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A very compelling topic Please read and share your thoughts ~

Sitting on the Porch 2

28th February 2013 Thursday.


Daily Gerald once again has come across a topic that is of  concern to bloggers, whether it has actually affected anyone or not it is probably something that most are aware of and dread it happening to them. Now being alerted to this subject, and with a little research, found that there could be a problem. However talking to Gerry at his site and experiences, have decided to print our and his finding. So below is the interview with Gerry.

Gerry  – Just recently I have the honour to be in conversation with a fabulously close friend, and our chats have brought about many things. The topics of discussion ranged from changing the world to posting. Human nature and attitudes often get talked about. It can also been seen on posting and topics, and the comments that people leave. But it is the comments that are not…

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