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Red_Dragon_by_igorvet 2“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest – Badges Revealed!

As per usual, I asked my Good Friend Kirsty if she could create some Award Badges for our Current Writing Contest…

And she has not let me down.

I suggested that they have Dragons on them in some way, but other than that, she came up with the Design… Though I helped with Color Selections.

So without delay, here are the Award Badges that the Winners shall receive, come February 22nd, when we announce our Winners.

Most ImaginativeMost Imaginative





Most ScaryMost Scary



Most MagicalMost Magical




Readers ChoiceReader’s Choice


Pretty Awesome I think…

So Get to Writing!

Here once again is the Post with the Rules and the Judges

Contest Began Today, and Runs Through February 17th!

E-mail Your Entries to JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com


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5 thoughts on “

    • How ironic Les I just commented to Dark Jade the very same thing! Great minds… Maybe next time we’ll be having that cup of tea together,, and working towards earning such a cool badge. Maybe…

      I have read (posted on Legends Undying blog) some of this years entrants and know I would have been given a run for my money. Some really great stories about dragons which were not my forte either until I read one which did convert me to a large degree. I will no longer be turning my cheek away just because it is tagged fantasy with dragon.

      Live & so lovely learn ~

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