeat the word comfort here, this is what you bring to me. Hugs my dear SA friend~

      • I wondered about the person you wrote this for. It’s so risky to point out the obvious even to those we love more than life itself, only when they are prepared to take ownership of the decisions and choices they have made can change occur. If they are not ready to deal with it it will only alienate them.
        Hoping and praying that you will get to see the outcome your heart desires. ((Hugs))

  6. My Dear Lady Baroness,

    By looking inside, and accepting that, is a beautiful opportunity for healing that, will get you there, and in turn the loved one you speak of in this letter.

    Own that beauty inside, it’s you, and you are beautiful. Accept that as the beautiful truth, and heal. Love your loved one as you love yourself. Let it one, and the same heal simultaneously.

    Cordially, As Always,
    I Remain….

    • My Dear Groovy,
      How you see me is how I want to see myself indeed. I am not there yet but am working on it, trying to see the things that you do.
      I know the more I attempt to live honestly the closer I get to that person.

      If we continue to hold up a mirror up to one another those insights can be echoed strong and often enough that the trust turns to out right faith.

      So much what being a brother & sister is about, is it not? I’m so humbled, grateful and always honored with your visits, the time you give me. Thank you My Grooviest of brothers.
      Where were you my entire life? Rhetorical I know,… smiling.

      Filled deep fondness, ~ your sister Baroness,.

      • My Dear Lady Baroness,

        Go inside, without bias or, thought. Keep the ego at bay. Just go in with an attitude of loving, and celebration. Start with the premise that, you are beautiful, that you are loved, and valued. That is deserving of celebration.

        The beautiful within is already, and always has been there. Love, and celebrate that which is your essence. I truly believe that once, you begin with love, and celebration of yourself, you will find what you have been looking for….

        My Dear Sister, stop for a moment, and look at your beautiful self.

        Cordially, As always,
        I remain….

        • My Dearest Groovy Dave,

          Please forgive my tardy response to your so very beautiful message to me. I am beyond honored.
          I have no clue how I missed it, it has been my nemesis for sometime getting my WP alerts in my email, but even though I still somehow missed this in reader, No excuse.
          i am learning to do just as you suggest celebrating the me I have always been, just reintroducing her to my alter ego and reminding my world she is a positive influence in my community

          Its still astonishing to me that somehow you know the very words that will fill those factors I am still questioning. Not to say you fill them with my truth, I know what you say is the truth my groovy brother has discovered, You are a mirror to reflect back on, to check myself, to know that I am on th
          e right path. I thank you and love you for this.

          You have this way of helping me to feel 10′ tall when I am barely just 5′.
          Thank you.
          Affectionately your Baroness ~

  7. Dearest Toni, my sweet gentle friend, I am so moved to read these intimate feelings you are sharing with us all. I pray they will reach their intended place and produce the result you hope for. XOXOXO

    • Oh Jude, how I love and adore your messages from your own heart.That you are here and will lend your prayers is the support I was hoping for,. It will take a lot of the world’s energies, good and positive energy.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, My blog is not the same without you I have noticed. ~ Hugs Judith,

      • I intend to be back in full contact soon, but in the meanwhile, I am so proud of you for doing the work I see in this post, and in your others. I already know you are wonderful, my friend — now
        I am seeing that you know it too! Lots of love! 😎

    • You know Les you have become one of my most favorite persons.I have always liked you, but there is this growing bond that I am enriched by from you. You have a way about seeing something for what it is,and the celebrating it.
      Thank you so very much Les, you are the best! ~

  8. This is a powerful message, lil sis. I am overwhelmed with the feeling that your friend (?) is not the only one going through a heart-rending transition. My prayers are with you.
    hugs n blessings ~ big sis maxi

    • My Dearest Maxi, How you honor me in knowing that there is a heaviness in my heart for what my loved one is having to face. I recall my mom using the term “come uppings” – this term comes ti my mind over and over in this situation.
      Having to face the demons we have lived and hurt others with is a painful but necessary journey.
      Making amends equates to ownership,I believe, and only in that ownership can we get to the genuine whole person we know we are to be.
      Thank you My Big Sister Maxi, you are such a precious treasure in my life.
      Much love, and abundant blessings ~

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