Sculpting With Paper

Paper Sculpting

My next coveted paper adventure  in extreme. As the video shows you. This is what I am aspiring next to do with simply paper and an Exact -o-Knife™ with a single sheet of glass underneath for my cutting surface. That’s it!

I want to venture into a new phase by taking what I do with molding, sculpting, and folding so that I can to alter paper from flat sheet to something  2D next. I believe my love of architecture plays a role in my desire to sculpt and build with paper. I have been gearing up for this by creating 2d flowers out of just paper and  a spot of adhesive.

This is a whole new concept on sculpting,

I have done some 2D work. I love to create paper flowers such as these paper roses I do. Being able to be whimsical in the color schemes that Mother Nature just does not grow herself is empowering. I decide.

I have lately been working on creating a hydrangea and a daffodil (narcissus) but have nothing that qualifies for a photo shoot just yet.

My ambition to do paper sculpture is a progression of what I do, I like how life works that way adding new lessons when we are open to them. The flowers, mini-fans, mini-handbags, mini canvases that I am able to spatially see is what I will need for creating the different effects I want. I am fascinated by the nature of the pulp fibers in paper and how they interact with different paper weights and different mediums. It is baffling just how they can be manipulated.

Paper sculpting of the Floral Kind

bl rse paper rose2

bluepaper rose1

While on the subject of what the lowly, but ever so lovely sheet of paper can do  I’ll share some Spring Vibes with the  Easter cards I created for the little egg hunters in my life. I believe the kids will enjoy the cards, and the adults will simply smile.

Enjoy ~

easter crack up

easter dino

easter wish

easter bunny w ballon

Signature 2013

11 thoughts on “Sculpting With Paper

  1. What?? Those sculptures are mind-blowing, BB. Please post yours when you finish. I also love your flowers. Great colors. There is something really zen about working with just paper. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Kozo you do get it!! How fabulous! Its is true that with a humble piece of paper and a bone folder I have found hours of peaceful enjoyment in just folding paper into creations.
      Origami was my first taste into transforming a sheet of paper into a dimensional piece. My favorite, though so simple, will always be the dove.I envision a Very LARGE glass vase filled to the top with softly multicolored, & all white Doves, About an inch long each I think.
      Can you imagine the impact it might have?
      Thanks so much Kozo for your visit, that you understand the Zen-fully deliciousness of working with simply beautiful paper does not surprise me, but it does delight me. Take care friend ~

    • You are so good for this lady’s ego Tess. I adore your comment.. I enjoy the work with paper, and turning it into a ” Wow how did you do that?”
      I will be working slowly and methodically on learning how to sculpt further with it,
      Always so lovely to see you, your visits always make my post feel complete, Thank you Tess~

  2. My lady your talent is never ending and it is a privilege to share with you your creations.. and n doubt those who receive will enjoy them as we do looking at them and you making them. Thank you so much for this share… love it so much,, and you are adding guitar playing as well… 🙂

    • Why thank you my Kind Sir! What a glowing and charmed comment. Some of us write music, and create lyrics,as well as folklore stories. Some us play with paper, glue and scissors.(thinking maybe it is a throw back to younger days as a child)
      What a blessed world we live in and to share with one another such a gift.
      I am a happy camper having started my guitar lessons as you know it is going slow.. but it IS going and I am enjoying every strum, every scale & chord. One day I will be able to play along side you,
      It is a date, right? 😉 heehee..
      Thank you so much for your most thoughtful comment Gerry.

  3. Absolutely fabulous, Lil Sis. You are so creative and I believe it’s great therapy for you to put that talent to use. Not to mention the little children you make so happy.
    heart and blessings ~ maxi

    • Oh My Maxi you do so know me! Thank you Big Sister. I agree its very therapeutic and I do use if as such.Why make waste of something so beneficial? This is first, second comes those children’s hearts. I love to make them smile,.. and wonder..

      Much love to you My dear Maxi filled with abundant Blessings To you and to your B. I know I do not need to tell you to enjoy each other, I know you do..

  4. The little egg hunters in your life will cherish these!
    I still have a box full of drawings my grandmother made for me. On tiny scraps of paper, on shoe box lids, on whatever she could find. My fondest memories.
    You are so talented! I love that you can make something beautiful out of something so ordinary. Can’t wait to see the results.

    • Dear Ruth I adore your memory of your grandmothers drawings, and that you have them is awesome! You are a wise woman.

      Isn’t it perfectly amazing that paper can do so much, I love the challenge of looking at even a paper towel and creating something pretty & unusual from it.I think I have always had this affinity for paper.

      Thank you for your sweet visit, I love seeing your “Life in the 50’s and Beyond on my blog pages and finding your comments. ~

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