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    • My most treasured friend, thank you so much for this gift. You who have come to know me so well will always know what this means to me, both the award you gift me as well as this message.

      Thank you My most kind Sir, you rock my world. ~

  1. Yes Lil Sis, we must be on guard always for the safety of our precious children. If all of us keep watch, stay alert, report any suspicious behavior maybe there will be fewer missing children.
    blessings ~ maxi

    • IT is because of the tender caring ways of others like you Big Sis that lends me to belief we can conquer this vast epidemic.

      By keeping the topic open, pertinent and in the fore front my belief is that we can make a real difference today for our children. taking it out the secret closet and making abuse an everyday word saddens the heart yes, but the thought of losing our children in this fashion can take our world out of the game. We need every one of our children, they are not throw a ways as some would like us to believe,

      Abundant blessings My Maxi

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