Old Friend ~ New Friend

After a couple of months of deeply ensconced topics here at Lady Barefoot Baroness my feelings are that something on the lighter note are needed, so this it shall be.

This time in my life is being dedicated to chasing  my dreams, both old &  new. In fact there is a common thread in my life now of old and new. I am combining old and new in my life everyday. I am also working on that proverbial bucket list of life and this is where today my thoughts bring me.

I have been around music in one form or another my entire life, as far back as a young child I can recall music memories. As far back as when I was about 3 years old I have distinct memories  of sneaking out of bed and down the hall on weekend nights and early mornings to listen and watch my mom & dad jam with family & friends.  Hoping always to get caught, every time, because it meant after a small chastising I was encouraged to join in and sing with the group., My first stage.  I was hooked.

All those  years I was involved with music in one form to another, voice lessons as a child, music theory as a tween, performing with a few bands, to managing a band and producing a demo tape for said band. However, I never followed through to learn how to properly play the guitar despite it being on a long bucket list even then.

Because I am taking on my bucket list of life, having had this wonderful new renewal and reminder of who it is I am,  I now also have a new roommate, a new friend.

New Friend, Welcome to My World!

 My Yamaha Folk Guitar:


isn’t he a handsome one?

I do need to give this beauty a name, as I am slowing learning to play on him. I am taking suggestions I just now decided  toward that end to if you kindly have one.

  Learning proper is what I am doing, not just learning a couple of cheating chords like I did as a kid. My fingers are somewhat sore, but I think I am not practicing enough,  because they are not bleeding. Or calloused yet.

I have several musicians in my life who are giving me lots of advise. My little brother who plays and writes music is one.  All welcome. But my closest musician friend, the person in my life I feel closest too helps advise me on all the matters when it coms to these guitar lessons and my new guitar. The wonderful thing about this is I know the criticism if any is in the genuine best interest of my learning to play properly.

I love my guitar already. We have been spending the last couple weeks getting to know one another, this will be a fine friendship.

Old Friend. Where have you been?

gem music book1

This book of music, copy write 1887 by Philip Phillips, is one of the many antique books I have in my book collection. These antique books were part of an in-law relative’s book collection for which I inherited as the rest of this family did not see the charm or the value.

guitar and music book1

While unpacking one of the final boxes from my ” Moving On” recently I came across this music book above, Bright Gems. I have a thing for unusual music books. this book is an all sheet music for spiritual hymns popular by 50 songwriters in the late 1800’s and before. In the early 1980’s I sang with University of Oregon‘s Chorale society; along with show tunes, the classics, we also performed old spiritual hymns. At the time I shared this book with our director, and he went about finding a copy for his library.

Philip Phillips:

Philip Phillips

Phillip Phillips (The Singing Pil­grim) 1834-1895

Phillips be­gan teach­ing sing­ing school at age 19. In 1860, he formed a part­ner­ship in Cin­cin­nati, Ohio, with Will­iam Sum­ner & Com­pa­ny, un­der the firm name of Phill­ip Phill­ips & Com­pa­ny, to sell pian­os, or­gans, and Sun­day school song­books. Phil­lips fre­quent­ly in­tro­duced him­self in a town by put­ting a mel­o­de­on in a ve­hicle, park­ing on a prom­i­nent street cor­ner, and be­gin to sing and play. His mar­vel­ous voice drew large crowds.

Phillips’ other books in­clude:     New Stand­ard Sing­er (New York: 1868)     Early Blos­soms     Musical Leaves     Singing Pil­grim     Song Life


On a side note about my music book collections:

My most recent acquisition to my collection is actually not so recent as it was a couple of years ago at Peter Yarrow‘s concert I attended.  I did at that intimate concert purchase his new “Puff The Magic Dragon” pop-out book, and his “Favorite Folk Music book.  Peter wrote an addendum to Puff’s story in this latest version. I will give you  only something to peak your interest by saying that Jackie Paper has a granddaughter in this new version. You really should make a point of going back in time with Peter’s new version of his old folk song.

Puff The Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow.

puff pop upeditx1

puff pop up open (2)edit

With Peter Yarrow Autograph

Both books come with sheet music, and CD’s  of Peter Yarrow’s music. A must have in any Peter Paul &  Mary collection I would say. I did. For mine. They will be treasured in my heart always.

folk music book 2

By this time next year I hope to be able to play all 24 songs in this Folk Song Book as well as to play Puff too. I now the lyrics to each tune, have for more years than I will admit to.

Taking  Guitar lessons from Peter Yarrow too.

Old & New Friends ~

Signature 2013


30 thoughts on “Old Friend ~ New Friend

  1. How fun! I am so excited for you! That is one handsome lad you have too! Dear sister you are on my mind this morning. I am not sure why but I am sure I am going to email you in addition to foraging in your space for a while. My love to you.

    • Your perceptions as usual are right on. There is a lot going on but I am rising above so for much of it I think. Still thriving.
      Ironically I am finding your visit here cathartic T, why is that? Do we connect too without words, just emotions?

      Always treasure your visits as well as our private chats via emails A lot going on with both us, preventing any flare-ups right now is phenomenal I think.
      So far I think I have remained successful at keeping one at bay. I have had a really good 9 months. My lifestyle change has been the healthiest treatment modality to date for myself.

      I hope this finds things are easing off for you on the home front and taht you & hubs are back to it being peaceful and easy..

      hugging you gently ~

  2. It’s never too late to string a masterpiece….And, you’re just the one to do it, My Dear Lady Baroness,

    Cordially, As Always,
    I Remain….

    • Awe….Groovy,, a charming and lovely pun. Thank you for that.
      I do so love a good pun.
      I am grateful for your faith in me, and your support,
      Thank you Dear Groovy Dave for the visit, I treasure each one,

      ‘Wishing you a peaceful and easy weekend ~

    • Thank you Tess, Please forgive me, I seem to be fighting with either my browser or WordPress Gremlins keep eating my comments,

      I agree that this is so good for the brain, and it is also cartwheel for my fingers trying to reach all the chords I am learning, Streeeetch.,;-)
      I am getting there.

  3. Would a visit to the Colorado Rockies be on your bucket list? If so, let me know and I’ll join you for a hike in the mountains or a walk on a trail or a cuppa at a coffee shop. Oh the possibilities are unlimited!

    • Well hello MargeKatherine,
      How wonderful to see you!
      Oh my dear lady CS is a place I have only been once A week at the Broodmoor Hotel for a Presidents Club Awards week with the then US WEST phone company in fact..
      What a beautiful spot to have a cuppa in.

      I am touched beyond the moon by your blessing of an invite, you set me back in my chair dear friend. I love your hometown.
      I rented a driver & car for several hours one day and had him just tour me around to everything significant. So many natural wonders to see but I have to say that your CS sitting at the base of the Pikes Peak is a God’s own little masterpiece.
      I live in the high desert in Oregon, and am around mountain peaks every day of my life, but nothing in this state can compare with your Pikes Peak. Impressive is not even a word that does it justice.

      Thanks so much for your visit. I have been so touched by this I could hug you ~ BB 🙂

      • You are welcome and know that the invitation is open. I live in Northern Colorado and have a different view of the mountains than Colorado Springs. Up here are 3 universities, incredible views. delightful coffee shops, walking trails and most anything else you can imagine. Be well!

        • You are such a dear. Thank you again. I have an affinity for Colorado,It sounds so delightfully full of bliss.When, not if, I get your way. You can count on me looking for you.
          Thanks again ~

  4. Go Lil Sis, it is never too late to make a new beginning. May you and your new friend make sweet music together. This new venture can fill you with joy and confidence. Another goal for the bucket list … another dream fulfilled.
    blessings and cheers ~ maxi

    • I knew I could count on you My Maxi! Thank you Big Sis.
      My friend and I are sure making the most out of our time together and learning who we are, and what we can do together.As I mentioned to optie below right now it only scales,learning chords, and strumming techniques & patterns.

      I am having the time of my life doing so, and with a confidence boost it is absolutely more than about music.

      Thank you so much for continued unconditional love and support I cannot express enough to you Maxi what this means to me. I am blessed by you.

      Abundant Blessings dear big sister, and my gentle hugs across the country from me to you.~

  5. I loved Puff the Magic Dragon. Look forward to you learning that one and telling us about it, or maybe posting a vid?

    I once bought a saxophone book to learn how to play, but never got round to buying the sax as we lived in terraced housing and it would have been really unfair on the neighbours 😦 Still have the book though so one day, who knows?

    • Again ms we seem to echo one another with music choices.
      For many of we grew up with Puff being no less than a Fairy Tale for us. I have been very smitten with Peter Yarrow since the early 60’s, along with PP&M

      A Sax eh? That is gutsy girl! Wind instruments seem to me to present this unique need for an ability to use those muscles in your face that are rarely used as they were meant to be in the first place anymore through the human species evolving,
      you are also a girl after my own heart, I too collect the song books ever before the instrument.

      Thanks for visiting and your always great comments. You know if its music, than I am looking for you ~

    • Thank you optie, it means an awful lot to me that you came by and left me your happy thoughts.
      Sweet music? I cannot wait.. right now it only sounds only much like ♪♫♪ do re mi fa so la ti do, ♪♫♪
      At least it is supposed to.
      Hope this finds you & OH doing well.
      Thanks again dear friend

    • Tersia you honor me with you comment. Thank you so very much.You have absolutely hit on the key points, I’m feeling them all, including sore fingers tips and a cramped hand.
      It is so nice to find your comment always Thank you again~ .

  6. It is so beautiful to know that your dreams have been kept alive till this moment that they can be explored.
    I have had a guitar since 2004, so it’s my old friend. I hope to make out time to practice more and improve my skills.
    I’m so happy for you, my dear friend.

    • Tee how you make me smile. I had not really thought in terms of that I had kept my dream alive, but yes, I did didn’t I? ha!
      Thank you,what an nice realization when looking at it like this. It will help me also to keep my resolve for yet the hopes and dreams that are with me still.

      Absolutely get your guitar out my friend. Who knows, maybe some day you & can duel .That would be a treasure. I somehow knew you played, What is your favorite genre, if you have one?

      Tale care Tee, thanks again!~

    • Thank you so very much Stephen. I am happily nodding my head in time to what you said about music being a treasure trove. Touche! It is so.
      That country you’re speaking of?
      It is what I grew up with. Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Pasty Cline, Loretta Lynne kind of country. Then bring me to today to Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatt’s, Reba, Keith Urban…and so many more. Is that your kind of country, or are we going more south? I can. 😉
      So yes, I am there. Always country, before country was cool ~
      Thanks for stopping by ~

    • Halo Pablo!
      You are such a nice surprise to find you have been visiting. Thank you so much.
      It means so much to me to have your support over this. Patience has become my middle name of late so I am in good form I would say. Seems to be running theme lately..
      I am in no particular hurry, I plan on enjoying the process, being mindful of the steps I take, and the progress i make.

      I cannot tell you what it means to have guitarists who have been playing all their lives support and encourage me.I thank you for this and will always take your advice and suggestions to heart. Theory might not be a bad idea, its been a long long time,
      Hoping My Old friend Morrison is smiling upon me *& the universe now from his crystal Ship in the Southern Cross. .
      muchas gracias mi amigo ~

  7. I wish you luck my lady,, can be so soothing when alone and calming. I hope you are listening to your tutors,, and practicing regular..practice and patience is what is needed..there is a name for your beauty ‘Patience,’… anyway my lady good luck with your playing look forward to hearing you one day..:)

    • “Patience” seems to be a common thread with my life of late would you not agree? I think it is a lovely suggestion and one that I am going to hang my hat on; ahem..in this case that would be my guitar.
      Patience being the virtue that will see me through chasing my dreams and hopes.

      It is a date My kind Sir, to hear me play one day…if I can hear/watch you play first.
      Again with patience… 😉
      Thank you so very much for your very welcome visit always. ~

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