World Book Night ~ 2013 Giveaway

World Book Give Away!!
April 23′ 2013
Spreading the Loveof Reading!
I have the honor of being one chosen in my state to do just this. give books away for free! I want to share this with you all because you may not be aware of this wonderful way of advocating reading. One of the aspects of this project is you choose who you are going to give the books away to.
I chose a demographic & area of my small town to distribute the books  which is is our homeless teenager population and the place for my giveaway is where they gather to socialize and trade important street navigation tips (how to live homeless as a teen)
My thoughts are this is group that because of personal circumstances and economics these children are missing out on a necessity no one can afford. Reading. It is not a luxury.
On April 23rd I will be distributing the books to teens, asking them only to pay it forward by sharing their book when finished. And asking the same request to follow the book.
I am asking you my beautiful pe3ople is only that you inform yourself about this fine program and spread the word. The link is below, take a few minutes or more and find out how easy it is to participate. Because you are a blogger here at WordPress I know you are a lover of words, I challenge each of us to spread that love of reading words however possible.
I’d love more creative ideas myself on how to accomplish this, this program is a wonderful example. Reading is a gift we give ourselves,this is true. I love the idea promoting the activity of reading in any way I can. The escape and the knowledge that books give us is priceless. I would like everyone to know the freedom that comes with escaping to a different time, a different land, or a different universe. Its endless.
That’s the magic of reading.
 Thank you so much for your time and attention
For those in the US click below
For those in the United Kingdom click below
 My Acceptance letter received 02/20/2013Dear World Book Night friend,Congratulations!  You are a 2013 World Book Night giver!  We will email you more information, including which book you’ll be giving away and how to choose your pick-up location, by early next week.  Once you receive that follow-up email, you must go online to choose your pick-up location by Sunday, March 3 at midnight.  If you are receiving this email, you have been accepted for World Book Night 2013.  Our system sends emails out in batches for quality control reasons.  Because of this, some of you will receive the email with next steps later than others.   However, everyone should receive the follow-up email by early next week.  [If you haven’t received it by next Wednesday (February 27), please contact us at]

Thank you so much for your passion and support for World Book Night! Feel free to share your excitement via Facebook, Twitter, blog and regular old chat.  However, we do have two requests. Please do not go to or call your pick-up location; it’s too soon to ask them about getting your box.   And please help keep our email volume down by emailing only with questions or issues.

Congratulations again!

The World Book Night Team

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9 thoughts on “World Book Night ~ 2013 Giveaway

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  4. My lady this was a big thing in the UK last year, got a lot of local TV publicity and was actually a success in their terms.. may I wish you have a good time doing this,, I offer a book called Our dream;; keep me informed on the progress of this..;)
    We in the UK have queens awards and you be honoured with one,, ie; OBE or MBE,, but unfortunately you have to be British.. hehee!

    • This is a program with no profit margins, being done for only the pure goodness of it. No other motives intended is what I love about it, aside from the actual spreading the love of reading.

      “Our Dream” would make a charming read for this demographic as well as grown adults. It is a perfect example of how a story can take you out of your element and place you in world of wonder and awe. I think teens need this is their life as much as we do.
      Maybe next year Our Dream will be added to the give away here in my home tow? I will have to speak with its author. 😉
      Thank you so much for your visit My Kind Sir, you are always a delight to find ~.

  5. Kudos to you, my sister. All my life I have said please don’t let me lose my eyes Lord, because I love to read.

    How wonderful that you have chosen to give books to teens. Maybe it will help them to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Just knowing that someone cares may lift them up.

    blessings my sis ~ maxi

    • This is my hope too My Maxi that the gift of reading will somehow open these teens eyes to possibilities that could be before them.

      This is a group of people that break my heart., The lost souls of our planet, the need to be reminded they are worthy, they are loved, they are never forgotten.
      So wonderful to have your comment here My big sis, thank you~

  6. That’s really interesting. Also the different lists of books in America and the UK. I’ve read two of the UK ones, and love Andy McNab’s books – one of his is on the Britlist. It’s an excellent idea. I do write about the books I read on my blog sometimes, they are a mix of library books and ones that get passed around Gib as my neighbour gives them to me, and we pass them on again. There is some advice on the British blog about reading books out of your normal range of authors/genre/style which I think is excellent. I tend to be snobby about choosing ‘heavier’ authors normally, but thanks to our unofficial book club gifts from our neighbour, I’ve read some more popular authors (eg McNab) and found them to be good reads. Wishing you lots of success as a giver for the night in April.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment.I can relate to your reading list. In most cases I have a serious read (today a Zakk Wilde Bio), a fiction which usually is crime drama or a romance takes me out of my everyday life in Oregon, and something spiritual. It all depending on what I need at the time.

      I cannot fathom the thought of not having books to escape into. this the reason I wanted to do this World Night Give Away.
      Thanks again for stopping by ~

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